What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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33. The talent show

Lory's P.O.V

I woke up realizing that tonight is the talent show, luckily I got my cast off yesterday so I can wear long pants today I brushed my teeth, took a shower and put on black pants with a white top that had the 5SOS logo on it, I put on my red converse and I put my hair in a ponytail 

I went to the kitchen and sat next to my mom, and started eating my cereal
 -so are you nervous about the talent show?-
  -yeah, a little- 
-do you mind if I go?-
  -no it's ok you can go, it is to raise money for our class, so parents are supposed to go-
-oh ok- 
 -I better go to the bus stop, Niall and Harry are waiting for me-
-ok bye- I said goodbye and headed to the bus stop 

 -hey guys-
-hey lory- Niall said as I went closer to them
 -so, are you exited for tonight?- Harry asked
-to be honest I'm more nervous that I am exited- 
They laughed and I gave them a death glare 
-oh c'mon lory! You are a amazing singer, I don't know why your so insecure-  
 I looked down to the floor and I heard a car parking in front of us so I looked up

 -hey guys, want a ride?- I heard neysh ask

 -sure!- Harry exclaimed 

We hopped in the car and Austin drove to the school 

I went to my locker to put all of my stuff and went to math class 

 -hey neysh, did you plan to do something in the talent show?- I asked while turning over to her

 -nah I rather just sit and watch, I'm so happy you are going to perform-

-yeah, I'm so nervous-
 -oh c'mon I know your gonna rock it!-

I laughed and faced the teacher as he started the lesson 

The first four classes went slowly and finally it was lunch time we went to the cafeteria and neysh & Austin sat together, and I sat on the other side of neysh, Harry and Niall in front of us.

 -I want it to be six already!- Harry said excitedly 

  -how come you aren't nervous?- I asked 

-well I'm not actually going to sing so there is no reason to be nervous- 
 I rolled my eyes and faced neysh

 -I don't know what to wear for tonight, can you come after school to help me pick out a outfit?- 
-sure!, you know I'll do anything that involves my fashion skills- she said in a sassy way 

   -INCOMING!- someone screamed while a football went flying across the room and hit a boy on his head 

Austin, neysh and I looked back and saw the star football player Louis Tomlinson laughing with half part of his team mates, Zayn and Liam 

 I rolled my eyes and we all faced Niall and Harry again 

 -I really hope those aren't there today at the talent show-

 -they look kinda fun- neysh said 

-yeah right- i said sarcasm filling my sentence 

We finished our food and we went under a tree near the school 

Austin was leaning back on the log and neysh had her head on his lap 

And Harry Niall and I where there, awkwardly sitting around them 

 -so lory, when are you gonna get a boyfriend?- neysh teased 

 I rolled my eyes and smiled, but I really didn't know the answer of that question, because now that I know the the love of my life likes my best friend, I don't know what I'm gonna do

 -hello? Earth to lory!- neysh snapped me out of my thoughts and I shook my head 

 -um well I don't know, when the time is right?- that came out sounding more like a question than a proper answer 

 -um... Ok?- she replied and started talking to Austin 

I looked over at Harry
And I couldn't quite read his expression, he noticed I was looking at him and gave me a small smile which I returned with one of my own 

I looked at my phone screen and it was 12:25 so in five minutes the bell would ring 

 -we should get going, the bell is going to ring soon- 
I said getting up from the ground

They all stood up and we headed inside 

The classes went on very quickly and  since neysh was coming to my house neysh, Harry , Niall and I went on the bus 

We got to my house and I told my parents where working so only Luke was home

 -LUKE IM HOME!- I yelled 
-OK!- he yelled back

 Neysh laughed and we headed to my room 

She sat on the bed crisscross and I sat in the spinning chair that's in the desk 
 -so do we have any homework?- I asked 
-I dunno, I haven't checked the notebooks-
 I grabbed my book bag and took all the notebooks out

 -yup, we have, math, science and Spanish- 

 -UGH! Stupid teachers-

-don't whine And lets start- 
She took out her notebook and started the homework

 -how do you say I love you in Spanish?-
  -um I think it's Te amo- 
-oh ok- 
-I'm doing something for Austin and I need to learn how to write and say I love you in different languages-
  -aw, that's cute- 

We continued doing our homework an we finished it by four thirty so we still had time to get ready
 -ok so what can u wear?- I opened the closet and we started to search for something to wear

