What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

(currently under editing)


14. A day with Niall

Lory's P.O.V 
I woke realizing that today was the day I was going to be alone with Niall! For I think FIRST TIME!! I meen it's just as friends but I don't care , I went to the bathroom washed my face, brushed my teeth and put my hair in a pony tail and went downstairs Mom was allready at the kitchen eating a sandwich and I sat down next to her
-good morning- I said still a little sleepy 
-good morning- she said looking up to me 
-so I was wondering if I could hang out with Niall for the day?- she looked a little pissed off but then calmed down
-sure, just don't get here to late!-
-ok ok, then I'll just get dressed-
-ok, but what do u want for breakfast?-
-ill just eat some poptarts-
-poptarts , of course-
I went to my room and I picked some purple die shorts and a black tank top with black boots that had spikes on them and i straighten my hair. I went downstairs and saw a nicely done plate of chocolate chip pancakes with wip cream and chocolate syrup. oh mom she loves me too much :P
I ate the pancakes and they where delicious I went and sat down at the living room sofa and texted niall
To: Niall 
Hey Niall I'm allready ready, are u gonna pick me up or something?
Niall: yeah I'll be there in 10 minutes 
Me: okey :)
I got bored and then I remembered something, I have to text Harry 
To: Harry
Me: hey, I need to talk to you, but tommorow, I'm going somewhere today so don't worry about me 

I sent him the text and about a minute later I got a reply 

Harry: I need to talk to you too, sure we can talk tommorow , how about at my house?
I started to reply but I was interrupted by Niall screaming my name, I went out and saw him in his dad's car he was wearing some jeans and a white shirt with a blue hoodie
-so lory did you like the pancakes?- mom screamed out the door, so embarrassing 
-yep they were delicious! thank you- I screamed back
-HEY MRS.DAVIS!!- Niall screamed out the window 
-so are you ready?- he asked me
-yeah but where are we going?-
-it's a surprise!-
-ugh I hate suprises, but ok-
He started the car and he started to drive, we drove for 20 minutes and he finnaly stopped 
-we're here!- I looked out my window and saw a big sign that said "Chuck e cheese" 
-are you serious? it's been ages since I haven't been here!-
He looked at me and simled
-yeah I know, and I know you loved this place so why not?- he got out of the car and before I could get out the car Niall opened the door for me, I blushed and looked away
-Ive allways loved the deal or no deal game! I'm gonna play that first!- I said jumping around like a little kid, Niall laughing. We entered, and the guy punched the purple glowy thingy on our hands, we went to order our tokens and our pizza and went to our table to divide the tokens. 
-I'm gonna go to play deal or no deal- I told him
-ok, I'm gonna be playing operation-
I left and went to play
Niall's P.O.V 
I wanted to hang out with lory, like old times and I wanted to get something out of her, I just can't think that she likes me, I think she likes Harry, I'm trying to be romantic? but i don't wanna hurt her, but right now it looks like it's working
After she finished playing deal or no deal I saw her playing the basketball dunk game, she didint dunk a single one so I went over to help her. I went behind her and put my hands on her shoulders and she jumped 
-oh niall! you scared me!-
I laughed and took a basketball from the row 
-I see your having problems with this game- 
-yeah, I just can't get the stinkin ball in the hoop-
-well let me help you- I put my arms around her and she held the ball I saw her blush and it brought a smile to my face I lift her arm and throwed the ball and it entered the hoop, she yumped excitedly and turned around to face me and she hugged me
-YAY!! THANK YOU!- I started to laugh at her reaction and she looked at me embarassment filling her face 
-sorry- she said looking at the ground 
-it's ok, and your welcome- I laughed and pointed to our table 
-our food is ready-
-oh ok- she started skipping to the table and it made me laugh she sat on the table and u sat in the other side, she took a piece of pizza and put some Parmesan cheese on it 
-I swear this is the best pizza I ever eaten- she said biteing a piece of pizza
I smiled and continued to eat
We ate and went to play again 
After 30minutes all our tokens where gone and we went to claim our prizes, after that I thought that we should go walk around the park, I drove there and I parked the car, I opened her door and she hopped off
Lory's P.O.V 
-where are we going?-
-just, gonna walk around here a bit- i smiled at his answer, don't know why but I just did
-well this is a beautyful place- he held his hand out at me and I was shocked, but I just went along and grabbed his hand, I had butterfly's all over my stumach, we walked around and I didint realized it was 10:00 pm 
-oh shoot niall! mom told me to not be late! I don't know why but she did, um can you take me home?-
Niall's P.O.V 
Shoot! she has to go, I couldn't get any information out of her
-um yeah ok- I gave her a reassuring smile 
-thanks- I let go of her hand and begined to walk to my dad's car and there became a moment when I was way ahead of hear and she was way behind. I got to the car and waited for her to come, I drove to her house and she left... I started to think


could it be?

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