What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


28. This stinks

Lory's P.O.V
I woke up and went downstairs, man it stinks to have casts, I went super slow down the stairs and got to the kitchen 
-morning mom, morning luke, where's dad?-
-he just left for work and I made you some toast, it's on the table-
-ok- I went to the table and unlocked my phone an I got a message from Harry
Harry: I got amazing news !!! Well not that amaizing but I'll tell you when you get to the bus stop :D
Me: kk can't wait! :D
I locked my phone and finished my toast, so u went to take a quick shower, I put on skinny jeans, a gray shirt with a angry Mickey and some gray toms, it stinks not being able too ride my skateboard. I went to the bus stop, one hop at a time and finally got there, NIALL and Harry where there but neysh wasn't 
-hey guys- I went over to them and gave them a "side-hug" 
-hey lory, how are you feeling- Niall asked me 
-im, a little better but I really hate the cast and and the crutches- (idk how to write that srry) 
-oh I'm sorry- Harry said
-it ok it's not you fault, so what was the amazing news?- 
-oh! I got a job!- 
-that's great! where?-
-hot topic-
-OH MY GOSH, IM gonna visit you every day- I laughed and niall laughed also, the bus came and we got to school 
I went to my locker and there was neysh and Austin... kissing... oh god! GET A ROOM!
-hey guys- I opened my locker and they pulled out of the kiss and they both blushed 
-hey- neysh said 
-so why didint you go on the bus today?- I asked 
-oh! Austin gave me a ride- 
-oh ok- 
~~~~~~~~~~~bell rings~~~~~~~~~~
-lets head over to class babe- I heard neysh tell Austin and they left... ignoring me, I waited for Harry and Niall to come over to me so We could go to class, idk why we allways wait for each other before we head to class
-where's neysh?- Niall asked me when he got to where I was 
-she went with Austin to class- 
-why didint she go with you?- Harry asked 
-didint she tell you?-
-what?- they both said at the same time 
-um ill tell you later, lets go to class- 

they both looked at each other and then looked back at me and nodded 

We got to class and Austin was of course talking to neysh, we sat in out usual spot and I looked over to neysh 
-Neysh!- I half whispered 
She looked over at me and austin turned around over to the board
-didint you tell Niall and Harry that you are dating austin?- I whispered
-oh right I forgot!, I'll tell them at lunch time-
-ok- I faced the board and the teacher started giving the class, man, math class is so boring
~~~~~~~~~3 more classes passed~~~~~~~~~~
It was now lunch time.... neysh is going tell Niall and harry... lets see how it goes
We went into the cafeteria and we sat down at our table
 -um guys!- neysh said looking at Niall and Harry 
 -um I have something to tell you-
They both looked at neysh with confused looks 
She grabbed Austin's hand and continiued 
 -Austin is uh... My boyfriend!- she said with a smile 
 Harry smiled but niall... Niall had a weird expression on his face that I couldn't really figure out
 -your boyfriend?- Niall asked
-yeah- neysh answered with a smile and kissed Austin, ok are they gonna keep this up? 
I looked at Niall and he was standing up
  -um excuse me, I uh... have to go to the bathroom- he left and we just sat there talking
Nialls P.O.V
I had to make up an excuse to leave because I couldn't handle it, I went to a abandoned building, close to the school and started to climb the stairs and finnaly I got to the ceiling, there was a wall there and I punched it. shit. Now my fist hurts
-who's there?-
 -it's me harry!-
-what are you doing here?-
  -i knew you weren't going to really go to the bathroom and I saw you like a block away- -why is your fist red?-
 -i..i punched the wall-
  -I'm just mad ok?!-
-because of neysh and austin?-
 -yeah, ugh I meen I've been there allways for her and she chooses him!- 
-I'm sorry Niall, I know it's hard for you to hear this, but maybe she dosent feel the same-
 -but I thought she did!- by now I was sitting on top of some blocks with my hands on my face and Harry next to me
 -I'm sorry mate-
-I think I'm gonna go home- I stood up and started to go down the stairs and Harry headed to the school










OMG I think I'm gonna cry, poor Niall :( my little mofo :( well thanks for reading, I hope you like the chapter and if u did like, favorite And comment!!! I looveeee reading your comments

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