What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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37. Awkward

Lory's P.O.V
 -Harry, I want to skateboard again-
I picked up my skateboard and started walking downstairs with my phone on my ear
-are you sure?- he asked sounding quite nervous
 -yes, I could do this weeks ago so I don't know what's keeping me back, I'm going to your house now, I'm on my way-
 -bu...- I hung off not letting him Finnish because I know he would try to convince me not to do this

I walked through neysh's house and got to Harry's. I knocked on the door and he answered it
 -hey- he said stepping outside
-hey, c'mon lets go, lets go- I hurried 
  -ok, ok calm down- he chuckled and closed the door behind him 
He put one hand in the pocket of his hoodie and held his skateboard with his other hand 
We walked to the park but we didn't talk much, he looked like he was in deep thought so I didn't want to bother him   
 We got to the park and I put the skateboard on the floor 
 -are you really sure you want to do this?- he asked with a worried look

-yes Harry, I'm a hundred percent sure-
 I said with a reassuring smile
He nervously smiled and got on his board and rode In a circle

 I got on my board and started off slow
 I started to gain some speed and got more comfortable with it

 -c'mon, you can do it- Harry cheered 
 After a couple of times I rode easily without any worries 
 -see I told you I could do it!-I yelled at Harry 
He laughed and sat down on a bench and I sat beside him 
-hey lory!- I heard someone say and when I looked behind me and I saw Zayn walking over to me
 -uh... Hey zayn- I awkwardly smiled 

-so what's up- he asked sitting on the bench that was beside the one I was sitting on
 -oh I was just trying to skateboard again since the accident that happened-
-cool, so wanna go to lunch together?- 
  -um well I'm kinda with Harry so, can he come too?- I asked looking over at Harry that looked very serious
 -um... Yeah... Sure- he sounded kind of pissed but I couldn't just leave Harry here 
-so where are we going?- I asked 
 -how about Taco Bell?- Zayn asked 
-well sounds good to me, how about you Harry?- I looked at him
 -uh yeah sure-
-ok...- we stood up and started walking to the nearest Taco Bell

Harry's P.O.V

 -hey lory!- 
I looked behind me and zayn was walking over to lory, ugh that little bastard. He has been in the same class as lory since like forever and since he saw how hot she looked at the talent show he has been flirting with lory and hanging out with her a lot , I have to make my move before be does, but lory said we should stay as friends, but I just can't take that, it now or never and I can't let that idiot take my girl and end up breaking her heart  

 -... How about you Harry?- wait what? That did she say?!
-uh... Yeah sure- I have no idea what I just agreed to

We kept walking and about 15 minutes got to a Taco Bell.
Oh so maybe that was I agreed to 

We ordered and sat in a tall table lory in the middle of zayn and I

Lory's P.O.V 
We got to Taco Bell after 15 minutes of endless walking, Harry didn't even  say a word in all the trip down here 

We ordered our food and we sat I was in the middle, Harry on my left and Zayn on my right, well this is awkward 

We ate in awkward silence and we started walking back to the park. when we where near it zayn started to talk 

 -so lory I was thinking if you cou...- 
zayn started and Harry grabbed my hand and brought me close to him 

 -she's my girlfriend, you know-  he said quickly 

I was shocked, confused and didn't even know what to say
 -what?- zayn said almost as confused at me
 -is this true lory?- he asked looking at me 
I looked at Harry and he gave me a "I'll tell you later" look

 -um, well... yeah uh um...yeah kinda yeah...-

-are you sure?, you look insecure about that- 

 -um, I gotta go- 
I let go of Harry's hand and hopped on my skateboard and rode home 

I entered the house and leaned against the door

What just happened? I'm so confused 

I went into my room and closed the door. I took out my phone and saw a message from Harry, I unlocked my phone and entered the text 

Harry: I'm so sorry, just give me the time to explain, please

I read the text three times before finnaly answering 
 Me: ok, meet me at my house in 5 minutes 

After 3 minutes someone knocked on the door 

I opened the door and saw Harry, you could see how nervous he was 

 -c'mon lets go out to the back yard, I don't want anyone to bug us-
He nodded and followed me outside 

I went and sat in one of the chairs and so did he
 -ok explain- 

He took a deep breath and opened his mouth 









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