What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


45. Hairy Mishap

Lory's P.O.V

  Neysh: I have an idea!!!
Me: what is it?
  Neysh: I'll tell you at the buss stop 😏
Me: kk, see ya
I finished my cereal and put it in the dishwasher 

 -mom I'm leaving- I yelled 
-ok have a good day hun!- she yelled back 
  I grabbed my backpack and headed out to the bus stop.

I got to the stop and no one was there

I waited sitting on the bench and scrolling through my Facebook 

 -hey lory- I looked up and saw Niall walking over to me

-hey nialler- I said 
He sat next to me and took out his phone 
 We both sat their in silence looking at our phones

 -HEY!!- Neysh came running and screaming in her pink shirt that said "free", her grey pants and pink hight tops 

Niall and I laughed and said hi to her 

 -ok so this is my idea.... I want to dye my hair pink!-
-what?- I said shocked at what she
was -are you serious?- 
 -yes!!, and I want you to help me to it!- 
 -yeah I am not doing that- I said walking to where Niall was, she grabbed my arm and pulled me to where she was again
 -yes you are, you dyed your hair once why can't you do it for me?- she pleaded
 -I didn't dye my hair I just have it some highlights-
-still, you dyed it-
 I rolled my eyes and went back to sit next to Niall

 -hey guys- Harry said coming over to us

We all said hi and the bus came 



We got to school and Neysh & I went to our lockers arguing ... Still... About dying her hair

 -oh c'mon lory don't be such a party pooper-
-don't call me that, I just don't want to do it because I don't want to damage your hair-
  -I'm telling you to do it , it's not like your going to do it against my will-
-ok, but does your mom know about this?-
-did she say yes?- 
  -uh... Yes...-
-are you sure?- 
  -YES!!!- she screamed 
-ok ok- I put my book bag in my locker and headed to the classroom with my books in my hand

We got to neysh's house and headed to her bedroom since she already had bought the things to paint her hair 

- Let's watch a movie while you paint my hair- she said putting a movie on
 -what movie did you put on?-
-what a girl wants-
  -yay I really like that one-
-yeah I know, do you want some popcorn-
  -nah I'm fine-
-ok, well I'm gonna get some for myself- 
She left the bedroom to get some popcorn and I put the gloves on so I wouldn't paint my fingers 

Neysh came back with a bag of popcorn, a bag of skittles and two ginger ales 

 -here, I know you love skittles- she handed to me 

-you know me so well- I smiled and took the bag

She sat down and put a towel over her clothe so I couldn't damage them 

I finished dying her hair and we waited so she could wash it. 

When the 20 minutes where over she went to wash her hair, I waited watching project runway

 -LORY!!!!!!- she screamed 
-what?!!!- I went running to the bathroom door
 -can I enter?- 
I opened the door after she unlocked it and I saw that her hair was bright blue ... Like really blue

 I ran back in her room and checked the box
-uh oh...-
  -what?- she said entering the room putting the towel on her head
-we had to wait 10 minutes not 20- I said looking up to her

He jumped on her bed and laid there looking at the ceiling  

  -what am I going to do?- she whined
-you know.... It's doesn't look that bad- 
  -oh really?- she said sarcastically 
-yes, it looks pretty cool-
 -oh shut up-
I rolled my eyes and started packing up 
-where are you going?- Neysh asked
  -I have to study-
-UGH! What am I going to do!- 
  -I don't know! It's your fault you told me to do this-
-yeah yeah I know-
 -ok, bye see you tomorrow- I left and went to my house

*****************the other day*********** 
I was waiting at the buss stop with Niall and Harry when I saw Neysh coming over to us. She had a white top that said Paris in big bold black letters, hot pink shorts and the same color converse. She had a high pony tail with a pink ribbon holding her blue hair, She had pink sunglasses on so you couldn't really recognize it was her.

 -who's that?- Harry asked 
I laughed 
 -that's Neysh- 
-what?!- Niall said Standing up 
 -hey guys- she said hugging each of us 
We said hi and waited for the buss. Niall kept staring at her.... Weird.





Hey guys sorry for updating late... School is taking a lot of my time 

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And Neysh at : Neysh_ 

 Bai x 

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