What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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30. Taco Bell

Lory's P.O.V
Neysh texted me and told me to go over to her house, I was worried because, we have this kind of best friend "connection" that we always know if we are mad or sad or... Yeah you get the idea. So I quickly put on some shorts and a plain plaid red shirt with black boots and grabbed my crutch and walked to neysh's house that is really close to mine 
I entered her house and she was sitting on her couch.
 -what happened?-
She told me everything.

Niall dosent like me. Well that stings, I felt like I just got kicked in the heart, I felt like I was about to cry but I hold it in so she wouldn't feel bad.

She said she had to call Austin so I left and went to my house.

I layed on my bed with my computer and turned on the TV

I went on Facebook and Harry send me a message 
 Harry Styles: heyy lory
Lory Davis: hey
  Harry Styles: what's up?
Lory Davis: nm, just watching TV in my room, I think we're going to Taco Bell later, hbu?
   Harry Styles: absolutley nothing, I have nothing to do, I allready did the homework we had, and studied, do yea nothing :-/
Lory Davis: wanna come with us to Taco Bell? 
   Harry Styles: well idk, if it's ok with ur mom & ur dad...
Lory Davis: yeah it's fine, you know your like family to us
   Harry Styles: haha thanks, then I'll be over there in like 10 
Lory Davis: kk bye! :)
I went downstairs and my mom, my dad and my brother where watching TV , I went over and sat next to Luke  
 -mom, Harry's coming with us to Taco Bell-
  She looked at me and nodded 
I stood up and went to my room again 
I looked in the mirror and decided to stay with the same clothe I had on, I just brushed my hair and  I heard someone at the door
  "Hey mrs.Davis"
"Hey Harry, lory is upstairs in her room, we're leaving for Taco Bell later" 
  "Ok thanks" I heard footsteps coming up to my room and he stood next to the doorframe, he had his usual clothe, a black shirt with black skinny jeans 
 -hey Harry- I was putting some earrings on when he sat down on my bed 
I went and sat on my desk chair and faces him
  -so are you feeling any better?-
-yea, their getting my cast of in two days-
  -that's great, something is bothering you-
-huh what?- 

How does he know? Gosh am I that predictable 

-I can see it in your eyes- 
I looked Down at my lap and he came over to me and grabbed my hands
 -tell me, I don't like seeing you like this-
 -I...it's nothing-
-lory, I know it's something-
 -it's...it's just that...-
"Guys it's time to go!" My mom yelled from downstairs 
Harry looked at me and let go of my hand
 -c'mon, lets go, ill tell you later-
I went downstairs and he followed behind me 
We got in the car and he started taking to Luke 
We got to Taco Bell and we sat down in one of the tall tables that had 6 chairs 
Mom and dad sat together and Harry sat down next to me and Luke sat next to him
 -so Harry, lory told me to got a job!, when do you start?-  mom said 
 -um, I start on Monday-
-well that's great, see lory this is a example of a responsible young man- Harry chuckled and I punched him in the arm, I mouthed "idiot" to him and he smirked 
  -well sorry but I'm too busy with school-  I said 
-you always finish your work early!, so I don't know why you can't get a job-
 -mom, please, change the subject- dad brought the food over to us and we ate having chats 
 We finished our food and we where heading to the car 
-well me and your dad are going to go to some stores at the mall and you guys can go to other stores if you want-
  -WOHOOO YEAH HOT TOPIC HERE I COME!- I screamed and Harry laughed 
We got to the mall and I hopped out of the car and we entered the mall 
 -ok you guys go ahead, I'm gonna go find some girls- Luke said
 -yeah right like any girl wants to go out with you!- I said and he sticked his tounge out and I moked him, I started to walk with Harry towards hot topic when I saw some red beats headphones

Harry's P.O.V
 -HARRY HARRY HARRY! I have to buy that! I HAVE TO!- she started to jump and slap me on the arms and I started to laugh
 -do you have the money-
  -um well no... Do you think they have lay away?-
 -I don't know, go and ask them-
-ok ill be right back- she went over to the sales man and came back with a sad expression on her face 
 -what did he say?-
I laugh and we headed out of the store to hot topic. My soon to be job. 

We went inside and she started to check out some shirts and some braclets
She picked up a necklace that said "Hakuna Mattata" 
  -I'm gonna buy this and im gonna give neysh the Mattata one-
She picked two shirts and a leather jacket  and paid for them, then we headed out 
 -so why didin't you buy anything?- she asked me
-well, since I'm going to be a employe they give me discounts, so I decided I'll buy things after I'm a employe- 
She looked at me with a mad expression 
 -You idiot! Why didin't you tell me!-
She said punching me in the arm 
-I'm sorry you where so exited to buy those things I didin't want to intrude-
She rolled her eyes and we kept walking 
I was thinking about, how could I make her mine, she's so beautiful, but she likes Niall, shit, but wait Niall... He likes neysh.... Oh yeah SCORE! 
But... She likes Niall! Ugh! But... Does lory know Niall doesn't  like her? It would brake her heart, I couldn't bare to see her heartbroken.

My thoughts where interrupted when lory cleared her throught  
 -so you wanna get a pretzel?- she asked me
-sure, sounds good-
 We went and ordered a pretzel, since it was quite big we shared it and we each ordered a ICEE 
We sat in a bench that is in front of a store, and started to eat the pretzel while we watched the people that walked around the stores
  -so why does your mom want you to get a job?- 
  -I don't know she's been like that lately, she like really wants me to get a job, it sucks cuz I don't like to work-
 -yeah I know-
We finished our pretzel and she stood up
 -c'mon lets go, Luke is wating for us-
 I stood up and started walking besides her 
 We got to where her parents and her brother where waiting and we left
We got to her house and I went with lory outside in the swings 
 -so , are you going to tell me why where you upset earlier?- I asked 
-um yes, well since I met Niall, I've had a huge crush on Niall, but today I figured out that Niall had a crush on neysh and well I bet you already knew that because you knew the real cause of why he left, and well neysh told me about why he left and I was heartbroken I meen he was my first and only crush I've had, and yeah I don't know what to think I meen all these years I've been thinking that he is the only one ment for me but I guess he doesn't feel the the same way- 

I took in everything she just said and went to give her a hug 
 -don't worry Lory, if it wasn't ment to be then we can't do anything about it, but your a beautiful, smart girl and I know there is a incredibly lucky guy out there that will be more than happy to be with you, an he , I promise will love you forever and always- 
Yes... It's me









Hey guys! Sorry the chapter is up late but I've been busy lately because my dad's uncle died and we had to go to his funeral and to the cemetery and I haven't been at home much so I haven't had much time, but luckily I could publish this chapter before Christmas, I hope you like it and please like/ favourite and comment!!

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