What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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24. The hospital

Harry's P.O.V
It was now Tuesday, I spent the night at the hospital waiting for the doctor to tell us when we could come in
-you can go in now, she's in the room 225, she has some broken bones but she's awake - the doctor said
-thank you doctor- lory's mom said desperate to see her, I let them enter first before I could go and talk to her in private
----------after 1 hour----------
The finally came out and let me enter
-hey lory- I whispered 
She looked at me and smiled
-hey Harry, I can't believe you actually spent the night, you know you didint have to-
-you know I would do anything for you, and did u really think I wasn't going to stay?- I went over to her and held her hand
She smiled and kept staring at me

Lory's P.O.V
I felt horrible, all the bones of my body hurt

Harry came in and he smiled at me, I couldn't help but smile, just looking at him makes me smile.
He held my hand and I got lost in his eyes, we where what I thought hours just staring into each others eyes, what is happening to me? am I beginning to like harry? no this can't be happening, neysh is the one who likes him, all this time I've seen him as just one if my best friends, nothing more than that. 
-are you feeling any better?- he asked me
-well, no, my bones hurt really bad-
-I'm sorry-
-don't be sorry, I was the one who knew I couldn't do it and did it-
-but I was the one who dared you-
-lets just forget about it, so did you tell Neysh that I was in the hospital- 
-shit. no, let me go call her-
-ok- he left the room and I closed my eyes 
Harry's P.O.V 
I went out side to call neysh, she was probably asleep cuz it was 5 in the morning but I gave it a shot
It started to ring and she awnsered 
-hello?- she still had morning voice so I figured she just woke up 
-neysh, lory's in the hospital-
-WHAT?!- she almost screamed -what do you meen she's in the hospital!-
-yea we where skateboarding and she fell of the ramp-
-I know I'm sorry I forgot-
-I'm going over there right now!-
-ok, I'm gonna tell Niall- 
She hung up and I called Niall 
-hello?- he said with a groggy voice 
-Niall!, lory's in the hospital-
-what? when? why? How!?- 
-just come oner here ill explain it when you get here-
-ok I'm on my way-
I hung up and entered the room again, soon neysh came running into the room
-LORY!- she went with tears in her eyes and went and hugged her -are you ok!?- she asked pulling out of the hug 
-ive been better, all my bones hurt- 
-you look so... hurt, your not going to school in a while right?- 
-I don't think so, they are gonna put a couple of cast on me and let me go in three days- 
-that's good, you won't be here so much time-

Niall came into the room with a worried look on his face
-what happened?- Niall asked me 
-come outside with me- I said 
We went out side and I started to tell Niall what happened

Lory's P.O.V 
Harry and Niall went outside and neysh sat on the corner of the hospital bed 
-so Harry told me, what he told you- I said 
-I'm sorry- 
-it's ok, I meen I can't make him like me, and I have to confess something- she paused and took a deap breath
-I'm beginning to like Austin-
-WHAT!? OH MY GOSH NEYSH!! WOW you get over people easily-
She laughed and looked at me 
-well, it just that yesterday we where at the fair...- 
-yeah i know why didin't you invite me! Nor tell me you where feeling down so I could go to cheer you up?- I interrupted her 
-sorry, I thought you where with Harry and I wasn't in the mood to call or text anyone, finishing what I was saying, so we where at the fair and I was in the fairs wheel with Austin and it came a time where, Austin and I where just staring in each others eyes and I felt sparks! it was so magical! so yeah that's why I think I'm beginning to like him-
-well good for you! you really needed to get over Harry- right after I said that Harry and Niall came into the room
-hey lory- he said with a smile on his face 
-hey Niall- 
He came over and sat in a chair next to me 
-so broken bones huh?-
-yeah, it really really hurts- 
-don't worry you will feel better in a couple of weeks- 
-I hope so- he smiled and stood up so neysh could sit down next to me 
-hey guys, um visiting hours are over now only the person who stays with her can be here- mom said 
-I wanna stay here!- Neysh begged 
-I'm sorry neysh only an adult can stay with her-
-UGH! stupid rules, ill promise I'll come here everyday lory-
-thanks- I smiled 
-us too- Harry said 
I smiled and they got up and gave me a hug before they left
-bye guys-
They all said bye and left












Aww lory is in the hospital :(, it's so sad :( will she give up skateboarding? Well lets just see, OMG!! NEYSH LIKES AUSTIN!! What will happen in the next chapter!!??? ahhhhh I'm so exited!!! but let me let Neyshla say what's going to happen next in the next chapter! Thanks for reading! Like! Comment! & Favourite! thanks!!!
Loraine x :)

Ps. Did you guys see the new cover!! I added Austin! and i think it fits the story more that the other one, so comment if you like it :) oh and Neyshla thinks she's gonna get grounded soo we might not update too soon but we will try to publish another chapter as fast as we can
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