What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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62. This is it


Lory's P.O.V 

It's finally the big day... We're graduating! 

I'm so happy, I'm sad too and nervous. Okay yes I'm a emotion wreck. Neysh and her mom came to get ready here 

 I bought a dress that has the top part black and lace and aquamarine at the bottom. Neysh bought a beautiful dress it was like a cream/peach dress with ruffles at the bottom and beads at the top

 We went to the beauty parlor before we got dressed. My hair was loose in curls and Neysh had a braid around the back of her head and had some beads that matched her dress in her hair

She also did our makeup so we had less to worry about 

 We got dressed and our moms did the same 

 -oh my god my baby looks so grown up!- mom said whipping a tear of her eyes 
 -mom don't start crying cause you know that if you cry, i will cry- I said coming downstairs 
 -sorry its just that it's so sad because soon you are going to be heading of to London! And....- she sighed and I went over her to hug her

 -don't worry, you still have Luke here! And he's not going anywhere until Like.... you throw him out or something- 

 -hey I heard that!- Luke screamed from his room

 -it's true!- I screamed back

 -Well we should get going, you girls have to be there two hours before it starts, did you eat a strong breakfast? - Neysh's mom asked us

 -yes- we both said in unison making us laugh 

-Ok then lets go-

We entered the backseat of the car since my mom and Neysh's mom where in front and dad, Luke and neysh's dad where in Luke's car 

 -ugh I still can't believe we are doing high school musical- Neysh complained
 -yes we are so stop complaining its our graduation day!-

She growled but then laughed 

 We got to the coliseum where the graduation was and got out of the car 

We put the gown on top of our dresses, with our honor student and advanced classes ribbon on top and finally we put the caps on 

We walked to where Niall and Harry where and we hugged them 

-you girls look beautiful!-they both said 

 -thanks- we said

 -I can't believe it's our graduation!- I said smiling widely and hugging Harry 
  -Graduates! please come and start the line here for your graduation pictures!- we heard someone yell 

 -so I guess we should get going- I told mom and she nodded

 We went and stood in line 

 We went through the photos and got to where some teachers where 

 -um... Do you think we have to look for the music teacher?- I asked the guys 

 -maybe she will look for us after they order us to sit- Harry said 

 -yeah she probably will- 

They made us walk down a little isle and sit in the chairs they had set up 

It was decorated beautifully with the words "Hakuna Matata Class 2013-2014" in big colorful leters in the middle of the stage and it had timon ,pumba and simba walking on the lodge they walk on when they sing that song in the movie 

 We where talking when I felt someone tap my arm 
-Lory! I was looking all over for you guys!- It was the music teachet, she was wearing a beautiful cream dress with pearls at the top, she looks like a goddess, I wish I could look like that 

 -oh well .... we didn't know where to look for you so we where waiting for you to find us-

 -oh well come with me!- 

We all stood up and followed her

 -ok so the first song is night to remember, so your going to stay with those clothe your wearing under you gown right?-
We all nodded 

 -ok well lets get this show on the rode-

 Abi Douglas was the presenter so we had to wait till they sang the anthems and other stuff then it was our time to sing and dance 


 Harry and Niall went out to the stage and they had a microphone stuck to their cheek with transparent tape and so did Neysh and I 

 -guess now it's official!- Harry said starting the song
-cant drop out can't drop out- Niall half\whispered 
 -Getting ready, for the night of nights, the night of nights alright- we went out holding out some prop dresses we had so the scene would look more realistic 

We continued the song like we practiced at school even tho this stage was bigger than the one we had at school 

Next up was "Can I have this dance?" And this performance was the most difficult one to practice because we had to waltz and Harry and I where not the best dancers, yes this performance was between Harry and I only because we had to add a "romantic" add to it

I had to change into a flowy dress and I really hated changing since I had to be extra careful not to mess up my hair 

We did the song and dance and the audience cheered for us 

Abi came up to the podium to announce the next act 

 -this year has been a year of tears of joy and tears of sadness- pictures of all of the Hakuna Matata class started to slide show on the big screen next to the stage 

It showed pictures of all the students, selfies they had taken around the year, pictures of the parties we had, there was a picture that the class photographer (that wasn't really a photographer it was just a girl from our class named Lucia) took of us : neysh, Austin, Niall, Harry and I, we where under the shade of a tree, we where all smiling, I felt a tear escape my eye and looked at Harry who was looking at me
 -no! Don't look at me I don't want you to see me like this- I chuckled whipping the tear away trying not to ruin the makeup mom had forced me to wear 

