What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


63. Prom

Guys.....this is it...
       ......  Lory & Neysh 

Lory's P.O.V

Me: you exited?
Me: guess what! 
   Neysh: what? Tell meeee u know I'm not good with guessing 
    Neysh: what?! Really?!
Me: YESSS 😃👦🎀
  Neysh: oh god..... 
Me: huehehe 

 I locked my phone and went downstairs 

 -MOM ARE U READY TO GO?!- I scream 



I go over to the kitchen where dad is reading the newspaper 

 I Grab a Nutella to go and go to the family room where Luke is watching some game 

 -whatcha watching?- I ask 
-oh it's just a beauty pageant- he said sarcastically 
 -idiot- I said hitting him on the head and leaving the room


 -I'm coming I'm coming- she said rushing down the stairs

  Neysh P.O.V.

I woke up today feeling extremely happy. Today is our Prom and I'm so excited! I checked the time and it was 8:30 a.m. I quickly took a bath and changed into some shorts and a pink top that had the Eiffel Tower on it. I put on some shoes and went downstairs. After eating some breakfast I grabbed my car keys, phone and some money. 


-OKAY- she yelled back

I got in the car. I turned it on and started to drive. I was going to paint my hair. I'm tired of seeing my hair blue. I got to the beauty salon quickly. When i enteres the lady came to me.

-Hi, how can I help you- she asked politely 

-I have a appointment today to paint my hair-

-Ok well follow me-

I followed her and she led me to a seat. 

-You can sit down here, one of our stylist will be with you soon-

-Ok thanks-

I look around and saw another girl about my age painting her hair and two other ladies that were getting their makeup done. Soon a lady came to were I was sitting.

-Hello my Name is Ashley and I will be your stylist today, do you know what color you want to paint your hair?- 

-Actually I haven't decide yet although I don't want something too drastic-

-Ok so what colors have you had your hair-

-Just blue and my natural color brown-

-Ok well I think you would look good as a blonde-

-You really think so?-


I thought about it and it didn't sound like a bad idea I mean I already painted it blue so how bad could it look!

-Ok well blonde it is- 

-Well Im gonna prepare everything be back in a few-

I was actually really nervous about painting my hair blonde I mean what if it looks bad on me. What will the others think?  Soon Ashley was back and started painting my hair. 

-I'm sure you will look amazing with blonde hair!- 

-I hope you are right-

< minutes later >

-Ok I'm almost done we just have to wait now-

-Ok thanks-

-So here it says you are here to do your make up too any special occasion?- 

-Yeah my prom is today-

-Oh really that's great, I'm gonna make sure you're hair and makeup will look perfect for tonight!-


After a while she washed my hair then put a towel on it. She turned my chair opposite to were the mirror was.
What is she doing! Don't tell me she ruined my hair. She saw my feared expression and started to laugh.

-Don't worry your hair is fine but you will see it once I'm done doing your makeup and hairdo-

-Okay- I said a little worried 

-Now do you have a picture of your dress so I can do your makeup-

I show her a picture and she started doing my make up. When she was done she did my hair.

<a hour or so later>

-Ok are you ready to see yourself?-

-Yeah I am- I said impatiently 

When she turned the seat around I almost didn't recognize myself. I looked so different. My now blonde hair was in soft curls. My makeup was natural yet I looked beautiful. I had some light pink lipgloss, nude eyeshadow and some mascara that made my brown eyes pop

-Thanks Ashley I love it- I said excitedly

-No problem, now go and have fun-

I payed her and went home. 

-Mom I'm home!-

-I'm in the kitchen!- 

I walked to the kitchen.

-So how do I look!- 

She turned around -wow! You look beautiful honey!-

-Thanks mom-

I went to my room and mom helped me put on the dress without ruining my hair or makeup. It was a long strapless cream dress with some beads on it . I was putting some accessories when I heard a knock on the door. We were all meeting here before going to Prom. I heard mom talking to someone. I quickly put my black high heels and went downstairs. I saw that only Niall had arrived. I was half way down the stairs when he saw me. He just stared at me in shock. 

