What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


5. Food fight

Lory's P.O.V

me: is he ok?
  mom: yeah he just has minor cuts and bruses
me: so... mom I was wondering if I can have a party in 3 days
  mom:I'm sorry hon. No we can't have a party in a while is too much money
me:I know but we will pay for it
   mom:sorry maybe next week
me: UGH FINE!!
   Mom: :-/ don't use that tone with me young lady!
Me: ok ok sorry

I lock my phone and put it in my pocket
-guys sorry but we can't have the party- I told the guys that were in the car 
 -aww that stinks- neysh said whining
-sorry but maybe next week-I said 
 -hey, my mom said she was gonna call your mom, did she tell u something?- Harry asked me
-no, let me text her-
 Me: mom, did Harry's mom call you? or...?
  Mom: oh yeah Harry is gonna stay for a week at our house cuz they are going Italy on an office trip
Me: oh ok cool 
 -um so she said that your staying with us for a week cuz your parents are going to an Italy office trip- I told Harry
I looked at neysh and she looked kinda sad/suprised & mad.
I was worried, but I know she would get over it I meen she knows we are just friends and I don't like Harry, he's like a brother to me, I've known him since like 1st grade since our moms are really close friends
 -cool, it's gonna be fun- he said smiling 
We got to the gas station and we went inside the store.
Since Harry was staying today then I was thinking of doing our special super, duper, mega , awsome ice cream sunday!, That has triple chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, m&m's, gummy bears, marshmellow's, brownie bites, cookie dough and oreo's. 
 -ill be right back!- I told the guys
I went to find all the things and went over to the cash register to pay for them. 
  -Whats all that for?- neysh asked me
-I'm making a ice cream Sunday-
   -with gummy bears?-
   -ok...- she says and gives me a suspicious look
We got in the car and got Ms.Carter's car in her garage then Neysh and Niall left and went to their houses and the only ones left in the house where Harry and I
  -so what are we gonna do?- Harry asked
-lets watch a movie-
  -what movie?-
-I have no idea, wanna see a Cinderella story?-
 -uhhh...- he gave me a ''are you crazy woman" look
-ok... so how about grown ups?-
 -ok sure-
  -YEAH!!! did u buy the things?- he asks exited
-of course!!!- i went into the kitchen and started to put the ingredients on the counter top. I put the ice cream in two cups and I let Harry put what he wanted in his cup.
 -it's been such a long time since I've made one of these, I forgot how good these were-
  -I know, I remember when I created this for the first time-
-um sorry but I was the one who came up with this delecious treat-
  -uh... no it was me!-
-IT WAS ME!!- he throwed me like  10 gummy bears at the same time
  -oh no you didint!!- I said rasing my index finger really sassy like 
-oh yea I did!- 
I throwed him two Oreo cookies and then IT WAS ON!!!. We started to throw all the food we found. Sudenlly I lost Harry I didint know where he went.
 -Harry... Where are yo...- I felt two hands grabbing me from my hips lifting me up
- HARRY LET ME GO!!- I said catching my breath and laughing at the same time
  -NEVER!!!- he yelled 
   -MUAHHAHA- he laughed
I started to laugh, and he turned me around .
We where so close to each other, he started to get really close to me and he put his hand on my cheek. He leaned over to me and almost got to kiss me but I turned my face to the side and took a step backward. 
  -so yeah, we should clean this mess up - I said looking away and trying to avoid whatever just happened
  -um ... yeah- he started to pick up the things on the floor
We got the kitchen cleaned, but all the time I was thinking about what happened. I can't believe he almost kissed me. Does he like me?. No! he can't! he's like a brother to me!. I can't tell neysh it would brake her heart, and even worse it could brake our friendship.
-I'm gonna go take a shower you should go set up ur room-
  -ok um...- he sounded like he was going to say something else but he just stopped and left the room
 I went upstairs to think about what happened and what was I was gonna do, while taking a long warm shower
 Harry's P.O.V
I left the kitchen and went to the guest room to set up my things. I can't believe I almost kissed lory, I mean I only like her as a friend, not like that, I can't believe ... I think im having feelings for her.
  Me: Niall!!!!
Niall: that's my name 
   Me: idiot. you are not gonna believe what happened 
Niall: what?
  Me: I... Almost.... Kissed... Lory
Niall: WHAT!!! HARRY!!!! ARE YOU NUTS!!!
  Me: no.... um why???
Niall: do u like her?
   Me: I don't know!!! That's the problem! She's always been like a sister to me
Niall: man, well I don't know what to say, but what do u meen "almost kissed her"?
  Me: well when I tried to kiss her she looked away, like she didint want to kiss me...
Niall: well idk maybe ill talk to her 
  Me: no!! don't tell anyone!!! not even neysh, lets just keep it like allways, like nothing happened.
Niall: ok then, gtg talk to you tommorrow
  Me: ok... bye
I heard lory go out of the bathroom, but I just laid down in the bed.
Lory's P.O.V 
I took a shower and put on my mustache shirt, black shorts and throwed my hair into a messy bun
  -Harry you can go take a shower now, I'm finished!-
 I yell

 Since he didn't say anything I checked outside to see if he hadn't heard me but he wasent there, checked the living room... wasent there... checked the guest room... he was there lying on the bed. I went and sat next to him
 -did u hear me?-
-yeah- he said softly looking at the ceiling
there was an awkward silence until he decided to speak up
-look, are we just going to pretend like that never happened?- he said
-but it did happen..- Harry said, sitting down
  -I know I know but just ... don't-
-ok.. sorry, you know those Sundays are still in the freezer- he said poking my stumach
  I look at him and smile -last one there is an egg head-
We started running and I was totally faster than Harry so I got to the kitchen first
 -hahahaha your a egg head your a egg head- I teased him like a little kid
 -idiot- he says and laughs
I gave him his ice cream and I went to the living room, him following me, I sat on the couch and turned on the tv the little vampire was on so I just watched that 
 -are we really gonna watch that?- Harry asked
-yea it's been long time since I haven't seen that movie-
  -then I'm going to take a shower after I eat this delecious Sunday cause I don't want to see that-
-ok sure... peace out bro!- I said doing the peace sign with my hands in a very lame way


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