Harry gave me a little "side hug" and we watched as abi continued the monologue

-this year we lost a very dear member of our class due to a car accident, Austin Gray...-  

You could hear sniffles from people crying in the crowd 

On the slide show they started showing pictures of him and us with him, and neysh with him 

 -today, his parents are here to receive his diploma and to remember him, he was a sweet, sincere guy, that had no problem with anyone, one of the people who had one of the toughest time during this sad period of time was our friend, Neysh Wells, she was the closest to him in the school, so she decided to dedicate a song to him, ladies and gentleman give it up for, Neysh wells....-

Neysh came up to the center of the stage with her guitar and sat on the stool chair the staff had put there for her a couple of minutes ago 

-this song goes out to a Austin, he was a incredible person who I miss  so much-

I saw her tearing up and she looked at me and I mouthed "it's okay" and she cleared her throat and the pictures of Austin started to appear 

 "Found myself today
Oh I found myself and ran away
Something pulled me back
The voice of reason I forgot I had
All I know is you're not here to say
What you always used to say
But it's written in the sky tonight

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

Seen that ray of light
And it's shining on my destiny
Shining all the time
And I wont be afraid
To follow everywhere it's taking me
All I know is yesterday is gone
And right now I belong
To this moment to my dreams

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

It doesn't matter what people say
And it doesn't matter how long it takes
Believe in yourself and you'll fly high
And it only matters how true you are
Be true to yourself and follow your heart

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
That I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even when it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
That someone's watching over
Someone's watching over
Someone's watching over me

Someone's watching over me"

By the time she was done everyone had tears in their eyes including  Neysh

Everyone stood up and started clapping and she started crying and smiling at everyone 

 "Thank you" she whispered 

She came up to me and I hugged her tight 

 "You where great" 

Abi walked back up to the podium

 "Now we will start handing out the diplomas and trophies.... First up... Please come up Austin's parents"

Austin's parents went hand by hand up to all our teachers and they got the diploma and the trophy 

They went one by one in order so that took like an hour and a half 

We waited and waited and it was time for our next act 

"It's our last chance for us to shine to bring the music one more time so c'mon c'mon c'mon" Neysh and Niall sang

 "C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon" Harry and I sang softly

"C'mon c'mon c'mon...." Neysh and Niall continued and then the school cheerleaders started dancing to now or never

We waited till they finished never say never and I want it all 
Then Neysh and Niall had to do the funny version of "be with you" where Neysh had to say even if we're miles apart three times and then Niall had to go out wearing some crazy clothes and tries to kiss her 

Then she had to leave the stage and Harry walked from the crowd to the stage where I was

"you know how life can be it changes overnight the sun even raining" he sang walking up to me

" but it's alright" we sang together 

"A friend like you always makes it easy" i sang 

"I know that you get me everytime, through every up through every down you know I'll always be around through anything you can count on meee

All I wanna do is be with you, be with you 

There's nothing we can't do, I just wanna be with you, only you, and no matter where life takes us nothing can break us apart, you know it's true,  I just wanna be with you 

The sun will always shine, that's how you made me feel, we're gonna be alright cause what we have is real

And we will always be together 

All I wanna do, is be with you, be with you. There's nothing we can do, I just wanna be with you only you 
No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us apart" all the cast joined us

"You know it's true" Harry sang

"I just wanna be with you 

All I wanna do 

All that I wanna do, is be with you
All that I wanna do, is be with you 
All that I wanna do, I just wanna be with you!
All that I wanna do, I just wanna be with you!"

We finnished and everyone applaud

We all ran off the stage and put the cap and gown on for our last act 

"Looking forward from center stage to graduation Day time to get the future started   What we leave what we take with us 
No matter what, it's somethin' we're part of 

We learned to fly together 
Side by side 
I just hope the rest of my life would feel as good as my high school musical 
Who says we have to let it go? It's the best part we've ever known step into the future, we'll hold on to

High school musical 
Lets celebrate where we come from 
With friend who've been there all along just like our high school, high school musical

Improvisation without a script, no one's written it 
And now we have the chance to

Someday we'll be lookin' back, memories we'll had 
All the songs that we lived through 

The best of times
So why leave them behind? 
Why can't the rest of my life

Be like my High school musical
Who says we have to let it go?
It's the best part we've ever known step into the future, we'll hold on to 
High school musical
Lets celebrate where we come from with friend who've been there all along, that's right

Now we've finally realize who we are, it just took some time 
We have to live and to learn to see the truth (learn to see the truth)
Nothing's ever impossible, into the future we all free fall 
But forever we'll always have high school 

Time to party now, celebrate 
'Cause the world's one big stage 
And any part you want, it can be yours 
Everybody sing yeah!

