What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


34. A day with Zayn

Lory's P.O.V 

It was the day after the talent show and Harry told me I should keep the trophy to myself so i put it on my shelf 

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and put on some yellow shorts and a black and yellow batman top with my black converse and I let my hair loose since I still had some curls from yesterday 

My mom and dad already left for work and Luke left for collage so I was alone, I grabbed a apple and I left for the bus stop, no one was there so I went on twitter and neysh had tagged us in a post

I'm so proud of you @lory_davis & @harry_styles
You did great!!! 

There was a pic of all of us yesterday with me and Harry holding the trophy

I liked the photo, and re-twitted  it 

 @lory_davis : @neyshwells thanks! LUV ya! 😘

I locked my phone when I heard footsteps coming over to me
 -hey guys- I said
-hey!- Harry said as he sat down next to me

-you guys came very late-
  -yeah I was waiting for Harry, he was like an hour getting ready- Niall said irritated 
-I'm sorry If i wanna look good- he teased 
   -you look the same as always!- Niall exclaimed 

-oh shut up you guys- I said laughing 

About three minutes later the bus came and we got to school, harry and niall went over to neysh over at austins locker and I went to my locker and put all of my things inside and I felt someone's arm on top of my locker, I looked up to see it was zayn

  -hey beautiful- he said 

 I rolled my eyes and put the book I was holding inside of the locker

-what do you want Zayn?- 
  -what? Can't I just talk to you?-
-you never talk to me, in the five years we've been together, why would you want to talk to me now?-
 -I don't know, I just wanted to- 

I closed the locker and he put his hands in his leather jacket pockets, while I put my phone in my back pocket 
 I started walking away because he wasn't saying anything but he stopped me 
 -lory wait!- he stood next to me and started walking with me 
-are you going to talk?- 
  -well yeah if you at least wait for me- 
-well talk, 'cause the bell is going to ring soon and I have to go over to neysh, she's waiting for me- I ordered 
  -well wanna walk around and talk at lunch?- he asked stopping in the middle of the hallway 
 -I don't know, I don't really... Um- I was about to tell him I didn't like him but I felt bad for him and I don't know why
  -oh c'mon lory please- he did a puppy dog face and I rolled my eyes 
-ok, but wait for me at my locker ok?-
 -ok, see you later-
-bye- the bell rang and I walked to math class

What have I gotten in to 

I got to the class room and everyone was already there so I felt awkward  when everyone stared at me when i came in the room

I sat next to neysh and she gave me a suspicious look

Ten minutes had passed in class and neysh gave me a note

"why didn't u come over to us this morning? Ur acting weird..."

 I looked at her and mouthed "I'll tell you later"

She nodded and looked at the board 

I took my phone out and put it on my lap and started taking care of my pou


After a very boring math class the bell rang
I gathered my stuff and waited for neysh, we walked out together and went to our lockers

 -ok, tell me- she ordered 

-well you know how you said zayn, was saying in the talent show "she's hot" when I was performing?- 

-yeah?- she said curiously

 -well... This morning he told me if I wanted to talk and walk around with him at lunch- I said really fast

  -LORY OH MY GOSH! AHH!- she screamed 
-but I don't like him!- 
  -then why did you say yes?-
  -who said I said yes?-
-wait you said no?! Are you crazy?!-
 -well... I said yes- 
-AHH see you do like him!-
-no I don't- 
 -then why did you say yes?- 
-I felt bad for him?- that sounded more like a question than a reply
 -well, if he likes you, you guys would look great together!- 
-no we wouldn't!-
 -yes you would, aw but then I would have to spend lunch surrounded my the guys again, nah I don't care I rather see you happy! Ah I'm so exited!-

I laughed and we walked over to our next class

The classes went on very quickly and I got even more nervous of what was expecting me at lunch 

The bell rang and I gave neysh one last look and she smiled wide and left with Austin, Harry and Niall 

I didn't tell Harry or Niall so they would find out when they saw Zayn and I together 

I went to my locker and he was already there against the lockers with his hands in his pockets and his head hung low

As I walked closer he lifted his head and smiled, I walked next to him and I opened my locker and put my things there and only left my phone out and I put it in my back pocket 

 -hey- he said as I closed the locker 
-um... Hey? Again- I laughed

He laughed  and we started walking towards the front of the school 

It was silent at first but he broke the ice

 -so you wanna go eat?-
-um, sure-
 -lets go to McDonald's-
-I... I don't have a car-
 -well I have, so I can take us-

We got to the school parking lot and he stopped in front of a motorcycle 

 -that's your "car"?-
-well it's not what you would call a car but... Yeah, you have rode a motorcycle before right?-
 -c'mon, here put this on- he hand me a helmet and I put it on

