What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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46. Buying a car

Harry's P.O.V. 

I have worked hard and I finally have all the money to buy a car. The problem is that I can't decide what car should I get. 
I'm gonna text Niall and the girls and they can help me decide. I made a group chat with all of them.

To Niall, Neysh and Lory:
Hey guys wanna come to buy the car with me?

Neysh: Sure I'm coming 

Lory: I'm going!!! I got to be there when you buy the car!!!

Niall: I'm coming too I got nothing to do.

Harry: ok meet me in my house in one hour 

Lory: ok


Niall: I'll be there

I put my phone in my bed and went to take a shower. I put a black t-shirt with my black skinny jeans and my white converse. I grab my phone and money and went to the living room to wait for the others.

Neysh P.O.V.

I woke up by my phone ringing.  I grab it from the night stand. It's a text from Harry. It better be important for him to wake me up from my beauty sleep. I unlock my phone and click on the message. It was on a group chat.

harry: Hey guys wanna come to buy the car with me?

We all replied saying we could come. Then he said we needed to be there in an hour.

I went to take a bath and put some yellow shorts and a pink top. I curled my  hair and put my pink converse. I went downstairs and mom was making pancakes. I sat on the table and she put a plate with 3 pancakes. I started to eat and mom interrupted me 

-Are you going somewhere?- mom asked

-Yeah, Harry is buying a car and asked me, Lory and Niall if we wanted to go with him and I'm going-

-Oh ok-

-Hey can you drive me to Harry's house?-


We walked to the car and she drove me to Harry's house. I could have walked there but I'm too tired and lazy . I said my goodbyes to mom and got off the car. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door.

-Finally you're here- Harry said

-You said one hour-

-Yeah but Lory and Niall got here 15minutes ago-

-Oh well I didn't know-

I entered the house and the guys were in the living room. I gave a hug to both of them and sat next to Lory.

-Ok so we got to wait till mom is ready , she taking us there-

We all nodded and Harry sat down. We started talking,  soon Harry's mum came down.

-hey guys, let's go- she said

Harry's P.O.V.

After mom Walked downstairs we got in the car and she drove us to the car dealer. There was this man that worked there showing us different kinds of cars.

ugh its so hard to choose.

 The man showed us this light green 2013 fiat and I liked it.

-I like this one, What do you think?- I said looking at the guys.

-I THINK IT'S PERFECT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BUY IT!-  Lory said jumping up and down 

I laughed because she look so exited.  I looked at Neysh and Niall.

-I like it- Neysh said 

-Yeah me too, I think you should buy it- said Niall

-Ok well this is the one-  I said looking at the man.

-Good choice, we just need you to sign some papers and its all yours. We followed the man to and office and signed some things then we handed him the money and he gave me the car keys. 

We went to the car. I got in the drivers seat, Lory was on the passengers and Niall and Neysh were on the back. Mom went home in her car,  I started the car and began driving.

-Ok so we're do we go now?-

-Let's go eat something I'm starving- Niall said

-Yeah let's go I'm kind of hungry too-

I drove to Nando's. We sat in a booth. Soon a waitress came and took our order. 

-I still can't believe I have my own car!- I said exited 

-Yeah and now you can drive us to school and we don't have to take the bus- Niall said

-Yeah but you better give me money for gas or you will have to take the bus- I said teasing 

-Of course we will give you money we know you won't do it for free-Neysh said

Soon the food came and we ate, After we finished we split the money and payed the bill

-Let's go to my house to celebrate!-

They all agreed, I drove home. We all entered the house. 

-What do we do now?-  Lory said

-Let's play Mario Kart- Niall said

We all went to the living room. I handed everybody a controller and put the game. After 2hours of playing an me loosing almost every time we stopped playing. It's was now 6:30pm and it was getting dark. We went to the backyard. Me and Niall started a bonfire while the girls brought some chairs. We sat around the bonfire. Niall started playing the guitar and we sang some songs. We ordered some pizza, since Niall was hungry again.

 While we were waiting for the pizza we told some scary stories.

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