What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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12. A normal day or is it?

Niall's P.O.V.

Lory like's me I was in shock.

Wow was all I could say I can't believe it.

-Since when does she like me?- I asked Neysh 

-Since she met you- 

-Ok that was unexpected-

-Yeah- she laughed 

-Im hungry- I said

-Really were talking that lory like's you And you are just thinking  that your hungry-

-Yeah I guess-

-Your such And idiot- -but I'm kinda hungry too-

-How about we go to McDonalds?-

-That sounds good lets go-

Neysh P.O.V

We walked there since neither of us had a car,  it was like a 30 minute walk

When we were at McDonalds I realized I left my purse. 
-Niall I forgot my purse!!!-

-No problem I can  pay-

-I will give you the money when we get home-

-Its ok Really-

-NO! I'm gonna give u the money when we get home!-

we ordered And sat, we ate in silence and when we were done we started walking home soon I got tired 

-Niall im soo tired- She complained

-Jump on my back I will ride you home-

-Are you sure?-


Niall P.O.V
She jumped in my back and I started running to the house.

-NIALL SLOW DOWN!!!- She screamed

-Ok sorry- I laughed

I slowed down we were almost at her house soon we got there. I stoped And she got off my back I gave her a kiss on the cheek said goodbye And went to my house.

Neysh P.O.V

When Niall left I went to my room And changed to my pj's I layed on my bed And turned on the t.v. And Good Luck Charlie was on. I love that show I know Im to old to watch that but I like it . Dont judge me.  When  it was over I shut the t.v. off And started thinking. I love Harry so much but obviously he doesnt even like me I was hoping that some day he would ask me out guess thats never going to happen. The funny thing is that I like Harry but Harry like's lory. And lory like's Niall but Niall like's me. Love sometimes is so confusing.
Soon I fell asleep.

I woke up did my routine, i showered , Washed my teeth put makeup I decided to put on a blue dress with my black vans And my black purse. I curled my hair. I went to the bus stop And Niall was already there

-Hey Niall-

 -Hey Neysh-

I went to Harry And lory 

Lory was wearing a red shirt tucked in that said "bow ties are cool" and had short black pants with black boots and obviously her skateboard 

-Hey guys-

-Hey they said-

-Lory do you want to go to the mall after school?-

-Yeah , sure-

The bus came And we went to school. The day passed slowly. After school lory and i went to the mall And Harry And Niall went to Niall's house. I buyed some jeans And a Orange top. Lory buyed two tops one black And the other one grey And some jeans. After that we went to my house And I made some popcorn And we went to my room to watch a movie.

Niall P.O.V

After school Neysh And Lory went shopping so Harry came to my house. We were playing some video games. After we got bored we went to the kitchen Harry grabbed a bag of crisp and I was eating some oreos. 

-Hey did you ask Neysh yesterday who lory likes?-

-Um.... Yeah- I was nervous to tell Harry that she liked me

-Well what did she say?-

-She said....um  She said Lory liked me-

-What?! Are you sure?!-

-Yeah well that's neysh said-

Harrys P.O.V.

She like's Niall.
ugh I can't believe it I fell so frustrated. I looked at Niall , I knew he had nothing to do with lory likeing him so I wasent going to get mad at him

-um i have to go-

-Where are you going-

-I just going to take a walk-


I went to a park and sat on a bench
Now I know how Neysh felt when she saw me And lory kissing

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