What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


57. Shop till' you drop

Lory's P.O.V
****************After V-day*************

 "You gotta scream until there's nothing left, With your last breath, say here I am..." 

I played on the keyboard while writing in my song notebook that had a big L in the front for "lory, love...blah blah blah"

 I wrote calmly on my notebook as I hummed the rithym of the song I was writing 
I had my beat headphones on so I couldn't really hear anything only the things I was playing on my keyboard

 -here I am, you better listen cause there's no way you'll be ignored not anymore...- 

I suddenly felt someone's breath on my neck 

I screamed and got up from my chair and grabbed my notebook so I had something to hit the person when I saw who it was I signed 

 -Harry you scared the bejeebers out of me-

He was sitting on my bed cause my keyboard is at the side of my bed so he throwed himself onto my bed and laughed

 -sorry, and that isn't a way to greet your boyfriend- he smirked 

 -well, that isn't a way to greet your girlfriend- I smirked back 

 -oh c'mon, come here my dear child- he opened his arms and I crawled on the bed.

He gave me a peck on the lips and I smiled and laid back facing the ceiling

 -who even let you up here?- 

 -your mom, she said you where up here so she let me up-

 -oh okay-

 -so what are you working on there- he said sitting up and I imitated him 

 -well it's just a song that I was working on...it's nothing special-

 -can I read?-


 -oh c'mon-

-it's just that... It's not finnished-
-ok then I shall wait till it's finished!- he declared 

 I laughed and he stared at me with a serious face  

 -what- I asked sitting up and he didn't say anything 

 -oh wait you mean finish it now?- I asked

He nodded 

 -are you crazy, I can't concentrate with you here!- 

He groaned and got up 

-so what do you want to do?- he asked 

 -I don't know...wanna go to starbucks?- 

-sure lets go-

 -but let me get ready first-

-ok- he walked out and closed the door behind him 

I quickly put on a plain white shirt, with a black leather jacket over it and black skinny jeans, I put my cream and black toms and I left my hair loose and straight
I grabbed my phone and my bag and headed downstairs 

 -mom, we're going to Starbucks-

-okay, do you have money?- she said coming out of the kitchen

 -um...let me check...uh I have four dollars-

 -ok, wait a second, let me get you forty dollars so you can go out to eat or something too-

She went to her room and came back with a twenty dollar bill on her hand and handed it to me 

 -thanks mom see you later-


I went out and Harry was waiting for me in his car

I got in and we headed out to Starbucks 

I turn on the radio and they where giving a thousand miles by Vanessa 

 I put the speakers up and we sang along 

"AND I NEED YOU!!!" Harry screamed 

And I laughed

"AND NOW I WONDER!!!" I sang louder 
We laughed together and stopped at the red light 

 "Making my way downtown...." 

The music played loudly and we where bobbing our heads 

We got to Starbucks and Harry got out and opened the door for me

 -thanks- I mumbled

We got inside and got in the line 

-hello, I would like a double chocolate chip coffee and a chocolate chip cookie please-
 -okay, what's you name?-
 I payed for the coffee and the cookie and waited for them to give it to me, Harry ordered his coffee and we headed to a table

-so, have you seen what's going on between Niall and neysh lately?- 
 -yeah they are totally falling for each other- he said -it's weird cause Niall tells me everything and he hasn't told me anything-
 -yeah same here but with neysh, I think they are just working it out them selfs-
 -so...I can't believe we are finishing high school soon- I said playing with my straw 
 -yeah... Wow I remember when I first met you, in first grade, you where breaking the safety scissors Ms.Delgado had given us  because they didn't cut the paper you where trying to cut- he laughed -you where so mad you started to scream at the scissors-

I laughed 
-yeah I was a crazy child, but eventually you showed me how to use them and our moms became best friends because you where always having play dates at my house- I continued 

 -but wait a sec...why did you meet neysh and Niall in fourth grade?- I asked 
 -well I met Niall in second grade because I was in a different group than you and you and neysh met in second grade cause you where in the same group-
  -ohhhh.... I forgot about that!- I laughed 
* * *
We where at Starbucks for half a hour and then we decided to go to a market they had at the town

 -ok as my gift to you, for being the incredible girlfriend you are, choose anything you want from here and ill but it for you-Harry said when we got out of the car

 -oh I can't... You don't have to- 

-but I want to- he said grabbing my hand 

I smiled and we got to the booths 
The first booth had a lot of necklaces that you could ask so they could engrave your name on it

I didn't see anything I liked but I did saw one that looked like neysh so I asked the woman to write neysh on it and in the back write 
" To the best BFF ever <3
                         Love lory"
And it had a infinity sign and music symbols where it said neysh

We headed to another booth where there where these really cool sunglasses that had a galaxy pattern on the frame 

 -you like those?-

-yeah but you do...-

 -ill have those please- Harry cut me off 

 -Harry!!!- I whined smiling 

 -what! I want to make you happy-

-yeah but you don't have to buy me stuff so Ill be happy!-

 -I know I know but still- I sighed and continued walking 
We got to a clothe booth 


I grabbed all the clothe I could find that I liked which where a lot and went to the fitting room that the booth had.
These where upsicled outfits so they where one of a kind 

The first items I tried on where a sleeveless shirt that studs on the shoulders and it said "what if?"
And paired it with ripped shorts and a red scarf

After going through like 20 outfits I choose like 10 which included accessories and Harry insisted on paying them so we payed half and half 

Then we went to a phone case booth, I got 10, 3 for neysh and 7 for me, I know I go a little overboard but you know i love cases

We left and we went to Pizza Hut 






Hey guys I know this chapter sucked oranges but I just didn't know what to write since this book is soon to be complete... I'm so sad :'( my little baby has grown up....

But it ain't over yet!!!!!!! Whooooppppp there is still a lot to come but yeah 
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