-Take a picture it'll last longer- I said laughing 

-Wow you look so different-

-I hope you mean that as a good thing-

-Yeah you look amazing- 

-Thanks- I blushed 

-Ok so let me take a picture of you two-

He puts his arms around my waist and I put my arms on top of his we both looked at the camera smiling. 

Mom took some more pictures when Lory and Harry came. They both stared at me.

-You painted your hair again and you didn't tell me!- Lory said

-Surprise- I said moving my arms around 

-It looks nice by the way-


 -so shall we go take some pictures at the dock?- Harry says 

 -yeah! My family is waiting outside so we can go, I think the photographer and the limo are already there so we should go- 

We got in our separate cars and went over to the dock 

Lory's P.O.V

After they finished with my hair and makeup mom had to stop at the supermarket and she made me get out of the car with my prom hair and makeup 

I had a my hair in like a weird thingy with beads that matched the dress I'm wearing for prom and for makeup I had red lips, mascara and a little bit of black eyeshadow 

I had to go all around the supermarket with people giving me weird looks and probably thinking I look like a crazy person but then I felt a little bit better seeing Melissa (a girl from my class) also with her makeup and hair I went over to her to say hi and she looked beautiful she wasn't wearing her glasses so I'm guessing she had contacts, her hair was up in a neat bun and had little crystals in the hair and she had light pink lipgloss ad turquoise eyeshadow  
 -Oh my god Mel you look amazing!-
She laughed -you too!-
 -thanks!, oh god people are like giving me weird looks, like cant a girl be dolled up for the supermarket?- I laugh and she laughs with me 

 -true that, hey I gotta go, I'll see you later!- she said 

  -okay bye!- I said and went over to my mom that was already checking out 

After the supermarket we went home and I started getting ready, mom helped me put on my dress without ruining my hair 

I decided on a red dress it was fitting and it had a little turtle neck but it didn't cover the whole neck, it has beads in the middle and at the top and a big flowy bottom 

I grabbed my black pumps, yes I'm wearing heels, my mom made me, she didn't let me wear converse but I'm still changing into them when I'm tired of the heels, that will be pretty soon ...

I put on the jewelry Mom and I had picked out and then went downstairs to the living room to wait for Harry

We are supposed to meet Niall and Neysh at her house so we can head to the dock and take some pictures and then go in the limo to the prom 

After fifth teen minutes of endless waiting for Harry I hear the doorbell, I yell over to mom dad and Luke to head over to the door cause we where leaving 

I opened the door 
And Standing there a flawless Harry styles wearing a black suit with a black bow tie and his hair perfectly combed  upwards I smile and he stares at me 

 -wow you look... Perfect-

I blush -oh stop it you- I lightly slap him in the arm 
He laughs and comes in, mom comes over too us 
-oh don't you two just look adorable!-

I laugh -c'mon mom take a picture before we go to Neysh's house-

Mom grabbed the camera and we posed for it 

She snapped the picture and we headed off to Neysh's house 

We got there and when she opened the door I saw a unrecognizable Neysh Wells... She was blonde! 

After they finished We go over to the dock and since the limo was already there we had to make the photographer session short

The prom started at 6pm 

It was three and we had like a hour and a half in the limo so we had a hour and a Half for the photos 

After we took all the pics we got in the limo we had a blast, we took some selfies and bursted out singing to songs the driver put on and when we got to the coliseum the prom is being held at. We had to wait for all the limousines to be correctly parked so we could get out. 
When we got out we saw lots of beautiful dresses and a lot of people that where unrecognizable 

We saw Zayn and Malery. I was really shocked to see them together the "bad boy" with "little miss nice girl" that's so cheesy 

Also Louis has now joined forces with the queen bee cheerleader Sharon. 

 And well there where other couples that stood out but I can't be mentioning all of them 

We gave the receptionist out tickets and walked into the coliseum. The theme was "a night under the stars" there where white trees everywhere, the ceiling looked like it had stars, there where white cushions and sofas for the picture areas, it all looked beautiful.

We walked to our table and sat down waiting for the music to begin.

A couple of minutes later a the guy with the music announced that they where going to do a "couples dance" Neysh got up really excitedly and dragged Niall over to the dance floor. 