And the show's never gonna close 
It's what it got us here, we know

High school lives on forever more
High school, high school musical

High school musical
Who says we have to let it go?
It's the best part we've ever known 
Step into the future we'll hold on to 

High school musical
Lets celebrate where we come from 
With friend who've been there all along 
Oh yeah, I wish my life could feel like a 

High school musical
Who says we have to let it go?
It's the best part we've ever known step into the future, we'll hold on to 

High school musical 
Lets celebrate where we come from 

All together makes it better 
Memories that last forever 
I want the rest of my life to feel just like a 

We finnished and everyone stood up to applaud us

We bowed and ran of the stage so abi would present all of the people who stared in the acts

"First up the cheerleaders!!" She announced and the girls ran out in their cheerleading outfits 

 She kept announcing the others until she got to us 

"The main cast: lory Davis, Neysh wells, Harry styles and Niall horan!!!!!" She announces cheerfully 

We went out and bowed ,holding hands, for the crowd

"And last but the certainly not least the one who made this all happened MRS. CHAPIRRO!!"
 She went out and bowed like we did and joined us and we all bowed and left the stage 

Soon the valedictorian walked up to the podium 

By now we where sitting in the chairs we where sitting at the start 
We had to go freshen up and fix a bit of makeup 

And then we head back to our seats for the valedictorian speech and the declaration of graduates 

Kathiria Mendez was the valedictorian so she went up to the podium 

"Dear graduates, friends and family members: 

When I stared high school in ninth  grade it was the most terrifying moment of my life since I didn't  know anyone, because I had moved from London to here, but then I met one of the most important people in my life, they made me feel welcomed, appreciated and needed.
I am so thankful for that and I know that all of the moments I spent with them, I will cherish forever 

Thank you for giving me the best years of my life and even tho we are all going our own ways, these moments will forever remain In our hearts"
She smiled and walked of the podium while everyone applaud 

The principal went up to the stage for the declaration of graduates

"Hello graduates! It's finally the time you've all been waiting for.... I have the honor to present the Holmes chapel Hakuna Matata class of 2013-2014!!!!!!!"

Everyone throwed their caps and diplomas up in the air and started hugging 

I started to feel emotional an went to hug Neysh 

We had a extra big hug, we where both crying 

 -thank you for being my best friend since like forever, I love you- I whispered 

-I love you too- she said sobbing 

We got out of the hug and our noses where all red 

I hugged Harry tightly and then Niall while Neysh hugged them too 

We all shared a group hug and started hugging everyone we found around us 

"Oh honey I'm so proud of you!!" Mom came up to me with dad and luke behind her

I hugged her tightly still crying a little 

 I hugged dad and then luke came up 

"I can't believe you did it kiddo, I never though you would have made it" I glared at him and he chuckled "I'm just kidding, I know you could do it" I punched him lightly on the shoulder but ended up hugging him

After like fifteen minutes of hugging people and taking pictures people started leaving 

Mom had given me a basket with chocolates and a huge panda and a blue penny board and Neysh also had a basket but her's had a very fancy looking purse in it and had a lot of jewelry stuff in it and chocolates 

"Okay well we still have one more suprise" mom and Neysh mom said

Neysh and I looked at ourselves confused and we followed our parents outside to the backside of the coliseum 

And there stood two cars 

A red convertible with a big black bow and a red jeep with a huge turquoise bow 

Neysh and I looked at ourselves shocked 

-WHAT- we both screamed and started jumping up and Down Luke little girls 

We both ran up to our families and hugged them 

I screamed 

-your welcome- mom laughed and gave me the keys

We've always talked about our dream cars and said that when we grow up we where both getting red cars, me a convertible and Neysh a jeep, and now it finally happened! Wow 

We where both in our cars trying them out and  then mom said we where going to Olive Garden 

We all hopped in the car and went to eat! 











ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT D,: I can't believe it 

Just yesterday we where planning it and we didint even have a name for it and so many things have happened 

So yeah stay tuned for the next and final chapter 

Love you guys :') 

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