I picked some dark green pants and a black top and showed it to Neysh and by her expression I saw that she meant no

I put it back where it was and I saw she picked a strapless navy blue dress that was short in the front and long in the back and had some lace details with black peep toe heels

I looked at it a little insecure but I agreed 

I went in the shower while neysh settled everything out, she said she was going to curl my hair since I'm always with my natural straight hair 

I put on a white t-shirt and black shorts while neysh does my hair 

I sat in the spinning chair and neysh started to do my hair

-I'm telling you girl, your going to look smoking hot- 
 I laughed and grabbed my phone from my desk and put it on my lap

The phone vibrated, it said one new message from Harry, I unlocked it and looked at the message 

Harry: ok, I think I'm getting a little nervous

I laughed and neysh looked at me 

 -what are you laughing at?-

I showed her the message and she smiled and continued doing my hair 

 Me: see! Everyone gets nervous mr. "There is nothing to be nervous about" XP 

 -so, um... Do you like Harry?- neysh asked and my eyes shot open as I looked at her confused emotion on my face 
 -wh...why do you ask that?-
-I meen, you've been spending so much time with him lately and well, I see the way you look at him... It's just like... How I looked at him before he told me he liked you-
 -well, I don't know, I thought I liked Niall but, he likes you and i don't know, do you still like Harry?, I meen I know you are with Austin but do you have a slight interest in Harry?-
 -well I love Austin, but I can't say I don't have feelings for Harry, I meen he has been the love of my life, so yeah-  

My phone vibrated again and I picked it up

Harry: well yeah XP, hey what should I wear? Aren't we supposed to go like matching or something??? I meen I don't know, that's just if you want to match, if you don't it fine with me

 -Harry asks if he should match me? What do I tell him?-
 -tell him to wear a navy blue shirt and black pants-
I texted him and looked at the time, it was five thirty 

 -I'm Finished!- neysh exclaimed
I looked in the mirror and I gasped

 -neysh this is beautiful! Thank you!- I went and hugged her an she smiled 
-no problem, now get dressed its getting late-
  -you should go get dressed too, thanks for everything!-
-but aren't you going to let me do your make up?-
 -I'm just gonna put a little lip gloss and powder, because you know I don't like makeup-

-ok ok, I'm gonna go bye see you later- 
She left and I went over and changed I put on the dress and the heels, put some perfume on and went downstairs and greeted my mom that had just got from her work

 -oh my lory you look so beautiful! You look so grown up-
 -mom don't start with the "she's growing up act"- 
She laughed and told Luke to hurry up and my dad went and started the car, mom went with dad and I was waiting for Luke

After two minutes he went over to me 
 -oh look for the first time you look decent-
i punched him in the arm and went out the door

We drove to my school and I grew more nervous every time we where getting a little bit closer  

Finally we got there, my mom an dad where looking for a parking and Luke was hooking up with a girl he saw  and Harry was waiting for me in front of the theater, when he first saw me his jaw dropped and I blushed luckily it was dark so he couldn't really see my redded cheeks 
  -lory... You look... Wow-
I laughed and put a piece o hair behind my ear 
-thanks, you don't look that bad yourself- he laughed and motioned me to go in 

We had to go backstage where everyone who was performing had to go say they where there

 -Ok roll call!- our drama teacher yelled
  -ok so please line up in order you will be performing 
 First: Andrea Mitchell
 Second: Maria Gonzales 
Third: Cameron Unger
Four: jimmy Fratacheli and alondra gibler 
Fifth: Lory Davis and Harry Styles...-

She continued the lift but my heart stopped when she said my name, I was so nervous that I didn't notice I was holding Harry's hand 
 -it's ok lory, you have nothing to worry about-
  I let go of his hand and felt my cheeks feel hot
-it's ok- he grabbed my hand again and gave it a light squeeze 
  I gave him a small smile an we sat down on some chairs they have there 
I stood up and took a peek through the curtains, the place was full, even 
The football team, now I got more nervous, I saw my family and neysh there with Austin and Niall 
I waved and neysh came over to the corner to talk to me
 -so  has anyone told you how cute you look?-
-well Harry said i looked "wow"- I used air quotes around the word wow and she laughed 
-I'm so nervous- I said 
  -well don't be, you are going to do great!- 
 -thanks- I gave her a smile and I started to tap my foot 
-I'll better go to my seat, the show is starting-
 -ok bye-
-good luck!-
 -thanks!- I waved good bye and I went back to where Harry was

