What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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25. I really think so

Neysh P.O.V.

We were in front of the hospital. 
-Hey since school doesn't starts in about an hour and a half how about we go to the park?-

-Sure lets go- Niall said

-Niall im tired! CARRY ME!!! pleaseeee!!!- I said making my best puppy dog face

-Ok ok jump on my back-

I jumped on his back and he started running to the park Harry close behind. 

We made it to the park and Niall let me fall on the grass

-Hey your gonna pay for that!!-
 I said running to catch him. 
I was about to catch Niall when he moved and I fell on top of Harry. 
-Sorry- I said laughing then Harry started tickling me and Niall joined 

-GUYS!!! S-STOP!-  I said laughing. They kept tickling until my phone started ringing.


-Hey Neysh I'm in front of your house are you ready?-

-Oh my gosh! I forgot you were picking me up um I am at the park with the guys could you pick us up?-

-What are you doing at the park at 7:00 am!-

-Ill explain when you get here-


Hey guys Austin is going to pick us up.

They both nodded and
After 5min Austin was here

-Ok so why were you at the park so early?- he asked while I was getting in the car 

-We were visiting Lory at the hospital because she fell of her skateboard, and since we had to go and we had nothing to do before school we went to the park-

-Oh ok-

I turned up the radio and Royals by Lorde was on we started singing until we got to school. We entered  math class and sat in the chairs, the class was so boring!  Harry was asleep,  Niall and Austin were in Another World... I wonder what are they thinking?  The rest of the classes went slowly. 

Finally! the day was over

-I wanna go to the mall who  is gonna come with me?- I asked

-I'm in!- Austin said

-I got nothing better to do-  Niall said

-I'm not going I'm tired I spent the night at the hospital, im going home-  Harry said

We all nodded and he  went to get the bus. We spent the whole ride singing to whatever song came on the radio. We got to the mall and Austin parked the car

-Lets go to the arcade!- Niall said

We agreed and entered the mall

We went to the arcade. Niall and I played a dancing game while Austin took videos of us. Next we played a car game I beat Austin and Niall. Then we played  guitar hero Niall played the guitar, Austin the drums and I was the singer. I was hungry so we went to the food court. After we ate I wanted to go to Claire's.

-Can we go to Claire's?-

-Why do you have to go there every time we go to the mall?- Niall whined

-Because I like that store pleaseeee!- 

-Ugh ok ok but be quick-


-You two sound like a little kid and his father- Austin said 

-Oh really now you realize?- I said sarcastically 

Austin laughed. We went to Claire's and I bought  some earrings and some fake glasses.

-Now were to...? Umm we can go to the movies!- Austin said 

-Yay I like to go to the movies!!!-

-I can't I got to go see ya tomorrow-

-Ok bye Niall!-

Austin and I went to the movies. We watched catching fire. After it was over I remembered I forgot to go visit Lory at the hospital.

-Austin I forgot to visit Lory at the hospital!- 

-Its only 9:00 Lets go visit her now-


We went to the hospital.

Lory smiled when she saw me and Austin

-Omg Lory I almost forgot to visit you! I'm such a bad friend!-

-It's ok Harry was here until six then Niall came, he left like ten minutes before you two came-

-Ok so how are you feeling?-

-I'm feeling a little better-

-I'm going to the cafeteria you want something Lory?-  Austin asked

-Yeah um bring me a coke-
He left and I faced lory

-so where you two on a date?- Lory asked

-What NOO- I said blushing

-Really then why are you with him?-

-I was with Niall and Austin at the mall, Then Austin said if we wanted to go to the movies but Niall said he had to go so I went with him- 

-Ok but I know he likes you I can see it in the way he looks at you-

-Really? you think he likes me-


-I don't know... I don't think so-

-Really Neysh I bet he likes you-

-Well lets see what happens-

After that Austin entered the room.

-Hey Lory here's your coke-


-No problem-

We talked for another hour and soon it got late 

-Well we are gonna go its late-

-Ok bye guys-

-bye- I said  

Austin drived me to my house and He walked me to the door. I was about to enter the house when Austin grabed my arm I looked to see what he wanted. He was staring into my eyes suddenly he started to lean in until our lips touched. We kissed until we were both out of breath. I felt like there  were fireworks in my stomach. it was MAGICAL! 

-I-Im so sorry he said looking down its just that.. I really like you but it's ok if you don't feel the same way umm, I should go-

-Wait Austin!- he looked back and I crashed my lips onto his. He quickly kissed back.

When we finished I smiled and said bye to him
-Bye Austin- 

-Bye- he had a smile on his face I gave him a hug and enter the house, I went to my room and changed. I laid on my bed I cant believe Austin kissed me no no I can believe after that I kissed him again!. I think I'm falling in love with Austin logan grey!








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