What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


13. The party

Lory's P.O.V. 
I woke up took a shower , put some wine red jeans , a black blouse, a blue blazer And some black boots. 
I went downstairs And saw Harry in the kitchen eating poptarts , he was wearing some black jeans And a red shirt And black vans. 
-are you ready to go?- He asked me
-yeah- since last night he was acting weird , kinda sad
We went to the bus stop And like always we were the only one there , Neysh almost never gets here early. we sat in the bench 
-so are u exited for the party?- i asked him 
-yeah, i guess- 
-you look kinda down, since yesterday-
-what? nooo!- he said kinda with a sarcastic sound 
I looked at him with a suspicious look,i noticed Neysh And Niall comming over to us. 
-hey guys- Neysh said And gave us both a hug
The bus came And we went to school
The day went on quickly and when it was over Harry And i went to my house to get the party ready it was still 3 hours till the party so we set it all up and went to watched tv 
-you did text the people right?-
-of course and almost all of them said they were comming-
-ok, so wanna watch spongebob?-
-sure we sat there and saw spongebob for an hour 
-I'm gonna get ready- I said standing up from the couch
-ok , ill get ready later-

i went to my bedroom and decided to put on a little black dress (Photo at the top) and some red heels, and I curled my hair , i put on a little powder and some lipgloss, I went downstairs an Harry was still on the couch, he looked at me and his eyes almost popped out. I looked at the floor to avoid him seeing me blushing. he stood up and lift me chin up with his finger 
-you look beautiful-
-stop it!- I punched him lightly on his arm and smiled. he moved a piece of my hair from my face and put his hand on my neck, I closed my eyes as I felt him getting closer and closer , he was about to press his lips on mine when we were interupted by the doorbell ringing, I looked down at the floor and half whispered 
-ill go get that, you... go get dressed-
-um... ok-
I went over to the door and opened it, it was neysh, she was wearing a hot pink short dress and some navy blue heels with a navy blue prada purse 
I hugged her -you look great!- I said
-thank you, you don't look that bad yourself- she smirked 
-come in-
-so, where's Harry?- 
-HERE I AM!- Harry said comming out of the guest room, he hugged neysh and then Niall came bursting out of the door singing the pittpull song 
we all laughed at him and went to the living room to wait for the other people to come. 

After all the people arrived we cranked up the music , and people began to dance and they spread all over the house, people were out in the backyard ,living room, kitchen. 
Neysh went to Harry, to who knows were and I was in the living room with Niall and other people from our school 

Harry's P.O.V
I had a couple of drinks ,I was ok but some people told me that I was drunk but i don't think so
I went with, neyshla I think? to the tree house 
-so have you enjoyed staying with lory?-
-yeah, I guess so-
-ok...- I fell like I was falling towards her so I just tried to be as normal as can be and I just started leaning towards her and I kissed her, she kept the kiss going she rapped her arm around my neck and she stoped when she was out o breath
It was silent for two minutes when she said
-um I have to go-
-sure- she left and I passed out 
Lory's P.O.V 
I was talking to Niall when I heard neysh comming over to me
-LORY LORY LORY!!!!- she pulled me to my room and closed the door
-LORY you are not gonna believe what happened!!-
-Harry .... kissed me!!!-
-what!?- I said with some sadness I don't know why 
-YEAHH HE STARTED leaning over to me and he kissed me!!! ahhhh and of course I kissed him back!!!-
-oh... does he like u or something?-
-I don't know I think so!- 
-where is he?-
- I don't know maybe in the back yard- 
-oh ok- I left the room and I went to look for Harry, I don't know why I'm a little upset, but I don't like him so ... I don't know 
I went outside and Harry was nowhere to be seen I kept on walking and I saw feet in the tree house I climed up and saw Harry laying on the ground with his eyes closed. I went running over to Him 
He didint wake up so I slaped him two times when I was about to slap him for the third time I heard him say something
-ouch stop it!- he looked at me and smiled, so I knew he wasent actually hurt
-sorry, but you scared me!-
-I'm fine, I just passed out here-
-yeah I know I saw you, you should get some rest, if you want you can stay here for another night?, Cuz your not going alone to your house-
-I'm fine I can walk home, I'm not THAT drunk-
-yes you are, now come- luckily he could go down the ladder but when he hit the ground he fell so I had to put my arm around his waist and he put his arm around my shoulders, I went inside the house and told Niall to help me get Harry up to the guest room , since I didint see neysh we got him to the room and layed him on the bed and he pased out, we went to the kitchen and got some drinks and we went to the outdoor swings
-so wanna hang out tommorrow?-Niall asked me
-sure, did you tell neysh?-
-well actually I thought we can hang out just the two of us for old time sake- 
I blushed like crazy and looked down at my lap -um....ok- 
~1 hour later~ 
People started leaving and like 30 minutes later the house was empty I cleaned everything up , went, took a shower and put on my pj's and went to the living room and put on a movie and went on Facebook, I saw neysh was on
Lory Davis: hey, where were you? I didint even see u leave :?s
Neysh Wells: I left early I didint feel so good :$
Lory Davis: oooohhhh ok , so watcha doing?
Neysh Wells: just watching the thundermands, Jack Griffo is so cuteeee AHHH :* EE> 
Lory Davis: hahaha, I'm watching Dog with a blog, I just found out that we are in senior year and we act like 13 year olds
Neysh Wells: that's just the way we roll! XP
Lory Davis: yeah... we are idiots
Neysh Wells: YEAHH, so what are u gonna do tommorrow? maybe we could hang out at ur pool or something?
I was supper close of telling her the Niall thing but I decided not to
Lory Davis: sorry but I have plans, we could hang out some other time :)
Neysh Wells: um... ok 
Lory Davis: I have to go its getting late :( bye
Neysh Wells: ok bye :(
I went up to my room and layed on my bed to think, in 5 minutes I fell asleep

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