 The show went on and there was only one act left until me and Harry had to go on

 -I promise I'll be right there for you, there is nothing to be afraid of, just pretend only you and I are there-

-thank you Harry, thank you for everything- 

 -NEXT UP LORY DAVIS AND HARRY STYLES!- the teacher announced  
I grabbed Harry's hand and we headed out to the stage where the grand piano was already set out there, Harry sat at the piano and I grabbed the microphone I stood in the middle of the stage and the lights hit me in the eyes, I try to shake it of and I nodded Harry to start the song. He started to play and i just closed my eyes and imagined I was alone in my bedroom

On the first day of class
You walked into the room
Just a hot little thing
With a bad attitude
And I knew, I knew
I knew you were trouble baby

I was saved by the bell
Couldn't wait to get home
And tell my mama
'Bout this boy I don't know
Yeah I knew, I knew
I knew it was complicated

Boy I know you're dangerous
You're not the one
I'm supposed to love
But this is more than just a crush
So I'm gonna tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)

Locked myself in my room
Called you up on the phone
Don't know why I hung up
As soon as you said hello
When it's true, it's true
You got me trippin' baby

That night I couldn't sleep
Rolled around in my bed
'Cause the boy of dreams
Is a nightmare instead
And it's true, it's true
That nobody tried to save me

Boy I know you're dangerous
You're not the one
I'm supposed to love
But this is more than just a crush
So I'm gonna tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)

I've never ever met a boy
That made me feel the way 
you do, you do, you do
I said I've never ever met a boy
That made me feel the way 
you do, you do, you do

Boy I know you're dangerous
You're not the one
I'm supposed to love
But this is more than just a crush
So I'm gonna tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)
I'mma tell my mama about ya
(I'mma tell her, I'mma tell her)

I finished the song and everyone started to clap and they even stood up, I can't believe I got a standing ovation, all I did was smile and stand still until Harry came by my side and grabbed my hand and we bowed for the audience and then we went backstage

 -see that was incredible!- Harry said pulling me into a hug 
-I know it was so awesome! Thanks Harry!- I said hugging him back 
 -no problem- he said pulling back out of the hug and smiled at me 

 -lets go sit down, I wanna see who wins!- I said going over to sit at the same chairs we where 


The last performance was finishing and it was time to reveal the winners 

  -I would like for all of the performers to come out on the stage- the teacher announced and we all went on the stage, we all stood in order we where called And the teacher was talking to the judges 

 -ok now we have the winners, in third place we have Caroline Ross and her Cup song! With the music of Classic by MKTO-

Caroline went out and they gave her a small trophy 
 -next up in second place is Cameron Unger with his twerk dance of the song twerk by Miley cyrus and justin beiber- 

That was a really disturbing performance I don't know how it got to second place but now only the first place is left, either we won this or we didn't win anything 

 -and the winner of the 25th annual talent show is... Lory Davis and Harry styles with their interpretation of Tell my mama by Christina Grimmie, Congratulations!-

We both went over and took the big trophy and the 50 dollar certificate of the store of our choice 

After it finished we went outside where my parents and neysh, Austin and Niall were with a bouquet of roses 

 -congratulations lory! You did a great job!- they all said while they handed me the roses 

 -well I couldn't have done it without the help of Harry- I said giving him a smile 

 -well yeah, congrats Harry- Niall said patting Harry on the back

 -thanks- he laughed

-well to celebrate lets go to long horn!- my dad said and we all cheered

We went in Austin's car when my parents and Luke went in my mom's car

We arrived and they us our table and we ordered 

 -so was it fun?- Austin asked 
-well yeah when I started singing it was-
  -hey, you know that Zayn guy, the one on the foot ball team?- neysh asked facing me 
-uh... Yeah?- I said confused by her question, knowing that will not end very well 

 -I think he likes you -
I choked on the piece of bread I was eating and they started to laugh

-why would you say that?- I asked
 -well when you started to sing he whistled and said something to Louis that I didn't quite understand but it looked like he was saying something like "she's hot"- 

 I laughed and the waiter brought us the food interrupting our conversation 

After he served all of the food we continued to talk

-if he thinks that he has a chance with me, he's crazy, that  idiot-






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