What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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32. I'll be here for you

Lory's P.O.V

  -well students we have a upcoming event that we host every year, it's our Annual Talent Show, to raise money for the graduating class, I'm going to be posting a paper with your group on it on the bulletin board that is on the exit and you can write your name if you want to participate in it-
The drama teacher explained while putting the paper on the board I looked at Neysh and like always she wasent paying attencion, she was doodling in her notebook. I looked over at Harry who was writing something in his notebook and i whispered to him
 -hey Harry-
He looked up at me and faced me
-are you thinking of entering the talent show?- I asked 
  -maybe, do you?-
-I don't know, it seems interesting, and it's our last year, but I have a really big fear of crowds-
  -what are you planning to do?-
-I don't know-
  -maybe you should sing, you are a great singer-
-what?! Are you crazy Harry? You know I can't sing in front of the school!-
  He laughed and passed his fingers through his hair 
 -maybe I could be up there with you?- 
 -maybe- I smiled and faced the board again, where the teacher was writing the date of the talent show, three days from now

I looked over at Niall that was at the other side of Harry, with his earbuds on while drumming with his pencil

I looked at the teacher and she was writing the lesson on the board 
The rest of the class went slowly and the bell finally ran saying it was time to go home 

 -hey you guys want a ride home?- neysh asked  
I looked at the boys and the nodded

 -hey, you guys wanna come over today?- I asked while we where heading over to Austin's car 

 -sorry, can't I'm going out with my family- Neysh said
  -cant my mom said she was going to  take me somewhere- Niall said 

-I'm going to the mall with my sister- Austin added

I looked over at Harry who was the one left
-I'm free, my boss told me not to go today-

I smiled at him and put my hands in the pockets of my hoodie and followed Niall, neysh, Harry and Austin out the door 

We got in the car and headed home, Austin dropped me and Harry at my house and went to drop out Niall at his house

 -so are we going to practice the song?- Harry asked
 -we? Wait who said I was going to do it?-
-me, I signed you up when you left the class room-
I looked over at Harry about to hit him
-What?!- I screamed 
-yeah so now you have to do it- 
-HARRY! You are such an idiot, you know I can sing in front of so many people! Especially our school!-
 -oh come on! There is nothing to be afraid of! I promise I'll be there right next to you-
He gave me a reassuring smile and we went up to my room 
 -ok grab the guitar- he ordered
-actually, the song is with the piano, do you know how to play it?-
I went and sat at the stool that's next to the piano and started playing the tune

 "Boy I know your dangerous, your not the one I'm supposed to love, but this is more than just a crush, tonight so I'm gonna tell my mama about you ima tell her ima tell her ima tell my mama about you ima tell her ima tell her yeahh" 

I stopped singing and Harry's jaw dropped 

-lory, you have to sing that, it was spectacular-
 I felt my cheeks hot so I looked down at my hands 

 -oh c'mon, why do you feel embarrassed, you sing beautiful- by now he had sat down next to me 
  -I could play and you could Sing, or if you don't wanna do it together, it's fine by me- he continued

 -no, I wanna do it with you, I feel more confident with you by my side- he smiled and started to play the piano







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