What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


6. Asleep in his arms

Neysh's POV

After we got back from the mall I went home. I was a little sad/angry that Harry stayed with lory but I can't do anything about it, And I trust lory I know she won't do anything that hurts me. I took a long shower, grabbed my laptop And went to my room to watch a movie And fell asleep.


After I woke up I went down stairs.

-Hey mom what time it is?-

-Hey honey , um its 10:00-she said checking her watch

I went to the table to go sit with her

-Hey, wanna have a mother, daughter day we could go shopping and at night we can go to dinner-

-Sounds good-
She gave me a plate of pancakes and headed out to her room 
- Im gonna go get ready were leaving at 11:00- she yelled on the way to her room

-Ok- I yelled back
i finished my pancakes And went to my room to take a quick shower. I put a neon pink strapless dress with some golden flats And put my golden heart necklace with matching earings. I curled my hair put some makeup And went downstairs.

-Oh Neysh you look beautyful, lets go- mom said heading out the door

We got to the mall. First we went to Forever 21 And I buyed a dress And a pair of baby blue jeans.

We went to some other stores And I buyed 3 more pair of jeans two more dresses And 5 tops. When we got home it was five, we I went to get ready for diner. I changed to a black dress with my red high heels And some red earings And my black purse I put my hair in a bun. We went to a restaurant we talked about everything and ate we had a good time just the two of us, Im always with Lory so its been a long time since we had a mother, daugther day. When we got home I was so tired I changed And went to sleep.


On monday 

I woke up took a quick shower And decided to put the baby blue jeans And pink top I buyed on Saturday. I curled my hair put some makeup And put on my pink converse. I grabed my phone and went down stairs, I grabed An Apple said bye to mom And went to the bus stop. Lory And Harry were already there. Lory was wearing some black shorts , a shirt with the American flag And her red converse And Harry was wearing some jeans And a white T-shirt.

-Hey guys-

-Hey- Harry said but Lory didnt say anything she didnt even look at me what did I do? i was going to say something but I felt someone come behind me And give me a hug. I quickly turned around. It was Niall

-Niall you scared the shit out of me!-

-Sorry- he went and hugged lory and said hi to Harry 

The bus came And we entered the school Lory didnt say a word, when we were on our way to our lockers I grabed her arm and Harry And Niall kept walking.

-Lory, why are u ignoring me, tell me what happened?-

-Nothing! hurry were gonna be late to class- she grabed her skateboard And left me behind. I went to my locker grab the things I needed And walked to class lory kept acting weird. At lunch time I grab her by her arm again And walked to a bench in front of the school

-Tell me why your acting weird around me! I didnt do anything!- I whisper/yelled because I didnt want anyone to hear.

-You don't wanna know-

-Why??? You know you can tell me anything!- 

-It would ruin our friendship- she said looking away with tears in her eyes

-Nothing can ruin our friendship. Tell me, I won't stop asking till you tell me-

-Fine, but first I want you to know that your like a sister to me And that I didnt have anything to do with what happened-

-Ok....what happened?- Now I was a little scared of the answer.

-Well when you guys left us on friday harry and i where doing some sunday's and we started arguing about who started to do the sunday first, we started a food fight and then I didnt know were he was And suddenly he came behind me and grabbed me around my waist and started to spin me around and then he stoped and we where super close to each other and he tried to kiss me, but I stopped him- she blurted out

Oh was all I could say, I was sad/mad I wanted to scream I couldn't believe it. I sat down And a tear scaped my eye. 

-Are you ok?- lory asked  

-Yeah I think im gonna go home-

-Are you mad with me?- she ask concerned

-No, im just sad I need some time alone-

-Ok I understand-

I went to my house, mom wasn't there so I went to my room And poured my heart out. I put a movie And stayed in my bed constantly crying.

Niall's POV

Lory told me that Neysh left because she wasn't feeling so well. Im gonna visit her later to try cheer her up. Maybe ill take her to the movies she loves going to the movies. It was around five when I went to Neysh's house her mom told me she was in her room I enter the room she got a little scared when she saw me.

-Oh Niall is the second time you scared the shit out of me today. What are you doing here?- she asked

She looked like she was crying, she had red puffy eyes but i just shrugged it off. 

-Lory told me you weren't feeling to well so I was thinking I could cheer you up by taking you to the movies I know you love to go to the movies-

-Oh Niall you know me so well lets go, i just need to change-

-Ok Im gonna wait downstairs-

she came down and took her moms keys

-Lets go- we took her mum's car because neither of us had a car

-What movie are we watching?- neysh asked

-Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2-

-YAY!- She jumped like a little girl which made me laugh

I bougth the tickets And popcorn she wanted to pay but I didnt let her. I almost didint watch the movie, I kept thinking about Neysh and I don't know why

-The movie was great, thank you- she said with a smile

-Your welcome, wanna go to McDonald's?-

-Sure but Im gonna pay-

-Ok ok-

We drove to McDonald's. We were eating And talking

 We finished eating And I drove her to her house. 
- hey, Nialler wanna stay over its late you can sleep in the guest room And wake early And go change-

-Yeah that's cool with me-

-Lets go watch a little t.v. Its only 11:00-

We were watching spongebob and she fell asleep in my arms, I looked at her and gave her a kiss on her forehead and fell asleep

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