What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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35. Goodbye

Neysh P.O.V.

----3 days after the talent show----

It was Saturday.  Austin had convinced me to go meet his parents today, I'm so nervous. Lory was with me, laughing because I was so frustrated.

-Oh c'mon Neysh your making such a big deal about this-

 -Lory I'm meeting his parents!
What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm not good enough? What if they make him break up with me?-
I sat on my bed and fell backwards on my pillow. 

-What if they don't want me to be with him? will he break up with me? I love him and I don't want to lose him!-  I was going insane.

Lory sat beside me.

-C'mon Neysh, I know they will like you besides, Austin loves you, he will never do something to hurt you-

-How do you know he loves me? like I love him... maybe he just likes me but doesn't love me-

 -I know because I see the way he looks at you, it's like your the only girl in his world-

I gave her a small smile 
 -You think so?-

-of course I do!-

I smiled and sat down on my bed 

She stood up and put the song Roar by Katy Perry on my speakers and started dancing and singing And i joined her. After 3 more songs we both sat down in my bed. 

I went to my closet and opened it 

 Ugh I don't know what to wear.

-Lory!- I said frustrated again exaggerating the letter "y"

-Oh no! What now?- 

-I don't know what to wear!-

-Do you really want my help choosing an outfit?-

-NO! You would probably make me wear my pajamas-

-Hey I don't have that bad taste in clothes -

-Yeah right just help me chose something-

After an hour of me complaining that I didn't have clothes I decided on a dress. It was white and had black polka dots. 

I took a shower and put the dress one, Lory helped me straighten my hair and by help I meen grabbing the straightener and doing it myself because she almost burned my hair after that I put some make up and put my red high heels on.

-So how do I look?- I asked


-Do you think I look presentable and not like a slut or something?-

-Neysh you never look like a slut you look fine stop worrying- 

-Ok ok-

I looked at my phone screen and it was 2:55 and Austin said he would come pick me up at 3:00

-well I'm gonna go, stop worrying and make a good first impression- lory said 

-Ok bye- 

I hugged her and She left, I looked at the clock and it was 2:57, I had 3 more minutes, I was walking downstairs when I heard a knock on the door I grabbed my purse and I opened the door.
Austin looked at me with a smile
-You look stunning, as always- He said

-Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself-I laughed and gave him a hug and he lifted me up and gave me a kiss we stayed there almost glued to each other until we heard a cough. We both look up to see my mom there with a cheeky smile

-I though you were going to meet his parents not stay kissing in front of my house- she said And We both blushed. 

Austin already met my mom and of course she liked him.

-Oh shut up mom-

-yeah yeah now wait a second let me take a picture of you two before you go- 

Mom went and looked for the camera 
And came back with it in her hands

Austin put one hand in my waist and I smiled.

 Mom took the picture then she took another one of Austin kissing my cheek.

we left and we got to his house, When we were in front of his house he looked at me. 

 -Babe calm down I'm sure they will like you they know you make me happy and they wouldn't do anything to intrude my happiness-

 He took my hand and gave me a peck on the lips. 

We entered the house then he led me to the kitchen and his mom was cooking. 

-Hey mom this is Neysh-
He said 

She turned around and smiled 

She had brown curly hair and brown eyes. He looked like 47 to 48 years old.

-It's a pleasure to finally meet you Austin talks wonderful things about you and now I see why, my name is Mildred-

She gave me a hug and i hugged her back. 

I blushed and looked at Austin who was blushing too.

-Aww look at you two, you look adorable together, Richard! Come here you have too see this!-

A tall man with black hair and big blue eyes came to the kitchen. He look like he is 50 years old, that must be Austin dad.

-Oh! you must be the famous Neysh nice to finally meet you I'm Richard- he said holding out his hand 
I shook his hand and smiled
-Diner is gonna be ready soon, Austin set the table- Austin's mom ordered 

I helped him set the table and We sat down she made spaghetti, my favorite.

-this is delicious miss grey- I said 

  -I'm glad you liked it Austin told me it was you favorite, and you can call me Mildred-

I looked at Austin and smiled. We chatted while we ate they asked me some questions and I honestly responded. 

