What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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40. Halloween

Lory's P.O.V

 ******in October*******

 -I want it to be later already!- I whined 

Today is the senior year Halloween costume party, neysh had been sad again because she remembers that she talked with austin before he died about going with a couple costume but now she can't. I'm going as a girl firefighter, neysh is going as superwoman, Niall is going as spongebob and Harry is going as a evil villain

 -I don't know if I should go- neysh said looking at the floor
-oh c'mon neysh please don't be like this again-
  -I'm sorry it's just hard for me-
-it's gonna be ok, I promise you will have a good time- I said giving her a reassuring smile  
 -I hope so- we kept walking towards our next class and Harry and Niall joined us 
 -so...- Harry said putting his hands on his pockets 
 -what?- I asked 
-I don't know I just wanted to say "so"-
 -your such a idiot-
-i know, ugh, I have work tomorrow- he whined 
 -but it's Saturday?- Niall said sounding more like a question 
-I know but my boss said I had to work tomorrow, and I have to if I want to get the car-
 -you have to get that car you said you where getting it when we started school and now it's almost Christmas and you still haven't bought it- I said stopping at the door of our classroom 
 -I know but I haven't got all the money yet, but I will, eventually-
-you better- I ordered 
 -if you want a car so badly why don't you just work to buy one?- he laughed
-nah I'm too lazy for that-
I smiled and we entered the classroom, we sat at our usual seats and the class began 
 -hey neysh- I whispered
-what?- she whispered back, looking up at me 
 -why don't you and Niall talk anymore? It's kind of weird, I mean you are best friends right?-
-yeah but... I don't know, we just haven't been talking a lot lately-
 -well you should because it's getting kinda awkward only having Harry and I talking and you guys just standing there saying nothing- I ordered
 -ok ok- she looked back at the teacher who was now sitting down at her desk... Great I missed the instructions.... Again 


************after school*************
Me: come to my house and we can get ready here 
 Neysh: kk see you 

After ten minutes neysh was knocking at my door with her pouch of makeup in one hand and her costume in the other

 -c'mon lets go upstairs- 

she nodded and we headed to my room 

 -shall we start with makeup?- neysh asked 
-ok, sit down so I can do yours- I sat down in my spinning chair and she put the things in my drawer. First she put foundation and powder, then the eyeshadow and mascara and lastly the red lipstick. She curled my hair and put it in a lose side ponytail. I went into the bathroom to put the costume on while neysh did her makeup and hair. I went out of the bathroom and neysh was waiting with her costume on her hands, she had lose flowy hair and nicely done makeup. 

When we where finished I grabbed my  phone and we headed to Harry's house where we agreed to meet when we where ready 

We knocked on the door and Harry's mom answered 
 -hey girls, come in, come in Harry is just finishing-
-ok thanks- I said 
-so how have you been neysh?- 
-Ive been fine- neysh said 
 -well that's good honey, I'm glad you've been better- she smile at us and went into the kitchen 

Neysh and I sat in the sofa and like in 3 minutes someone knocked on the door 
 Mrs.Styles went to open the door and Niall came in wearing his spongebob costume
 -hey girls- he said comming into the living room
We both said hi and he sat down at the other chair 

 -HARRY HURRY UP, THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU- we heard his mom yell 
  -COMING- he yelled back
In two minutes he came back wearing his long sleeve turtle neck trench coat and black skinny jeans. God he looks cute. Lory stop it. I shrugged away my thoughts and stood up

  -shall we go?- I asked 
-sure, let me go get the keys- Harry said 
We headed out and Waited for Harry to come back with the keys 
 We got in the car and headed to the party 

It's been half a hour since we got here, Harry and I where in the living room talking, Niall was talking to mark and the last time I saw neysh she was talking to hailey. They didint have drinks here since it was school party, and we weren't supposed to be getting drunk here
There where lots of different costumes, Louis was in a superman costume, Liam was batman, zayn was dressed as a police officer, there where 3 girls dressed as the powerpuff girls, there where zombies, mummies, hippies, witches.... There where everything 