Harry stood up and bowed like a prince 

-Shall I escort me lady over for a dance?- He said with a weird accent giving me his hand 

I laughed and grabbed his hand, I don't really know how to dance but oh well.

We walked over to where Neysh and Niall where. We faced each other and Harry put his hands on my waist while I put mind on his shoulder.

The DJ starts playing " life of the party"                By Shawn Mendez and we start "dancing" and I don't know if you could actually call what we where doing dancing because we where just going back and forth stepping on out toes. 

When the song ended we both had stepped on each others foots like a dozen times 

We went back to our table they where giving, cheese sticks, empanadas and stuff like that before they gave us "real food"

They played some music and some people danced but it was getting quite boring

-this is so boring- I tell Neysh 

 -wanna go see if the guys wanna walk around  outside or something?- 

 -yeah sure- we stood up and went over to the guys who where in at a table taking to Max and Lukas

 -guys were gonna go outside to walk and stuff cause its getting really boring in here, wanna come?- I ask 

They both say sure and say bye to who they where talking too 

When we get outside its already dark but luckily there are lamp post lighting the streets 

 We walk a little and I see two shopping carts I quickly look at Harry and we both grin 

 -I'm guys... Can you give me a second- I run over to the car and luckily I have two pairs or converse in them I quickly grab them and run over two Neysh 

 -here put these on- I hand her my red converse (luckily we are the same size) 

 -what?...- she asked with slight disgust 
at me asking her to wear converse with her beautiful dress 

 -just put them on!- I exclaim 

-but I'm wearing a dress! And they don't even match! Plus what are we even going to do?- 

 -yeah what are you planing to do anyways- Niall asks 

-Niall, look over there- I point over to the two shopping carts -those tools are made for a good time... And some times holding your food so it will get safely to your car, so i say LETS PUT IT TO GOOD USE! and ... RACE IN THEM!- I scream dramatically 

 He gives me a strange look but then looks at Harry who is grinning like an idiot by now at my dramatic and awesome speech 

 -I say we do it- he says 

-are you sure mate?- Niall asks 
 -yeah, what could possibly go wrong?- 
He shrugs 

 -well okay...- 

-what! Everyone agrees to this?!- 

~ten minutes later~ 

-this is such a bad idea- Neysh says as she gets in the shopping cart 

We finally convinced her and we are now both wearing he converse and inside the shopping carts 

We planned a course and the person who looses has to carry the winners over to the dance floor inside the prom 

 -on your marks....get set... GO!- I scream and we're off 

Neysh and I are screaming our lungs off mostly because we think we are going to die but also to cheer on the guys

We're close to the finnish line, we are neck and neck. We're screaming louder than ever. Harry and I are the closest to the finish line. 


We are so close to the finish line that I can almost feel it 

THREE... TWO.... ONE!!! 

Niall sprints past us and we scream in defeat 


Neysh jumps out of her cart and gives Niall a huge hug and kisses him. They both jump around in victory as I fake cry next to Harry  

 -HOW COULD THS HAVE HAPPENED IT WAS ALL GOING SO WELL!!- I kneel down on the ground and put my fist in the air 

 -I DEMAND A REMACH!- Harry yells 

-oh c'mon cry babies... We are waiting for our ride- Neysh smirks 

* * * * * * * 

 -I hate you- I say 

-aw I love you too!- Neysh said as i carry her down a hill to the party

Niall and Harry where a couple of feet I'm front of us 

When we got to the inside of the coliseum they where playing "what I like about you" by 5SOS and almost everyone was dancing 

 We got to the dance floor and everyone stared at us but then continued dancing what haven't they ever seen a friend carrying another friend to a prom? Now that I think of it maybe they haven't 

We let them down and started to dance 

I have to say that, that was one of the best nights of my life 

After that.... Well .... That's another story ....






OMG so yeah that's the end of What love does! Oh my God I want to cry :') 

Thank you for reading this and waiting for us to update it means the world to us. We can't believe that it's over! We've had a blast writing this and we hope u did too while reading it 

Now lets see what the future will bring 

For now this is all 

u can talk to us on 

 Kik: Neysh_

Twitter: neysh14


So long! ~ Loraine and Neyshla <3 ~

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