After that Austin and I went to his room and he put a movie on, I climed on his bed and he sat besides me and i put my head on his chest

When it was time for me to go Austin's mom gave me a hug.

 -neysh, I want to thank you for making Austin so happy, he had a hard time getting used to this place, he is so lucky to have found an amazing girl like you- she said and pulled out of the hug with a smile 

 -I am very lucky to have found him- I smiled 

With that we left. He drove me home and gave me a kiss goodbye. 

I went to my room and started thinking about Austin. This 3 weeks had been great. I truly love him and I know he cares about me ,I'm not sure if love me like I love him but he makes me happy and that's all that matters he's always there for me. 

Austin P.O.V.

I left Neysh at her house and went to mine I said goodnight to mom and went to my room. 

I started to write a letter to Neysh, im gonna give it to her on our one month anniversary thats in one week. The letter said :

Dear Neysh

I'm so lucky your my girlfriend. I can tell my family liked you, and that's great. You are very special to me you're , not like any other girl your unique, beautiful and have the most amazing smile. You bright up my day with just a Hello. The way you can be so childish and watch disney movies like a little kid. I remember when I first saw you, It was the day I moved here, I was helping mom carry all the boxes in the house when I saw you walking with Lory, Harry and Niall, you quickly got my attention. Every time I saw you, you were with them so I never had the courage to go talk to you. The classes started and when I saw that you were in the same classes as me I knew it meant something, I knew that you and I where meant to be. When I saw you at Starbucks alone I quickly knew that this was my chance, i knew i had  to do something to get you to talk to me, but when i went closer to you i saw you where frustrated and I wanted to comfort you but I couldn't, I knew I had to do something so I went to you and we started talking, there I started to like you even more. When you told me and Niall about Harry I felt this huge hole in my heart but I wanted to at least be part of your life. When you stared at me at the carnival I felt sparks and I knew I was falling for you even more and it felt good. When I kissed you for the first time I though everything was over and that you would hate me and wouldn't want to see or talk to me again I thought I lost you but when you kissed me back I felt relief and happiness and when you accepted to be my girlfriend it was the happiest day of my life. Every time we kiss I feel like we're the only ones in this word. Now I know I have completely fallen for you. I LOVE YOU Neysh with all my heart.  

                       With loveAustin<3<3<3 

Our month anniversary is in a week and Im going to do something very special I already have everything planed, I know she will love it.

Neysh P.O.V.

-----------one week later-----------

Last week didn't happened too much. I spent almost everyday with Austin at my house or at his house watching movies. Sometimes we went for ice cream and on Thursday we invited Lory,Harry and Niall but the other days were only the two of us. We made and album with all the photos of us And decorated it, in every page was one or two pictures and the date and all of the pages were decorated different. 

Today was Saturday the day of our one month anniversary he said he had everything planed out and that it was a surprise, I was so exited. 

 I put on a strapless dress, the top was white with some pink flowers the rest was light blue and it had a brown belt, I curled my hair and put my pink high heels finally I put some make up. 

Soon I heard the bell ring
I hurried downstairs and opened the door, it was Austin. 

-Happy one month anniversary- he said handing me a bouquet of flowers.

 I took them and gave him a kiss.
We entered the house and I put the flowers in a vase. 

He took my hand and we walked to the car, he opened the door for me then jogged to the drivers seat. 

-We're are you taking me?-

-it's a surprise-

-Oh c'mon tell me please!- I said giving him my best puppy dog eyes

He looked at me and laughed 

-Stop it I'm not telling you-

-fine- I pouted 

After about 30 more minutes of driving he told me to put a blind fold on. I did as told, getting more exited.  After 5 more minutes the car stopped and Austin helped me get out. He guide me to wherever we were going and when stopped He took the blind of and I looked around it was beautiful, There was a large tree near a lake there were flowers everywhere , under the tree there was a picnic basket and a blanket  We walked over there and sat down. We ate and chatted. I got up and took my heels off I started running around the flowers Austin laughed but soon joined me. He was trying to catch me. I felt like a little kid again. When he catched me we both fell into the flowers. We stayed there for a while looking at the clouds but soon He got up and sat under the tree. I rested my head in his lap and he started playing with my hair. 

