What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


43. Playing FIFA And talking

Nialls P.O.V.
I texted Harry.
me: Hey Harry wanna come to my house a to play FIFA and talk
harry: Sure be there in 10min
I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich. I sat down and ate it. I heard a knock on the door.
- c'mon in-I yelled 
He entered the house. 
-So are you ready to play cuz I'm gonna kick your ass- he said 
-Oh Harry we both know your a horrible player-
-Im not that bad-
-Yeah whatever gets you through the day-
-Oh shut up and let's start playing-
I laughed and started the game 
-----------20minutes later---------
-Told you I was gonna win oh yeah oh yeah- he danced 
-I let you win- 
-Yeah right accept it I kicked your ass-
-By one point- I chuckled 
-Still I win you lose- 
-Are we seriously acting like little kids?- 
-I don't care about that, the only thing I care right now is that I WIN!!! ME HARRY STYLES WON OH YEAH!!!- He screamed
-Calm down its not a big deal-
-ok ok but I WON!!!-
-Really!?!- I said a little annoyed 
-Sorry, So what did you want to talk about?-
-I think I still have feelings for Neysh but she hasn't got over Austin and I don't think she will ever like me-
-C'mon Niall don't lose hope but if you don't start at least talking to her again it may be impossible-
-I talked to her yesterday, she even went to the beach with me and my cousins-
-Really!? An you didn't invite me? You idiot- 
I laughed -Yeah we had a good time except when we got there and she remembered Austin ask her to be his girlfriend in that beach and she started crying-
-Oh but she stayed that means she's moving on-
-Yeah I guess it's true- 
-Dont give up maybe you will be with her someday but now I think you should stay as friends she's still hurt she needs you as a friend-
-wow Harry that was deep was gotten into you ?! anyway I guess it's true- 
We played call of duty for a while and then Harry went home. It was 8:00pm I turned on the tv and texted Neysh.
Me: Hey Neysh
Neysh: Hey Niall 
Me: How are you?
Neysh: Fine And you?
Me: I'm good
So what cha doing?
Neysh: Nothing just watching tv
Me: Let me guess Disney Channel?
Neysh: Yeah got a problem with it 😑😛
Me: Hahaha No but aren't you too old for that?
Neysh: No, Are you calling me childish!!!?
Me: Yes 
Neysh: Your a idiot, I'm not childish 
Me: Yes you are
Neysh: I'm not
Me: yeah you are
Neysh: Look who's talking the one who's fighting like a little kid
Me: Well played, well played 😏
We kept texting each other till I was tired and went to sleep.


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