What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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49. First date

Lory's P.O.V 

I woke up and did my normal morning routine. After I was done brushing my teeth and taking a shower I put on a black Rolling Stones T-shirt, black jeans, my red converse, I let my hair straight with my black hat and put on all of my band, superhero and quote bracelets I've gotten from hot topic. 
I grabbed my backpack and my phone and headed to the bus stop.
Harry was the only one there, checking his phone since his mom took his car today 
 -hey haz-
-he lory- I sat next to him and he put his phone in his pocket
 -so I was wondering.... Do you want to go to see divergent with me tonight?.... As on a... Uh date...?- 
Omg Harry just asked me on a date........ 
-Sure- I played it cool. Good job lory 
 His eyes light up -really?!- 
-yeah- I chuckled 
 -well.... Great! I'll pick you up at 6-
I took my phone out and texted Neysh

 Me: are you coming already?

 Neysh: oh I forgot to tell you! My mom is taking me to school earlier today 

 Me: ugh ok :-/

Neysh: you'll be with niall and Harry tho 

Me: yeah... Well gtg bye

 Neysh: see you later

I put my phone in the pocket of my bookbag and I heard running footsteps coming over to us. I looked up and it was niall 

 -did the bus come already?!- he asked agitated since he was running 
 -Niall if we are here do u think the buss came?- Harry said 
 I laughed 
 -idiot- I said and he stuck his tongue at me 
-is Neysh coming?-niall asked 
 -no, her mom is taking her- I answered

The buss came and we got to school, I headed to my lockers and Neysh was already there waiting for us 

 -finally your here! I was gonna die if you didn't come soon- Neysh whined 

 -well I'm sorry if I had to take the bus!- I said putting my things in my locker 

-well my mom had to work early so I had to come earlier and I wasted a lot of my phone battery I only have like 60 percent-
 -well I'm sorry you should have done something else than be on twitter all morning-

-well I was bored so yeah that what I do when I'm bored and also we have free period now so you have to keep me from not using my phone-

 -wait we don't have math class?- 

 -no the teacher didn't come, you should have checked my twitter selfie because I posted that I was free and alone- she laughed 

 -well I was with harry and Niall so I wasn't on the phone-

 -okay okay let's just go over to the guys-

 -ok but I have to tell you something first- I said stopping Neysh


 -Harry asked me on a date tonight-

-WHAT! Oh my gosh!!! You said yes right?!-


-where is he taking you?-

-oh we're just going to the movies to see divergent-

-...and what are you gonna to wear?-

-well it's the movies so just jeans and a top, the usual-

 -your not gonna wear a dress or something?- 

 -you know I don't have to wear a drees for everything-

By now we got to where niall and Harry where

 -c'mon we are going to be late!- niall screamed 

 -Niall!- Neysh said 

-We're gonna...-


-Cmon were late!- he kept insisting 


-ohh.... WOHOOOO! Hey we should play volleyball- he jumped 

 -eh... No, I don't do volleyball-
Neysh answered, acting disgusted  

-oh c'mon Neysh don't act like that, you know we played volleyball in the summer,and you are great at it, why can't you play now?- I said 

 -I don't know... I'll get sweaty and it's the first period, I will be sweaty all day- she said annoyed 

-well ok but I'm gonna play-

 -me too!- Harry jumped in

I forgot he was here

 -ok let's go ask the P.E teacher to lend us the ball- niall said 

**************after school****************

 Me: I'm gonna send you the clothe I'm going to wear 

 Neysh: kk

Me: 1 attachment 

I had picked out a black Nirvana T-shirt, a red plaid blazer, black jeans, black boots and black accessories 

Neysh: well......... It's not that of a  "date" outfit for me but if you are comfortable with it then.... Wear it if you want 

Me: yay! I don't even know why I need your approval but... lol idk...
Gtg bye wish me luck :)

Neysh: good luck. Have fun!

I put the clothes on, let my hair straight and put my black hat on 

By 5:55 Harry was knocking on my door 

I went downstairs and grabbed my purse and my phone from the side table next to the door. No one was here so I left a note saying I was going to hang out with Harry.

 I opened the door and Harry was standing there wearing a blue plaid long sleeve shirt with black jeans and his black converse 

 -are you ready to go?- he asked
-yeah let's go- 

We drove to the theater and he bought the tickets 

He also payed for the popcorn and drinks because he insured that he was the one who had asked me on the date,so that it was supposed to be him to pay

**********after the movie*************

Ok so that was awkward.... He put his arm around me......














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