-I got a present for you- he said

-oh you didn't have to-

 -I know but I wanted to-
I smiled and he reached for the basket and got out a cute little blue box that had a pink bow and hand it to me. I opened the box and it had two necklaces each one silver in form of a heart one of the hearts said Neysh and the other Austin. There where also two bracelet that where silver like the necklaces but only that in one it said  forever and in the other it said always and you put them together and it made the infinity sign 

-The neackless represents that I have your heart and you have mine and the bracelet that Our love will be  forever and always- he said when I looked up at him

-This is so beautiful thank you so much it means a lot to me-

-Neysh I want you to know that you make me so happy and I can't see a future without you I love you Neysh with all of my heart-

-I love you too Austin-

I was so shocked its the first time he says he loves me and I felt so happy.
I gave him a kiss and this kiss was very different from the others it was a  very passionate kiss. 

We stayed there watching the sun set. After the sun set he drove me home.

He walked me to my door and I gave him a kiss. 

-oh I almost forgot I have a present for you- 

We enter the house and I went to the living room, Austin following.

 I made a copy of the album with all our photos. I gave it to him and we looked through the pictures together at the end was written I love you in different languages. 

"Te amo"

"Is breá liom tú"

"ti amo"

"eu te amo"

"seni seviyorum"

"tôi yêu em"

He looked at me. 

 -I love you too babe-

We kissed one last time but this kiss felt more different its like we put all of our feelings in it. 

We said goodbye and I went to my room.

This was the best day of my life. I don't think I've have been more happy in my entire life. He said he loved me and the date was just indescribable. 

Austin P.O.V.

I was driving home.
I was so happy the date with Neysh was awesome. I love her so much and I finally told her. 

I looked to where she was sitting and saw the letter. I didn't give her the letter! oh well but I least I said to her that I loved her so I don't need to give her the letter I kept staring at the letter till I heard heard the horn of a truck I looked up and saw some light blinding me. 

  I don't know how much time I was out but I know that I have this pain and I can't feel my legs or hands I saw this man and a ambulance. There was a man trying to get me out if the car I still had the letter on my hand. i felt someone take it out of my hands. then someone pulled me into a ambulance. Now all I could see are  memories about Neysh , and all the great moments we shared. memories about my family and friends and when I was little flashed through my eyes the last memory I could remember was about me and Neysh sitting with my parents. I was drifting slowly to a deep sleep and i felt so peaceful. 

Neysh P.O.V.

I was woken up by my phone ringing, it was 7:00 am. Last night I had fell asleep in the couch with my phone in my hands so I answered it quickly 

-hello?- I said still with my morning voice

-um hello? Is this Neysh?-

-Um yeah who is this?- 

-It's Austin's mom, Mildred-she sounded like she was crying

-oh hi, is there something wrong?-

-au...Austin passed away- she started crying and so did I 

-Wha-what? No... How?!- I practically screamed

-he died in a car accident yesterday when he was coming from your house, it looks like he got distracted by something and a truck hit him-


My parents came quickly running over to the living room with worried look on their faces 

-calm down sweetheart, me more than anyone knows how you feel, I know it's heartbreaking but that's gonna happen to everyone in this earth some, before than others, the funeral will start tomorrow at 10:00 am -

-I'll be there - I said between sobs
She said good bye and hung up

I looked at my parents that where still looking at me with worried faces

 -ho...honey what's wrong?- my mom asked

  I broke away crying and ran to my room and Locked the door

I throwed the phone on the wall and it hit the ground, I started to throw everything on the floor, something's where broken and shattered but I really didn't care, the only thing I didn't throw was the photo album of us 

I heard nocking on my bedroom door but I never opened it 


I woke up feeling miserable. I heard someone enter the house but I didn't care I just stayed there laying on my bed. The door was open now, I bet my dad found the key

