What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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47. Christmas

Lory's P.O.V

I woke up really happy cause its finally Christmas!
I jumped out of bed and went down to the Christmas tree where all the gifts where set down the tree I grew exited when I saw a big box under it with my name on it.
I went up to my parents room and they where both a sleep so I jumped on their bed
 -WAKE UP WAKE UP ITS CHRISTMAS!!- I screamed while I jumped 
 My mom sat up with a sleepy look on her face, she looked at the clock on her nightstand and then looked back at me 

 -lory it's 8:30 am-
I jumped out of the bed knowing they will wake up, I run to Luke's room and slam the door open 
 I went over to him and took his covers out of his body 
-ugh I don't want to wake up- he moaned pulling the covers back to his face
  -there is something very exiting waiting for you...- I said that because mom and dad had told me that they bought him a car since he crashed the other one he had.
His eyes shot open and he jumped out of the bed
  -let's go-
We both ran downstairs and sat next to the tree, mom and dad already where there sitting on the couch 

I opened the small boxes first and so did Luke 
I got some jeans, dresses , t-shirts, green monster and Mcdonald's fries cases for my phone, a red skateboard with black weels and bracelets

When I opened the big box my jaw shot open
It was a shiny red electric guitar I've had wanted since forever and a amp 

 -OMG THANK YOU!!- I started to jump up and down and went to hug mom and dad 
 -thank you thank you thank you-

-oh so she gets a electric guitar and I get underwear?- Luke said with a annoyed face 

 -well actually no...- mom said going into the kitchen
She came back with a blindfold on her hands 

 -put this on-
Luke put the blindfold on and stood up 
-c'mon- dad said leading him to the door, he put a coat on Luke since it was really really cold out side, I grabbed my black coat and followed behind them.
They parked the green Jeep outside with a red big bow on it. 
Dad led Luke to the front of the car and took is blindfold off 

 -no way...- he said when he looked at the car 
I laughed and went over to him
 -yes way big brother yes way- I said patting his back 
 He looked at me and then looked back at my parents 

 -I love you guys- he went over and gave us all a hug and then went inside the jeep 
-mom when is the Christmas party this year-

Every there is a Christmas party at the end of the block, they close all of the roads in the block and we all gather there and exchange presents

 -4 o'clock-
-okay, are we going to grandmas house?- 
 -what kind of question is that? we always go!- 
I sticked my tongue out and entered the house to get some breakfast 


After going to my both grandma's  house it was time to go to the Christmas 

 I put a long sleeve red dress (since we have to wear red, green ,white and black) and a black coat with some white fur boots, I left my hair loose and curly and put a little of powder, mascara and lipgloss on. 

I grabbed my phone and the three presents for the guys.

 -DAD IM GOING TO THE PARTY! See you guys there-

 -WAIT FOR ME! I'm already finished- luke came out of his room with a green long sleeve shirt, black jeans and white high tops with his hair up

 -oh look you finally look decent for once in your hole life!- 

 -oh shut up-
I laughed and we headed out

 We got to the party and Niall , Harry and Neysh were already there 
 I went and hugged them all
-merry Christmas!-I said 
 they all replied the same 

We exchanged gifts 
I got Neysh a navy blue short dress with anchors, I got Niall a green polo and I got Harry some sunglasses and a silver paper airplane necklace 

 I got a black T-shirt with a hand doing the peace sign from Neysh, navy blue converse from Niall and a 
Red and black case for my phone that says Lory

 -thanks guys! I love them-

We all sat at the table next to us and talked for hours


-I can't believe 2013 is going to be over soon -  I said 
 -yeah it's been such a....strange year- Neysh said 
-yeah we had some laughs and we've shared some tears too but yeah...
It's hasn't been such a bad year- Niall said
-speak for yourself- Neysh said a little bit tearing up but then shook it off
-sorry- she continued 
 -so soon it's going to be the end of senior year- Harry said breaking the silence 

 -yeah, I don't want to go to collage I want to stay in high school!-

-are you serious? I want to get the hell out of that school and go to London to the collage of my dreams!- Neysh sassed

 -oh you will regret that Neysh, I think collage is really hard, harder than high school- I said 
-oh don't worry we'll make it through it- 

 -I hope so-






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Time to get serious

So .......... This is the end of the story, I hoped u liked it and we are really sad it's over :(


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