By the time I was Finished putting the helmet on he was already on the bike

 -c'mon- he said motioning over to the back of the bike

I climbed on and he started the engine 

-hold on- 
I hold on to his chest and he drove of

I was kind of scared at first but then I loosened up a bit

We got to McDonald's and he parked the bike

We ordered and sat down to eat 

 -so what do you like to do?- he asked
-well I like to skateboard, but since I had the accident I haven't anymore, I like to hang out with friends, um... I like to go to hot topic... And I can't think of anything else, how about you?-

 He took a sip of what he was drinking and looked at me

 -well I like to play football, I like to hang out with my friends, i like to ride my motorcycle around the city, and yeah that's about it- 

 -cool, the ride was pretty cool-

We kept talking and we finished our food 

We still had 20 minutes left so we went around the beach near the school

He stopped at the beach and hopped of 

I took off my shoes and started walking in the sand feeling the hotness of the sand on my feet 

I was looking at the ocean when I felt someone take my shoes, I looked over to see who it was and saw zayn running away laughing 

 -Zayn! Give me my shoes!- I ran after him almost catching him 

He finally tripped over something and fell, the shoes flying over him 

 I went over to help him get up but when I held his hand to help him he pulled me down and i fell on top of him 

 We where both laughing, laying on top of the sand 

  I sat down and looked over at him that was still laying down on the sand but was now looking at me

 -you are such a idiot- I said between laughs 

 He laughed and sat up 

 -why?! Your asking me why?! I'm filled with sand! Now how am I supposed to go to school like this- 

  -we could just ditch?- 
  -you don't know what's ditch?-
-yes I know what ditch means, it's just that I've never ditched before um but it wouldn't hurt to try?- I was a bit nervous but neysh has ditched before and Niall and Austin too so it's not that bad

He stood up an gave me his hand so I could stand up 

I stood up and went to look for my shoes that had landed on someone's towel 

I took them and walked to zayn's bike 

 I felt my phone vibrate and I answered it

-WHERE ARE YOU?- I heard neysh scream from the other side of the phone 
 -I don't think I'll get to school-
-why?...- she sounded nervous 
 -well there was a... Um... I'll explain it to you later, at your house-
-um... Ok?- 
-well I have to go, be safe! You don't really know that guy- I laughed and rolled my eyes 
 -ok ok mom-
She laughed and said bye, I hung up and remembered that my stuff where still in my locker so I texted neysh to take them out when she left, she knows my locker combination so it was no big deal

 -so what are we going to do? It's still 12:40- I said putting my phone in my pocket 

 -well I don't know, wanna come to my house?-

Neysh was right, I really don't know this guy

-uh nah, no thanks- 

-well... Lets go watch a movie-

We hopped on the bike and we headed over to the theater
 -ohh lets watch delivery man, that movie looks good!- I said 
-sure- he went over to the booth and payed for our tickets

We entered the movie theater and I payed for the popcorn 


After the movie was done I checked my phone to see it was 2:34, so I'm supposed to be home soon 

 -so what can we do now?- he asked
-well I better get home, can you uh take me to my friends house?-

I gave him the direction and he drove over to neysh's house 

 -so um, maybe, if you don't mind um you can give me your number so we could hang out sometime- he said nervously while I was getting off of the bike
  -yeah sure- we exchanged numbers and I gave him his helmet back 
-ok thanks- he said taking the helmet 
  -thanks for today- I said
-no problem any time- he smiled and we exchanged out goodbye's 

I stepped in front of the door and it opened instantly, i didn't knock 

 -TELL ME EVERYTHING!- neysh screamed pulling me into the house

I laughed and we went to her room

I sat on her bed and she sat beside me facing me 

 -tell me!- she screamed 
-ok ok now calm down- 
  -ok but i need to know everything! Why did you ditch? Did he ask you to he his girl friend?-

 I explained everything and she started to scream 

-actually no, he has known me since like forever and he never talked to me so it's now that he is talking to me so it wasn't love at first sight, and I don't even like him, I like Harry-

 I didn't notice what I said until I saw neysh jump off of her bed like a maniac


I stayed still and she pinched me 

 -LORY ARE YOU ALIVE?!- she screamed 
-yeah yeah I'm alive- I said 
-DID YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU SAID? YOU SAID YOU LIKE HARRY!- she screamed jumping up and down
  -yes I understood what I said, I just couldn't believe that came out of my mouth, I meen UGH I don't know, I think I like him, but now I don't know what to do, what if zayn keeps asking me to go with him to places and stuff, I feel bad for the guy-
 -well I don't know, are you going to start with the things you missed today-
 -yeah let me just text my mom, that I'm gonna be here a while-
I texted my mom and we started to do the homework












Hey hey!!! So here is a interesting chapter for you guys, well I think it's interesting, idk about you guys. So.... The story is about to get intense In so many levels, but.... That's gonna happen in a couple of days when Neyshla Finishes to edit the chapter

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