 Lory came in my room and sat next to me, she had red puffy eyes but not even close to mine 

 -I heard what happened- she whispered -I'm sorry- she continued 

 She went and hugged me and I started crying even harder

-Everything will be ok, i promise, I will be there with you through everything, I promise- she said 

  -thanks but I think I will never recover the hole I have in my heart, I don't think I can live without Austin- I said still crying 

 -oh c'mon neysh, you can't think like that, if your gonna be like that, your life will be a hell-

 -cant you see, it already is-

-oh please neysh don't say that- 
I sat up and got the little blue box that Austin had gave me the day he died, he had taken the necklace that said neysh and the bracelet that said always 

I put on the necklace and the bracelet and started to cry again, this time lory was crying too 

I heard another knock on the door but this time the voice sounded like a man's voice 

 -hello, I wanted to know, if neysh is here?- 
My eyes widened as I heard that 
 -yes? Uh why?- my mom asked 
-well I bet she already knows about the loss of Austin Gray and I was one of the investigators and a paramedic told me he found this in his hand, and it said "to neysh" so I think this belongs her-

 -ok I will give this to her, thank you, goodbye- 

I heart the door close and footsteps coming from downstairs 

 -hey honey- she said softly with a warm smile 
 -hey- I said getting rid of a tear that was rolling down my face 
-a officer came to give me this to you, a paramedic found this on his hand- my mom hand it to me and I looked at it, it had some blood on it and I decided not to read it, I put on my night stand and lory looked at me with a confused look but quickly understood and nodded

---------------next day-------------

I woke up and Lory was asleep on one of the bean bags. I over to her and gave her a small nudge 

-Lory wake up-

-ugh but I'm tired- she groaned 

-We got to go to the...the funeral-I looked down

- Sorry Im up c'mon lets get ready-

I put a black dress with a black blazer and my  black flats, I put my hair in a ponytail and I didn't put any make up for obvious reasons 

 I handed Lory a black shirt with some jeans an she had her black boots and she left her hair loose.

My dad drove us to the funeral and Niall and Harry arrived shortly after Us

When we got there I went to Austin's mom.

-Hello Miss's gray, I'm... I'm so sorry for your loss-

I gave her a hug and we both started to cry

 -this was in the car so, I thought you would like to keep it- she handed me the album I had given him that day and a tear fell on it 

I went to Lory and the guys. I hugged Lory and stayed there with her crying.

 I went to see Austin, he looked so peaceful, he had a tux and had his hair like he always did, what cought my attention was that he had the necklace that said "neysh" and the bracelet that said "Always"
I lowered my head and whispered to him that I love him and that I'm never going to forget him and that I hope he's happy wherever he is. I gave him kiss on his forehead and went over to the guys. 
After that it was off to the graveyard to burry him, it was a five minute drive and every time we where a step closer u cried even more 

We got to graveyard and they lowered the casket they where pulling him in the grave and you could hear all the sobbing when they finally settled him down on the hole everyone threw flowers in it

 -NOO! AUSTIN NO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE US! NO I LOVE YOU! NO MY BABY! NOO- his mom yelled as they had to pull her away 

I started to cry even more and I fell to the ground and lory, Harry and Niall hurried to pick me up as my mom went to look for some water 


Almost everyone was gone, the only one's left where Austin's parents, lory, Harry, Niall and my parents 

I went over to the grave where it said

   "Austin Gray
We will love you forever and always
Family and friends"

I lowered down to my knees and put the album and a rose and whispered "I love you" 

I left crying I went to the car were the guys were waiting for me. They drove me home.

I went up to my room and looked at the letter that was in my nightstand 

I grabbed it and grabbed the album of Austin and I, I put the card in a random page and didn't bother to look at the page 

I put the album I'm a high shelf in my closet

I guess I'll read it when time is right 












He guys Austin died :( I cried so much making this chapter and the movie I was watching didn't help. Don't get mad at me for killing Austin , Loraine make me do it and I have been bugging her about making me kill Austin. She haves to deal with my depression if killing someone I love. Well that's all. Fav,comment and like.

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