What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


10. Forgive and forget

Neysh P.O.V.

After I saw lory kissing Harry I ran away I was so mad with Lory I cant believe her!!!!. I went to my house And I went to my room And cryied. 

Nialls P.O.V. 

I was beginning to have feelings for neysh I meen I've allways liked her but as a friend and this time was diffrent . I decided to make a picnic for just the two of us and I went to ask her with a bouquet and a note in the flowers 
I knocked on the door and sice I thought she didint hear me I just came in, I left the roses next to the door
  I came into her room and saw her crying, she had puffy red eyes and she was sobbing

-What happened?- I asked her

-oh nothing- she awnsered
  -how can it be nothing If you are crying!?-
  -sorry its just that... Something happened with lory... And Harry-
  -what happened-
-well I was going to lory's house and I came in her house and since she wasent there I kept walking to the back of the house and I saw some lights comming from the tree house we had built , so I figured she was there, so I climed the ladder and saw Harry And lory... Kissing- she said with tears falling down her face
-Dont cry, but I don't understand why are you crying?-  I said passing my fingers on her cheek to wipe out her tears

-I've Harry since we've met, I've been in love with him like since forever-She started crying again. 
She likes Harry. Well this sucks, it's like I've been stabbed in the heart

-Ok I got to go do something If you need me call me ok?-


Since she likes Harry I decided I wasent going to try and take her on a date because she's really heartbroken and again... She likes Harry 

Neysh P.O.V.

When Niall left I got up And went to the kitchen to get some coke and I  saw a something next to the door I went to see what was the thing . It was a bouquet of roses I picked it up And it had a note. The note said would you go on a date with me? 
      Niall <3

Oh my holly nachos... Niall came to ask me out in a date!? And I told him I liked Harry! What have I done?! im such a horrible person, i called Niall to forgive myself

-hello?-Niall awnsered
   -Oh Niall thanks for the roses im sorry that I told you I like Harry! I'm such a horrible person, Oh my gosh I'm so sorry- I started to cry again

-You don't have to be sorry I understand you don't like me, and that's fine, but since I have everything prepared would you like to go on a friendly picnic with me?-

-of course I will!-
  -ok then I'll pick you up in 15 minutes-

I quickly changed into a pink top with some black shorts, And put my pink converse . I washed my face And didnt put any makeup, i put my hair on a ponytail, Soon I heard footsteps.

-Hey Niall were are we going?- I asked

-Its a surprise he said with a smirk

-ugh you know I hate surprises!-
-I know I know but c'mon!-
  -I'm comming I'm comming I headed down stairs And we headed  to a park. I remember this park.

-This is the park you me harry And lory used to come when we were younger-

-Yeah I know-

We keep walking And I saw a picknick basket And a blanket on the floor 

-Niall did you did you do this for me?-

-Yeah- he said blushing

-Thank you its so beautiful- I give him a hug

We sat down And ate And talked then we put everything in the basket And lay down in the blanket looking at the stars. We talked some more when it was almost midnigth we went back to my house. 
-Thank you so much for everything-

-No problem you deserve it And so much more-

-Your a wonderful guy And any girl would be lucky to have you as her boyfriend.-  He was blushing 

I gave him a hug And He left , I went to my room and changed into my pj's And went to sleep. 

<the next day>

I  up woke up and took a shower And put some jeans And a black top that said I Love Pink, I put some makeup and my pink converse. I went down stairs I gave mom a hug and went to the bus stop.
 Lory And Harry were already there. I have such a good luck :-/.  I went And stand quietly apart from them maybe they would not notice that im here. I was playing in my phone when someone hugged me. I screamed but It was just Niall. He started running in circule -NIALL STOP!!!- i yelled laughing.
Lory And Harry were watching. 

Soon he got tired And put me down. 
-wow I'm so tired- he said inbetween breaths

-then start working out more-

-Im gonna say hi to lory And Harry I know that you dont wanna like be with them , so ill be back in a minute ok?-

-Ok-he then left to say hi to Harry And Lory 

Soon he came back the bus came And we went to school now I regret sitting in the middle of Harry And Lory in almost every class.

------------at lunch-----------------

Lory tried to talk to me but I didnt let her And I swear she getting in  my last nerve I went to the cafetería And bought  lunch And sat in a diferent table with Niall we were, talking when Harry came to me. Oh great the last person I wanted to see!.

-Hey Neysh....um....can....can we talk-

I looked at him - i have nothing to say to you-

-Please, i got something to explain to you- he begged

-Ugh ok but not now  im not in the mood meet me at my house And if lory wants to talk to me then she can come too-


With that he left I turned to look at Niall And a tear scaped my eye.

-dont cry neysh it will be allright-

-Niall, I want you to be with me when Harry And Lory come after school I dont know if I can face them alone-

-Ok I will be there with you-

-Thanks- I gave him a hug and stood up

We went to class and the day went super fast And soon it was time to go home I went home with Niall And made us some sandwiches then we went to the my room And we lay down in my bed watching t.v. And eating,  After 30 minutes there was a knock on the door I knew that it was Harry And Lory 
-COME IN!!!- I yelled
They came into my room. And sat down in my bed
A moment of silence ... 
-are any of you gonna talk?- I asked getting a little mad

-First can I talk to you. ? Alone- Harry said

-Ok, um can you excuse us?-

-sure- Niall awnsered and led lory out 

- Ok talk- 

Ok , Im sorry for what happened yesterday Lory doesnt have anything to do with it, it's just that I started having feelings for her and I decided to sing her a song I'm working on, and well I got cought up in the moment and I kissed her, and well you came at that time and well I didint know you liked me and if I would have known I wouldn't have done anything to hurt you and I want you to please forgive lory she's your best friend since like you guys were born and I don't want to be the cause of the torn of that beautiful friendship you guys have-
I started to tear up ,  I felt like such a bad person

I went downstairs And runned to lory And give her a hug.

We were both crying. 
-could you forgive me?- she said crying still in the hug

-im, the one who should be apologizing because Harry didnt even know I liked him  And I can't force him to like me, And I didint even let you explain, and I can't help it if he likes you, all I want is for you to forgive me because I don't wanna ruin this friendship, your like my sister- I said still in the hug
-So would you guys forgive me?-

-Of course!- they said And niall and harry came into a group hug


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