What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


2. hangging with the guys

Lory's P.O.V

The bell rang and Our 4th period ended.

Niall, Harry, Neysh and I went to the cafeteria.We got our food and sat at our usual table

-so how was summer for u guys?-Neysh asked taking out her sandwich 

-good, but sometimes really boring, we should've hang out more often- Niall says

we all nod in agreement 

-you guys wanna come over today?- i said taking a piece of my chocolate muffin and putting it in my mouth

-sure- Harry said

-oh Lory, innocent sweet Lory, you know I was going even if u didn't invite me- Neysh says smiling

I laugh and wait for the only one who didn't answer to answer... Niall


we all looked at Niall

he smiled -well of course I'm gonna go, I'm not gonna stay at my house all sad and alone-


Classes went on and on and Finally  last period ended. 
Neysh and I went to our lockers, while harry and Niall waited for the bus

 -so when are u gonna tell harry that you like him? i think that today is the best day to do it- i tell Neysh

-HELL TO THE NO! are u on drugs gurl?- she said snapping her fingers

i laughed
-why not?-

-'cause today is the first day of senior year, the best year of our lives!, i cant tell him, what if he doesn't like me and it ruins our friendship?-

-oh please, he's going to like you!, you guys have been friends since 4th grade-

-that doesn't mean he likes me, that means he likes me as a friend, how about you, when are you gonna tell Niall you like him?-

-oh... well... when the time is right- i say looking away

-mhm yeah sure , lets go, the bus is gonna get here soon-

I grab my book bag and my skateboard and follow Neysh out.

The bus still hadn't come so we went and sat with Niall and Harry at a bench.

-well today was a boring day- harry said

-every first day of school you say that, harry- Neysh said with a smile

Aww those two would make such a cute couple, but she doesn't want to tell him that she likes him, i mean i understand why she doesn't want to tell him BUT I JUST WANT TO! control yourself Lory... control yourself 

-so im thinking of buying a car- harry continued

-YESSS WOOHOOO!- i started to jump around and dance while everyone kept staring at me

-now we don't have to wait for the bus, of course we have to give u money for gasoline but we DON'T HAVE TO GO IN THE BUS!- i continued and went and hugged harry

 -i love you, i love you, i love you-

After i said that i remembered that Neysh was gonna take it the wrong way so i looked at her, luckily she was laughing at my craziness with Niall.

The bus arived and we got to my house

 -you guys, go and sit in the living room while i tell mom we got here- they all agreed and headed towards the living room.

mom was at the kitchen table drinking coffee

-hey mom, i brought home neysh,Harry, and Niall-
-ok honey, should I order pizza?-
I went to the living room, they were all sitting on the couches and laughing about something
-mom is gonna order pizza for us-
-yum... I'm so hungry- Niall said rubbing his stomach 
-your always hungry Niall- I said sitting in the couch beside's neysh and we all laughed
 -so we should do something fun-
-yeah what should we do?- neysh said really exited

30 seconds of silence pass
-I KNOW!- I jump exited of my couch
 -what?- Harry asked 
-we should have a "end of summer" party!- 
 -Awsome, love it, lets do it- neysh said exited
-ok ok but we have to plan first, invite everyone we know, all of our class room and like other people we know-
 -that sounds awsome but where are we gonna do it?-Niall asks
-um ill ask mom when she comes back from picking up the pizza if we can have it here-
 -we should do it with some theme- Neysh suggested 
-um... I think I still have some things of my Hawaiian birthday party we could just use that, so when are we gonna do it?- 
-maybe in 3 days?-Niall suggested 
-that's great!-

~5 minutes later~

-IM BACK!! Lory help me!-mom screamed closing the door with her legs
I went in to the kitchen and started serving coke into cups.
Mom took the 2 boxes of pizza and went into the living room. 

I grabbed the cups and went in the living room and Niall was already eating the half of his first pizza. I set the cups in the table and took a slice
 Moms phone rings with the most horrible ringtone you can think of and she goes out of the room to pick it up
-are you gonna ask your mum about the party?- Harry asked me
 -oh! I forgot to ask her be right back-
I went into the kitchen an heard mom on the phone
"What?!"she says lifting her arm up in the air
"Where is he? was it bad?"
He? im guessing something to do with my brother
"I'll be right there!"
-what happened mum?- I say walking in the kitchen
-your brother got into a accident, not a big one but he was the cause of it , I have too leave, are you gonna stay here?-
- I have to stay here I can't just tell them to leave-
 -ok honey just don't open the door to strangers and leave your phone on-

-mum I know, I'm not a baby- I chuckle
 -ok ok, I hope I'll see you later- she gave me a kiss on my forehead and left
I went back to the living room and sat down
-I couldn't ask my mum about the party, my dad called to tell her that my brother got in a car accident-
 -oh my gosh is he ok lory?-neysh asked worried
-yeah he's fine but apperantly he was the one who caused the accident-
 -oh that's bad-
-yup- -ill ask my mum later or tomorrow but the party is on-
 -whoohoo-Niall cheered with his mouth full

-DONT TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL- I teased and  Niall laughed 
 -sorry ma'am- Niall said pretending he was scared
-So it's still 4:30 what are we gonna do?- I said looking at my watch
 -ooh lets go to the mall and prank people like old we used to do, you guys still have the collab YouTube channel we did right?-neysh asked
-um I think so why? we haven't used it in years- I awnsered
 -we can make pranks and record them and upload them to the channel- 
 -LETS DO IT!- Harry screamed
-Lets go! wait how are we going to go we don't have a car?- Niall asked
 -I know the lady that lives across the street lets us borrow her car we just need to bring it with gas-
-Lets go ask her- Niall said
We went to the house across the street to the old lady's house
we press the doorbell and it rings
-coming- the lady says with her old lady voice -well hello lory how are you?-
-I'm good, you?-
-I'm great!, what brings you here?-
-um so we where wondering if you could let us borrow your car? ill promise I will bring it with gas and super clean-
-well sure, sweet heart... let me get the keys-
She went entered a hall and I heard the key noise when she picked up the keys and she came to the door to give them to me.
-here dear-
-thank you so much- I gave her a little side and went to the garage
-come on guys!, Harry you are going to drive- I gave Harry the keys and the garage door opened, it revealed a blue 1978 corolla
 -that's the car?-Harry asked
 -you want me to drive THAT car?-
 -kill me now!-
I laughed at his reaction and got in the passengers seat

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