What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


16. Let's talk

Lory's P.O.V
I woke up and I remembered that I didint text Harry back so I quickly grabbed my phone
Me: sorry I didint answer yesterday I was busy, and sure I can go to your house :-) 
A minute later I got a reply 
Harry: great see you at 10:30 ok?
Me: ok
I looked at the time, it was 9:00 am, I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took a shower, I washed my hair so I left it loose. I put on black shorts and a blue tank top tucked in and the same black boots with spikes that I wore yesterday. I went downstairs and mom and dad where in the living room.
-I'm going to Harry's house- 
-ok, but have breakfast first, it's on the table-
-ok- I went to the table and ate the breakfast that mom had made for me. 
I headed out and left for Harry's. I was close to his house when I heard someone calling me
-LORY!!! LORY!!!- I turned around and saw neysh comming over to me
-where are you going? I haven't seen u since Friday-
-um... I just have to go somewhere...uh got to go- I lied to her because I didint want her to know I was going to Harry's house cuz I know she would like to tag along, I tried walking really fast so she couldn't catch up to me, luckily she couldn't. I got to Harry's house and I ringed the door bell 
-COMMING!- I hear harry's mom comming over to the door, she opened it and went to give me a hug
-oh lory! how are you?! It's been so much time since I've seen you, I think the last time I saw you , you guys where still on Sumer vacation-
-yeah long time no see, so how was the business trip?- 
-oh it was absolutley wonderful, it was a beautiful place, I just wished we wouldn't be sucked in an office almost all the trip, so what brings you here?-
-well I was kinda hoping I could talk to Harry-
-oh of course he's in the back yard-
-oh ok, I'll go over to him-
I went to the backyard and Harry was shooting hoops at the mini basketball court they have there, he imedeatly looked at me 
-oh hey lory- she said throwing the ball into the net
-hey haz, watcha doing- I said going over to him and realizing what a stupid question 
- oh I'm just having a tea party with my dollys, what does it look like I'm doing?- he said sarcastically, I slapped him in the arm and he just smirked
I didint notice u was staring at him until he cleared his throught 
-um... so you wanted to talk to me?-
-uh yeah um... so you know you were very very drunk at the party right?-
He chuckled before he awnsered -yeah?-
-well I don't know if this was because u where drunk or you really meant it, but um you kissed... neysh-
His eyes widened, I don't know if it was because he didint remember or was it that he was shocked that I was reminding him that as in like if I liked him, but he quickly changed face expression and turned serious, since he didint say anything I decided to say something else
-it's not that I have a problem with that or something, it's just that if you didint actually "mean" the kiss, I don't want her to get hurt, I'd rather tell her now that you did or did not meen the kiss, than see her hurt later-
He seemed like he was in deep thought, and then he finnaly found the courage to say something 
-to be honest, the "kiss" was not real, not to sound harsh or anything but I don't like neysh, well I like her, but only as a friend- 
We stood there silently, I really didint know what say to him, he stood there opening and closing his mouth until he finnaly said something 
-I... I like... I like you, lory- 
I froze, again not knowing what to say 
I meen there was got to be a reason that he kissed me but, he never really told me how he felt 
-um... uh... wow i really don't know what to say- 
-just say how u feel, open your heart out-
I couldn't tell him I didint like him I meen, I like Niall his best friend! I can't tell him that, but as much as I like Niall, when Harry kissed me, I felt butterfly's all over my stumach, but I don't know, do I like Harry?
-uh well right now i don't really know what to think, but you know you have to tell Neyshla about the kiss-
-ok ok, but you have to awnser me one day you know?-
-yeah I know but I'll tell you, when i think about it, but lets just be the normal group of friends we've allways been ok?-
-sure, so wanna shoot some hoops?-
-nop, I stink at basketball- 
-oh c'mon! I know you can do it-
-I can't!-
-c'mon!- he started to tickle me 
-ugh stop it and hand me the freakin ball- 
-ok grouchy pants- he handed me the ball and I threw it and it missed
-just do what I do- he got the ball, aimed it and it entered the hoop 
I did what he did and the ball entered the hoop I jumped with excitement and hugged Harry 
-see I told u, you could do it- I laughed and let go of him -so wanna play just dance?- he asked me
-you dance?- I said teasing
-well I'm not the best dancer but I try- 
-well of course I'll play just dance with you, I can't miss out a chance to make fun of you- 
We went inside and went to the living room and started to play just dance, we went on untill Harry's mom brought us pizza and I left to my house took a shower , put on my pj's and went to watch a movie , I saw they where gonna give Teen beach movie so Why not? I texted Neysh to see if she wanted to come over 
Me: hey they are gonna giv TBM wanna stay over?
Neysh: um... sure ill be there in 5 minutes
Me: ok bye :) 
I went to the kitchen and made some popcorn and soon I heard a knock on the door and I opened it and neysh came in carrying a pink bag
-go make your self comfortable- I told neysh pointing to the living room and i brought the popcorn and two ginger-ales over to her 
-thanks- She said opening the bottle 
We sat in the ground and the movie started
"Tell me if this is good for you, because for me is a dream come true, I think about you for day and night..." we sang along to the movie, at first I was afraid she would ask me why I avoided her, but luckily it never came up.

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