What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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38. Explaining

  Lory's P.O.V

 -well, you know that I like you, and you obviously know that zayn likes you and I knew that he was going to ask you out so I went in and said that you where my girlfriend so he couldn't ask you to go on a date with him- Harry said very fast and nervously 

 -but you are not my boyfriend! And what if I wanted to go on a date with zayn?- I said not thinking of what I was saying

 -you like zayn? You would go out with him if he asked you?- 
He asked with hurt in his eyes

-um... No- I said looking at my hands

 -then who do you really like?-

I started playing with my fingers, nervous of answering that question 

 -that's none of your business- I whispered 

-are you serious lory? I'm your best friend why can't you tell me who you like-

 -because then it will change everything- 
I yelled i started walking very fast  over to a chair that's in the back of the garden, a little close to a lake that is near. I sat there and put my hands on my face 

 -oh c'mon please lory don't be like this- he stood in front of me and kneeled down 
  -it's just that I don't want to change anything between us four- I said looking into his green eyes
-I promise nothing is going to change- he said putting both of his hands in the sides of my face 
 -well, at first I liked Niall but now, now I like you Harry- he thought for a second and then smiled 
-well, that's good- he looked away and grinned but i saw him blushing a little 
-idiot-  I lightly punched him on his shoulder and he laughed 
 -well I have to leave, see you tomorrow?- he had a cheeky smile on his face 
-yeah see you tomorrow- I gave him a hug, we said our goodbyes once again and he left

I went up to my room an started jumping on my bed. I jumped back down and grabbed my laptop

 I went on Facebook and neysh was on 

Lory Davis: hiiii :))))))
  Neysh Wells: well you seem happy 
Lory Davis: maybe a little :DD
  Neysh wells: wellllllll TELL ME!!!
Lory Davis: I ... Told.... Harry... That I liked him!!!!!
   Neysh wells: OMFG!!!!!! R u serious!!!!???
Lory Davis: yup 100% 
   Neysh wells: what did he say? 
Lory Davis: well he seemed happy so... Idk... 
    Neysh wells: well I hope you guys will be very happy together 😌
Lory Davis: actually I don't think we are going to go out
    Neysh wells: why? 
Lory Davis: I don't want to change things in out friendship 
    Neysh wells: your such a idiot -.-
Lory Davis: -.- :P well I have to go ,I'm tired 😴
     Neysh wells: kk bye :) 
Lory Davis: bye

I put my phone on the night stand charging and went to take a shower, I put on my pajamas and then went down to the living room 

I watched till 11:30 and then fell asleep on the couch 


I woke up with a really bad back pain but I shrugged it off, I went to take a shower, I put on a black long sleeve shirt that said "I'm not a morning person" with red pants, my white and red vans and I put my red bandana around my head 

I went out with my skate board to neysh house and knocked on the door 

She opened it and I went inside 

 -c'mon lets go to my room, my mom is doing her exercise In the living room and she has loud music on- 

I laughed and followed her upstairs, we entered the room and she sat on her bed and I say on her spinning chair, her computer was on so I entered my twitter

 -how many follower do you have- she asked 
  -um, seven hundred and fifty- 
-I have eight hundred- she mocked 
  -I don't know why, I mean you post really boring stuff-
  -did you listen to little mix's song, mr.loverboy?- I asked 
-yup I love it, I have all the salute album in my Phone-
  -oh lets hear it!- she put her iPod on her dock and we listen to all the album 

After that we went bowling and then we went and ate at burger king and then went to our own houses









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