What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


18. Meeting Austin

Neysh P.O.V.

I woke up it was saturday. I still had a headache from yesterday. I went to the bathroom and took a shower I put a hot pink top that had a silver heart on it and some dark blue jeans with my pink converse a silver heart shaped neackless with matching earrings I let my hair loose I put some makeup and grabbed my pink purse. I walked to Starbucks since I don't have a car it was a 30 minutes walk but I like to walk. When I got there I order my coffee and sat at in a table. I looked around the place was full all the tables were taken and there were a lot of people in line to order. I started thinking about yesterday when Harry kissed me.

What if he likes me? but then why did he kiss lory a couple of days ago? What if he doesn't remember he kissed me? What if he was just drunk? 

Ugh this is so frustrating I put my head in my hands. I stayed like that until I felt a tap on my shoulder I looked up and saw cute guy staring at me. He had white skin, big blue eyes, brown hair and a beautiful smile.

-Um Can I help you?-

-Um...is this seat taken, its just that theirs no other chair- he said scratching the back of his neck.

-sure you can sit there-

He sat down.
-um I'm Austin Grey- he said holding out his hand

-I'm Neysh, are you new here? I haven't seen you around-

-Yeah I moved here about two months ago-

-So to what school do you go to?-

-uh... homes chapel high school-

-Really? I go there too!-

-I know we're in the same group-

-Really? oh god this is so embarrasing- I felt my face turn red

-How could we be in the same classroom and I still don't know who you are not even your name?-

-Well your always with that curly haired boy the blonde one and the other girl-

-Oh yes Harry, Niall and Lory we have been friends since 4th grade so we kind of always stay together-

We kept talking for another 2hours And he gave me his phone number, And he called me when i got home, after an hour i looked at the clock 

-It's 2 in the afternoon we have been talking for 2 hours-

-Really? wow! Did you have to go somewhere?-

-No I got nothing to do today and you?

-No, so wanna go to the movies?-

-Yeah sure

-I walked to the cinema, And he was allready there-

-let's watch The Hunger Games 2-

He went to the boot and bought two adult tickets

-Okay you bought the tickets but ill buy the popcorn-


I bought the popcorn and we took our seats

During the movie I feel like someone was staring at me I looked to Austin and he quickly looked away I think he was blushing I laughed a little and keep watching the movie when it was over we walked out of the cinema. 

-The movie was great-


-Wanna go to Mc Donald's?-

We walked to Mc Donald's. We both ordered a happy meal. we sat in a table and talked about random things. When we were done he walked me home.

-I had so much fun today thanks-

-Me too I actually havent had so much fun since I moved here, I don't have friends-

-Well now I'm your friend- I said smileing.

-i have to go Bye neysh-

-Bye Austin-

-Where have you been all day?- my mom asked when she saw me

-Well I went to Starbucks and i met this boy who moved here like two months ago and we talked like for two hours then we went to the movies and then we went to Mc Donald's and talked some more then he walked me here-

-It's good to see that your spending time with other people that aren't Harry, Niall and Lory-

-Yeah and he is a great guy-

-Well that's great hun-

-I'm gonna go to sleep, I'm tired-

-Ok goodnight sweetheart-

I went upstairs, took a shower , put on some pj's And went to sleep 

------------------next day(sunday)----------------

I woke up at nine I went downstairs and mom was making breakfast 

-Hey mom-

-Hey sweetheart I'm going out with a friend today-

-Ok when are you going?-

-Now ,I probably get here late-

-It's ok-

I went to my room and checked my phone I had one text from Austin

austin: Hey neysh wanna hang out at my place?
He sent me his direction And i told him that i would go

Me: Yeah sure be there in 30 to 40 min

Austin: Ok see you later 

I took a quick shower and put a baby blue dress that had a black belt with a bow. I grabed my phone and started walking to Austin house when I saw Lory I called her she said she had to go somewhere so I kept walking to Austin's house.

I knocked on the door and he opened it almost immediately.

-Hey Austin-

-Hey Neysh c'mon in-

We went to the living room and played call of duty black ops. After two hours we were tired of playing.

-Hey Neysh want some pizza?-

-Yeah Sure-

We were watching spongebob when we heard a knock on the door It was the pizza delivery man Austin grabbed the pizza and payed the delivery man we ate in silence. After we were finished we talked. 

-Want to watch a movie?-

-Yeah sure-

-Well I'm gonna go get some snacks and you pick a movie-


I went to were he had the movies I searched until I found one I liked. I put it on the DVD the movie was starting when Austin came with the popcorn.

-What movie are we watching?-

-Grown Ups 2-

He sat down really close to me and before I knew it he had his arm around me and I was laying my head on his chest.

When the movie was over I got a text from Lory saying if I wanted to go to his house and watch Teen Beach Movie.

-I'm gonna go now because my friend Lory wants me to go to her house and I haven't spend time with her this weekend so I'm going-

-Ok see you at school-

-Ok bye-

I gave him a hug and went to my house to pack some things and webt to lory's house. We spend the night watching Teen Beach Movie.


I woke up did my morning routine and put a yellow dress that had a black belt. I let my hair loose and put my black toms.

I went downstairs.
And saw lory In the kitchen, she had some black leggings with a dark blue skirt and a grey shirt with some black covers with a beenie that said awsome on it 
-Hey Lory- 

-Hey Neysh
I made pancakes-

-You made them? I think I'm not hungry-

-C'mon Neysh they can be that bad!!!
Just take a bite and if you don't like it then don't eat it-

-Do I have to???-


I sat down and she put a plate with two pancakes. I looked at the pancakes then at Lory.

-C'mon we don't have all day-

-Ok ok- 
i took a bite and they weren't so bad.

-So do you like them?-

-Well they not that bad-

-Yay you like them-

-I didn't say I liked them-

-Shut up and hurry or were gonna miss the bus-

-Ok ok-
I finished eating and went to the bus stop. Niall and Harry were already there.

-Hey guys-

-Hey- they said in union

The bus came and we headed to school

-----------------at lunch-------------------

Lory, Harry and Niall went to the cafeteria I told them I had to do something.

-Hey Austin- I said walking up to him.

-Hey Neysh-

-So I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with Lory, Harry, Niall and me-

-Yeah sure-

We walked to the cafeteria 

-Hey guys this is Austin is it ok if he stays with us.-

-Sure- lory said

-ok so Austin this is Lory, Harry, and Niall- I said pointing at each of them

We ate and talked. We were all having a good time but Niall was quiet like something was bothering him.

-hey Niall can I talk to you in private-
They all looked at me with suspicious looks


We walked out of the cafeteria and sat in front of the school.

-it's something bothering you. you haven't said a word all this time-

-I'm fine-

-Ok- I didn't believe him but I don't want to push him.

-Can I ask you a question?- 


-Did you spend the weekend with Austin?-


-How do you know him?-

-Why do you wanna know?-

-just answer- he said with a little anger in his eyes

-well I meet him at Starbucks Saturday and we talked since I didn't have anything to do so I went to the movies with him and Sunday I went to his house-

-So you know him since Saturday and you already went to his house?-

-yeah there's nothing wrong with that!!! Why don't you like Austin??-

-It's just.... forget it-

-Are you... jealous that I spend the weekend with Austin-

-I'm not jealous it's just that now he's gonna be your best friend and your gonna leave us-

-Oh Niall I will never leave you, Lory or Harry we are best friends and no one can change that-

-C'mon lets go back-

We went back in the cafeteria 

-It's everything fine?-Lory asked

-Yeah- I said sitting down

We keep talking until we had to go to class. The rest of the day went fast.

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