Louis's P.O.V
 -hey superwoman- 
-um... Hey?- neysh said sounding like a question
  -having a good time?- I asked
-well yeah, I guess-
  -well you don't look like it, c'mon lets dance- I led out my hand but he shook her head
  -sorry but I'm not in the mood for dancing- 
 -oh, well, what do you want to do?-
-I don't know...- 
  -I'm gonna get something to drink, want something?- 
-um... Pepsi-
 -ok, be right back- I went into the kitchen and got a cup and poured something that zayn had given me that was the same color as the Pepsi, he said it tasted good so I wanted to give it a try, I got another cup and poured Pepsi in it 
I grabbed the two cups and went over to neysh 

-here you go-
I gave her a cup and she took a sip 
She made a weird face but just kept on drinking it 
  -this is good- she said 
I made a weird face -but isn't it Pepsi?-  
 -I don't think so it taste different, you should know you where the one who gave it to me-
-uh oh- 
-oh nothing-

Lory's P.O.V
 -CON LOS TERRORISTAS!!!.......DO THE HARLEM SHAKE- neysh was on a table screaming and dancing like a crazy person and everyone was laughing at her, she has been like this since like 15 minutes ago. I had to stop this 
 -neysh get down from there you have to stop!, your gonna get hurt!- I yelled 
 -YOU CAN'T STOP ME!- everyone was still laughing and recording what was happening 
 -should we pull her down?- Niall asked 
 -no, she will come down eventually-
In a matter of seconds neysh yelled "I'm superwoman!" and fell on top of Louis and the both fell on the floor 

 -neysh are you allright?- I asked worried pulling her up 
 -uh hello? She fell on top of me! Aren't you supposed to help me?!- 
Louis yelled
I rolled my eyes and Harry helped me get neysh up while Niall and Liam pulled Louis up
 -lets get her to the car- I told Harry 
-no! I want to stay!- neysh whined 
 -neysh we have to go-
She groaned and we pulled her towards the front door

We got her in the car and Harry went into the house to look for Niall

 -neysh what has gotten into you?! How did you even get drunk? there weren't even drinks at this party!- I yelled
 -stop yelling! And I'm not drunk!- she said starting to laugh uncontrollably 
-nooooo, look at yourself!- 
 -ok I may had gotten a little drunk but I don't know how, I have been like this since Louis gave me some weird tasting drink-
-UGH, Louis- I groaned
Harry and Niall came back and sat on the drivers and passengers seat

The car ride was silent until we got to neysh's house
 -c'mon neysh we have to get you to your room- I got her out of the car and I know where they keep the spare key so I entered the house and Niall carried her up the stairs, we laid her down on her bed. Once we had laid her down she instantly went to sleep 
Harry drove Niall to his house since it was near neysh's and then dropped me off
 -thanks for driving me home, and also thanks for helping me with neysh- 
 He walked to me to the door and chuckled 
 -no problem, I knew you couldn't handle that alone- I laughed and I looked at him, he was staring at me.
He opened his mouth to say something but then closed it. He shook his head and opened his mouth again
 -well I better go... It's getting late- 
-yeah, well good night- I have him a hug and he entered the car and drove away 

 Me: neysh, do you remember what happened yesterday?
  Neysh: no why?
Me: go on your Facebook 
The video of her singing, dancing and falling on top of Louis was everywhere from Facebook, to twitter even YouTube 
  Neysh: um ... Ok?
I put my phone on the table and took a bite of my sandwich. After a minute my phone vibrated and I unlocked it
 Neysh: OMG LORY IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!!!! I LOOKED SO STUPID!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT!!!!, no wonder I had a massive headache this morning! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT
 me: I'm sorry neysh! But it happened 
Neysh: UGH now everyone is going to make fun of me at school :'((((
  Me: I'm sorry neysh but you didn't want to get off the table when I told you 
Neysh: yeah :( well ill just have to ignore everyone until it's off of everyone's mind
  Me: yeah, well I have to go, bye 
Neysh: bye :( 












HEY GUYSSSS SORRY for not updating I was grounded! :((((( but we already have the next 2 chapters planned out so, keep reading 


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