What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


1. First day of school

Lory's P.O.V

me: I can't believe today is the first day of senior YEAR!!!!! AHHH!!

Neysh: ok ok calm Down. IM NERVOUS TOO!!!!

me: I know, I know gtg talk to you later in school

Neysh: :P byee, hey wait are u going on the bus?

me: noooo I'm going to fly to school -.-

Neysh: probably :P wait for me at the bus stop!

me: what if the bus comes before you? I'm not gonna miss the bus because of you

Neysh: I'm not gonna be late. Gtg byee see you AT THE BUS STOP!!!!!

me: OK OK!!

Neysh: XD

I put on jeans and a white shirt that said "u mad bro?", my black suspenders hanging down my black ripped jeans and my red coverse, I let my straight dark brown hair loose and didint put any makeup cause I hate it. I picked up my backpack , my samsung galaxy and my skateboard . I said goodbye to my parents and headed to the bus stop where neysh was already there scrolling down her iphone .She had  light green long pants, a floral blouse and had gold glittery shoes, she had a nicely done bun with a little lip gloss and powder and she had a pink purse with her. i went and hugged her

-wow you got here early, or I came very late-

-I came here early- she said emphizysing the word "I"

-why are u so fancied up?-

-c'mon it's the first day of school, you have to look pretty-

-yeah sure, Im as casual as ever-

-I see-

I punched her in the arm and she started rubbing it pretending that it hurt

-look the bus is here-I said pointing at the bus

when we got to the school I went on my skateboard to my locker


"NO SCREAMING IN THE HALL " a teacher told neysh

i started laughing at her when the teacher busted her, I stopped the skateboard and waited for neysh.

-I can't believe I got busted the first day of school because of you-

I laughed -I'm sorry grumpy pants-

-EW now I'm all sweaty grows, give me a towel- she ordered

we got to our lockers that are right next to each other

-here- I gave her a Minnie Mouse towel  I leave in my locker just for safety

-thank you- she said half mocking

Someone slammed my locker and we both jumped


when I turned around I saw it was Neysh's crush Harry styles, and his best friend (my crush since  4th grade) Niall Horan

-hey guys- I said rolling my eyes

-sup little rock star- Niall said smirking 

-don't call me that- I said rolling my eyes at him

-ok ok- he said holding his both hands up

-so what group are you guys in?-

- 12-1 -

-really? us too, wow, when are we going to get rid of you guys?- i said with a smirk

-NEVEEEERRRRR- harry screamed

Neysh bursted out laughing like a maniac, we all looked at her and she tried to stop laughing but she couldn't

I stepped on her foot and she let out a really loud wince

-that hurt lory- Neysh whined

-looks like someone is a little aggressive today- harry said grinning

the bell rings and i close my locker

-ugh we have to take math for first period, this sucks- i growl

-you said it alright- Neysh says

we got to the classroom and we sat (like always) at the back of the class first: Neysh , second: me , third: Harry , fourth: Niall

that has always been some kind of tradition for us since fourth grade and in each class we mix it up so we could have someone different person from our little group to talk to

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