What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


11. She likes you

Lory's P.O.V

Thankfully neysh forgave us, I thought I was going to loose my friend forever, when we left neysh house, Harry and I went to my house to study
-so n divided by 59 = n59?- Harry asked
-why are you asking me I suck at math-
-I know-
-idiot-I said punching him in the arm
-ouch that hurt-
-oh look the baby is crying-
-now your acting like an idiot-
I rolled my eyes and continued to do my math homework. I felt him staring at me but he eventually looked away
-so when are we gonna do the party we planned a couple of days ago?-
-maybe on Friday- -MOM!!!- I yelled 


-so yeah on Friday, text neysh and Niall-
Harry's P.O.V
Me: hey Niall the party is on Friday
Niall: what party?
Me: :-/ the party we were planning a couple of days ago
Niall: oh that party I compleatly forgot about that! ok. Btw: I have to tell you something... In person
Me: um... ok , come to lory's house
Niall: I'll be there in 10 minutes 
Me: ok ✌
Me: hey neysh the party is on Friday 
Neysh: ok great! 
Me: 👍 bye 
Neysh: bye :3
I heard a knock on the door, I knew it was Niall so I told lory I would be back in like 20 or 30 minutes 
I opened the door and Niall was standing there with a serious face. We started to walk around the neighborhood in scilence till I broke the ice
-so what was it that you wanted to tell me-
-um well yesterday I went to neysh's house and she was crying , because of you, she likes you , like really LIKES you-
-mhm- I said waiting for him to continue 
-the problem is that I like neysh...-
-you do! since when?-
-since a couple days ago-
-that's funny because.... I like lory-
-you like lory!-
-yeah, why would you think I kissed her?-
-so what are we gonna do? I meen It's clear neysh dosent like me-
-I really want to date lory-
-but... what about neysh? you can't hurt her?!-
-I know, I don't want to hurt her but I don't like her! I like lory!-
-just wait till we could talk all together to see what are we going to do-
-but I can't, I gotta make my move , its now or never-
-wait... Who does lory like? she's never said who she really likes?-
-I think she likes me , if she didint then why would she continued the kiss?-
-well maybe, but also she could have just been stick in the moment?-
-nah I'm going with my thing-
-you are being a real idiot you know?-
-shut the fuck up-
He rolled his eyes and faced me
-I'm gonna talk to neysh, she has to know who lory likes-
-ok, gotta go I'm studying with lory- I said with a smirk.
Niall's P.O.V
Harry was acting like such an idiot it's like he wants to hurt neysh, it's like he dosent care about her.
I went over to neysh's house to figure out the truth
I texted her and she said I could go to her house 
^ding dong^
-COME IN!!- neysh yelled 
I went inside the house and saw neysh in the living room watching tv, I sat down beside her she was watching... O.o what the fuck Austin and ally?!
-why are you watching that?-
-it's entertaining, and the guy is cute-
-hahaha so I've been willing to talk to you-
-what do you wanna talk about?-
She froze 
-what about lory?- 
-um this may sound weird but I wanna know who she likes- 
-you... uh... wanna know who she... likes?- she seemed nervous 
-yeah, um why do u look so nervous?-
-oh nothing, but about that question, I'm I can't... tell you-
-why? i meen we all know who you like?- why did I say that?! ^mental face palm^
-yeah but that was because of what happened-
-and I want to know who she likes because of what happened-
-I'm sorry but I can't tell you-
-please tell me-
-I can't!-
-pleeeeaseeee- I put my puppy dog face
-ugh!! it's just that if I tell you she will kill me-
-I'm not gonna tell her, that you told me-
-ok fine, she likes... she likes you-

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