What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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58. Neysh's birthday

 Neysh P.O.V.
-------------3 weeks later--------------

Today is my birthday. I'm going to a water park that just opened like a week ago, with the guys. It seems pretty cool. I changed to my black bikini and put some jean shorts and a pink top, I put my hair in a side braid and grabbed my pink  flip flops. I grabbed my beach bag that had another pair of clothes, sunblock, a towel, some money and my phone and snacks.I went downstairs to eat some breakfast before I Left. I got some bread with Nutella. Just when I finished I saw Harry's car pull over. I grab my beach bag and walked outside and got in the car.

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!- they screamed at the same time scaring me a bit.

-Thanks- I said smiling 

We spent the rest of the car ride talking. When we got to the water park it was huge. They were lots of water slides and pools. We went to the entrance and paid. They put us some kind of green bracelet and let us in. We went to some beach chairs and put all of our stuff. 

-Ok I want to go on there first!- I said pointing to some kind of zip line. You had to grab a thing like a big hook with your two hands and throw yourself and when you were close to the pool you have to let yourself go. We went to it and when it was almost my turn I started to get a little scared.

-Um guys this is really high- I said

-Yeah we know-Harry said 

-What if we start with that one better- I said pointing to a water slide.

-Oh no you were the one who wanted to come on this one so your doing it!-said Lory

-Fine but If I die its your fault!- I said grabbing the hook thing with my two hands. I started looking at the pool and it's seem so far what if I let myself go before i got to the pool! I could die. I push my thoughts aside and throwed myself. I've never been so scared and excited in my life. I was now in the pool for a moment I thought I was going to die when I let go of the hook thing. The next one was Lory, then Harry and lastly Niall who did a back flip when he let go.

-Someone likes to show off- I said jokingly he just stuck out his tongue at me. 

We went in the other water slides. It was so much fun. When we were done it was five. We all changed. We were going to eat something but mom send me a text saying she made dinner for all of us so I told the guys and were going to my house. When we got there mom had made lasagna. It was delicious. After we were done we went to the backyard and started a bonfire. We sat around it and started talking and joking around. After a while mom and dad came singing happy birthday and dad was holding a cake. 

-Ok now make a wish and blow the candles- mom said

I did as told and made my wish then blowed the candles. After that we ate some cake and mom and dad left us alone. I grabbed some frosting with my finger then I passed my finger on Niall's cheek. He looked at me.

-Oh no you didn't- he said an I started laughing. 

He grabbed a hand full of cake and rubbed it around my face. I grabbed some more frosting and pass it around his hair. Lory and Harry were laughing and I looked at Niall. I grabbed some cake and pointed at them. Niall did the same and we looked at them. They stopped laughing and started running we started chasing them and soon we were all covered in cake laughing. Thats when mom came back.

-Why am I not surprise to see all of you covered in cake- she said laughing

She gave us some towels to clean our selfs up. Then the guys gave me some presents. Harry got me a Claire's 50 dollar gift card, Lory got me a purse and Niall got me a shirt it was black and said I'm a 100% sure I'm a Disney princess. After that We stayed there talking and singing  until 1:00am 

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