What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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56. Rehearsals

Lory's P.O.V 

After two days that Harry asked me to be his girlfriend we had to go for the graduation song/performance rehearsal 

It was lunchtime and the teacher told us to go eat 10 minutes before everyone came out so we could go rehearse afterwards

We went to a little cart that is next to our school that sell hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos and wraps and buyed lunch 

 The bell rang and we went to the music classroom 

 -I'm so glad you guys agreed to perform- the teacher said 
 -so do any of you play any instruments?- 
  -well I play the guitar, piano and the violin- I said -but they play the guitar- 

 -I also play the piano- Harry interrupted

 -oh well that's great!- the teacher exclaimed 

 -so what's the theme this year?- I asked 
 -oh I forgot to tell you, this year it's high school musical!!- she said cheerfully 

 -what- neysh said quickly with no expression on her face 

 I know she really doesn't like high school musical, so I bet she's gonna throw a tantrum because of this when we get out of this room 

-oh... Cool?- that ended up sounding more like a question

I looked at Niall and Harry and they where laughing their butts off 

I glanced at them and they shut up 

 -Great so we are going to do the musical that they do in the third movie which is the graduation movie-

-Yeah I know I have it-

 -oh do you have the CD?!- she asked 

 -Yes, why?-

-can you perhaps bring it so you guys can be learning the songs with the CD?-

-sure I will, and anyways I know all the songs by heart-

 -I don't, I don't even like....- 

I shushed her because I knew she was going to screw this up 

-so what song is the first one we are going to rehearse first?-

 -isn't it now or never?- 

 -oh yeah but Harry and Niall have to sing that song, we can be the cheerleaders, but we are not going to be the only ones right?- I asked 

-no, we have dancers and other people that are going to sing but you guys are the leads-

 -ok great!- 

-ok you guys can leave now, the bell is going ring soon, and you lory, remember to bring the cd-

 -ok see you tomorrow, ms.chapirro-


We went out of the class room and neysh dropped the bomb

 -I am not doing that I'm sorry but I don't like high school musical and we are going to look pathetic out there singing high school musical songs!!- she argued 

 -neysh calm down,  Niall and Harry are going to do it-

 -yeah but they don't really care to be on stage and humiliate them selfs in front of a lot of people!- 

 -Hey!- they both said at the same time 

-sorry, I meant that you are used to be on the sage since you have been doing it since like elementary school-

-well that's true-

-but I've only been on stage once and I'm doing it!-


We all cheered and Niall starting jumping 

We where all laughing and we where walking to the lockers 

The bell rang and we where headed to the class room 

Suddenly Harry grabbed my hand, I looked at him and he smiled and I blushed and returned the smile 

After school Harry dropped neysh and I at my house since neysh was going to sleep over 

We did our homework, and mom made us some spaghetti 

 -so how was your day- mom asked putting the plates on the table 

 -it was good, we had our first rehearsal today for the school performance, guess the play we are doing?!- I said exited 

 -which play?- 

-High school musical!!- I exclaimed 

 -are you serious?- Luke said coming in the dining room 

 -yes why, wait how did you her all that?-

 -I was at the door, and isn't that a little kids movie-

 -I know right- neysh interrupted 

-no, it's not! I love high school musical and neysh don't talk, you love Disney movies so you can say they are little kids movies- 

She stuck her tongue out and Luke sat at the other side of the table from me 

 -so how was your day sweetie- mom asked Luke 

 -eh... Work, studying, the usual, I just want to end collage and go live in a apartment in London-

 -oh that reminds me lory, have you done your collage application- she asked me 

 -yes mom, I applied to the University of London and so did neysh, mom we have all of this planned out already, we are all going to go to the same university and we are going to dorm together go it?- 

 -yes, i got it, I can't believe my babies are already going to collage, it was just yesterday you where in diapers and running around the house-
She started getting emotional and a tear escaped her eye

 -ma'!! Please don't cry you know that if you cry, I cry, then neysh cries then Luke cries then dad cries and then we will be a crying mess- 

She chuckled and whipped the tear off of her face 

 -well we are going to go up stairs to watch a movie, do we have popcorn?- 

-Yeah it's in the pantry- 

We put the plates in the dish washer and put the popcorn in the microwave , I got two coca-cola's and headed to my room.

We decided to put the Lizzie McGuire movie by the half of the movie I was using my computer on, Facebook, twitter, Tumbler and we heart it. While neysh was deep into the movie 

 Harry Styles: so wanna go to Starbucks tomorrow after school? 

Lory Davis: sure :) 

 Harry Styles: great :D so what are you doing 

Lory Davis: just here watching a movie with neysh

Harry Styles: 😏you're not watching the movie, I saw that you post something on twitter like 3 minutes ago 

 Lory Davis: lol yeah I'm actually on tumblr, we heart it, Facebook and twitter 

Harry Styles: wow :O multitasker nice... XP

Lory Davis: lol I gtg bye see you tomorrow 

Harry Styles: ok bye 😴

I closed all the tabs and shut my laptop off 

I went and brushed my teeth and got into my bed, the movie was ending and I fell asleep 





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