What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


23. Skateboarding

Lory's P.O.V 
Harry texted me that he had something important to tell me today at school so I dressed quickly and put on red high shorts and a black top with my black high tops and put my hair in a pony tail.
I went downstairs and say goodbye to my dad cuz my mom allready had left, grabbed a sandwich and headed to the bus stop, Harry was standing there... alone, well that's weird 
-hey Harry- I went over him and gave him a hug 
-hey lory- he said returning the hug 
-so what was the important thing you wanted to tell me?-
-well... I told neysh about the kiss-
-you did? How'd she take it-
-she hold it in but when I left I heard her crying-
-oh no- 
-yeah, I feel like I stepped on a cat-
I chuckled but then looked up at him 
-she must have stayed at home, because she was still hurt, but what about niall? where is he?-
-I don't know, maybe his mom took him to school today?-
-yeah maybe- 
The bus got there and we sat together. when we got to the school I went to my locker and entered the classroom, no sight of Niall anywhere neither is Austin... something's going on here
I saw Harry enter the class room and he sat next to me
-niall's not here- he said looking at me
-yeah I know and neither is Austin, do you think their with neysh?-
-ugh you should have told me sooner so I would go to her house, I feel like such a bad friend, I should've been there with her, but why would she not call me?-
-I don't know- 
The class started and I didint even pay attention, I just started to draw on my notebook, I allways do that when I'm sad Or angry, people have told me I'm a good artist but I don't think so.
The bell rang and I got out of my seat and stood there waiting for Harry 
-you know I don't want this to ruin our friendship, I meen we've been friends since fourth grade, I don't wanna finish that- Harry said with sadness written all over his face 
-it's ok she will understand that she has to get over with it, I know her, she will- 
-thanks lory, you really know how to cheer someone up- he said with a smile
-thanks, I just wish I would had cheered up neysh-
-lets just forget about it, so wanna go ride our skateboards at the park in the afternoon?-
-sure but I'm gonna go check after neysh before ok?-
We had Spanish class now, and since I don't really know Spanish I plugged in my earbuds and put on "Behind these hazel eyes" by Kelly clarkson on my phone, since I'm in the back the teacher dosent pay attention to what I do

--------2 hours later---------
We got out of science class and we where going to lunch
-so McDonald's Isn't that far from here,wanna go with your skateboard?- 
-sure but you brought your skateboard right?-
-well no but we can go with yours-
-c'mon ill show you- he said smiling revealing his dimples
We walked a little but he stopped halfway 
-get on the skateboard-he ordered
I got on the skateboard and he got behind me 
-Harry what are you doing?!-
He hold me around my waist and started to ride
-Harry we're gonna fall!!- I yelled
-no we won't!! just keep your balance- he laughed and yelled
We got to McDonald's thankfully! after I thought we where going to fall
-see we didint fall, it was actually kinda fun!-
-ok I've got to agree it was fun, but we're walking back-
-I'm not walking- he said crossing his arms
We went inside and ordered and ate our food
We went back with the same drill, he put his arm around my waist and we rode to the school, this time we almost fell 
-WE SURVIVED!!!- Harry screamed when he entered the school 
I just laughed at him and headed to my locker I picked the things for the next class and Harry came over to me 
-so are you thinking of going to prom?- he asked out of no where
-I don't know, I'm not the kind of girl who wears dresses, so I don't know, how bout you?-
-well I was thinking of going, but I can't find the courage to ask a girl out-
-well who ever you ask, she would be super luck to go with a guy like you- I said smiling at him, he looked down at his hands and didin't say anything else, it was like he was thinking of something but he never said anything
The classes passed and I got of the bus 
-see you later Harry!- 
-see ya!- I headed to neysh's house but no one was there so I went to the park
I called Harry and told him I was allready there, he said he would be there in 3 minutes, I sat on a bench and opened Facebook on my phone, there I saw a picture of neysh, Niall and Austin at the fair, what the heck why didint she tell me?!
-hey, race you to the ramp- Harry screamed halfway to the ramp
-HEY NO FAIR!!!- I said getting on my skateboard and riding over to him
-I won!!!-
-that's cheating- he laughed and I went to the top of the ramp
We started to dare ourselves and he dared me to do a flip in the air when I got to the other end of the ramp

I went for it, o felt the soothing wind in my hair when I got to the other end but when I went and did the flip I fell down and I started to see black spots untill u didint see anything else

Harry's P.O.V
I saw lory fall and I went running over to her 
-LORY! LORY! WAKE UP SOMEONE HELP ME!!!- I saw a couple o guys about my age comming over to me 
I saw a boy calling the ambulance and it got there in 4 minutes, I was about to enter the ambulance with her when a paramedic stoped me
-mister, we are going to have you to call her legal guardians-
-I will now please let me in with her- i almost screamed at the guy.
the paramedic let me in and I went next to her and saw her with a mask giving her oxigen, I hold on to her hand and after 5 minutes that lasted like for five hours we got to the hospital, they got her to the emergency room and I called my mom
She answered and I screamed desperately 
-Harry honney calm down! what happened?- 
-ok ok I'll call them-
After 10 minutes her parents and her brother where there 
I was sitting in the waiting chair with my hands on my face when they came up to me
-HARRY where is she what happened?!!-
-We where skateboarding and she fell!! the doctor said to wait out side, untill he tells us we can see her-
-I NEED TO SEE MY DAUGHTER NOW!!- lory's mom started to cry and mr.Davis started to try and control her

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