What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


60. Lets go to the beach

 Neysh P.O.V.

Today it's Sunday. I was with Niall. We were sitting in and old swing set that was in my backyard.

-It's such a beautiful day, and here we are sitting in a swing set thats gonna fall anytime soon, doing absolutely nothing- I said 

-Yeah we should go do something-said Niall

-Like what?-

-I don't know-

-I know we can go to the beach!-

-Yeah sounds good-

-Lets invite Lory and Harry too-


-I'm gonna call Lory-

I took out my phone and dialed Lory's number. 

-Hello?-she said

-Hey Lory I was wondering if you and Harry want to go to the beach with Niall and me-

-Yeah sounds good, when are we leaving?-

-Meet me at my house in an Hour-

-Ok we will meet you there-

-Ok see you later!-

I hung up

-They are coming in an hour- I told Niall

-Well I'm gonna go get changed and then ill come back-


I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he left and I went inside. 

-Mom, I'm going to the beach with the guys later-

-Want me to make you some snacks because I'm guessing you are gonna be there a while-

-Yeah sure-

I went to my room and changed into my bikini. I put on a light blue top with some shorts and my blue flip flops. I put my hair in a ponytail and grabbed my sunglasses. I grabbed a beach bag and put another pair of clothes and shoes, a towel, sunblock and a volleyball. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs to wait for the others to come. It only took me half and hour to get ready. I went to the kitchen and saw mom packing a picnic basket. 

-I packed you some sandwiches, strawberries and other fruits-

-Okay thanks mom your the best-

-Your welcome-

I went to the living room and started playing on my phone. I was about to break my record in temple run when Someone took the phone from me. I look up and it was Niall.

-You idiot I was about to break my record in temple run!!!-

-Aww I'm sorry babe-

-Do you know how hard it is to break it! I was so close!!!-

He laughed and I took my phone from him.

-This is not funny!- I said sitting down on the couch with my arms crossed glaring at him 

-So now you are mad at me-

I didn't say anything back. He came to me and started tickling me. I started laughing.

-Stop it- I said between laughs

-Not till you stop being mad at me for a really stupid thing-

-Ok ok I'm not mad now let me go-

He stopped tickling me. I sat beside him. I checked the time and a hour has already passed Lory and Harry should be here any minute. 

-Next time you could tell me to stop being childish and not tickle me-

-I think tickling you is much more fun-


He gave me a kiss.

-Yeah but I'm your idiot-he said 

-Aww Harry look at them acting all lovey dovey- said Lory I didn't realized she was here

-You and Harry are worst so shut up- I said 

She just stuck out his tongue at me and I did the same.

-Well lets go!- I said 

We all got on Harry's car. On the way we stopped at the grocery shop to buy some other snacks. When we got to the beach We put on some beach chairs and a umbrella. We brought a radio and I put on some music. I sat on one of the beach chairs and Niall sat beside me.

-C'mon lets get in the water!- said Niall

-But I just sat down!-

-Don't make me throw you in the water-

-You wouldn't dare- I said

He stood up and was about to grab me when I got up and started running. 

-You got to catch me first!- I screamed

He started chasing me and grab me by my waist then he throw me over his shoulder.

-Let me go!- I screamed


I tried to free myself from him but it was useless. We passed where Lory and Harry were sitting in the beach chairs.

-Lory help me he's trying to throw me in the water!- I screamed to her 

She didn't do anything she just laughed at me.

-You traitor how could you are not gonna help me I can't believe you!- 

-Sorry- she said laughing 

I was about to scream something else at her when Niall threw me in the water. I splashed water at Niall and he did the same. 

-I hate you!- I said to Niall

-No you don't- he said smirking

-I wish I could- 

Then Lory and Harry came in. We stayed there for a while then we got bored and started playing volleyball. We made a big hole in the sand and Harry sat on it, then we covered him all in sand except his face. We took a pic of him. 

-I'm gonna go get something to drink- I said
-Me too I'm thirsty- Lory said

-Yeah I could get something to drink-said Niall 

-Hey aren't you forgetting something!-

-Yeah we will bring you something to drink Harry- said Niall 

-Help me get out of here!-Harry screamed

-Oh right- 

We all went and help him stand up. We got something to drink and ate the sandwiches mom made. When we were done we build a sand castle. After that we went home.

Hey guys!

So this is my last chapter alone. Yeah this means the story it's almost finish. There's only like two chapters left. The last chapter will be made by both Lory and me. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did. Thanks for reading! 

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