What Love Does

Best friend's Lory and Neysh have crushes on their boy best friends since 4th grade, but they won't even think that the guy who they like, likes the wrong girl

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26. A date

Neysh P.O.V.

----------a week later-----------

Lory got out of the hospital and she's gonna be back at school on Monday, today is Saturday. This past two weeks I had spent almost everyday with Austin and visiting lory at her house at night

My phone rang and I got up from my comfy bed to answer the phone, not bothering to look at the caller ID I brought the phone to my ear


-Hey Neysh!-

-Hey Austin-

-What cha doing?-

-In my room watching a movie-

-Ok so um... I was wondering if you would ... um... go on a date with me?-

Oh my gosh he asked me on a DATE!!! I can't believe it!! 


Omg I forgot to answer.

-Yes of course! I would love to go on a date with you-

-Great! pick you up at 4:00- he sounded relieved 

-Ok where are we going?-

-It's a surprise-

-Then how should I know what to wear?-

-Just put something nice-

-Ok bye-


I called Lory. She answered after three rings.



-What happened? Are you ok?-

-Yeah, but I got a date with Austin and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!-

- NEYSH! You scared the shit out of me! Be over in 5-

-Ok thanks-

I looked at the clock it's two, I had two hours.

I decided to take a shower. I started thinking about when I first met him. I thought he was good looking but never imagined me being on a date with him. After my 30 minute shower I went to my room and Lory was sitting on my bed, on her phone. She still has to walk with the crutches and had a cast on her foot

-Ok so where's the date?-Lory asked

-I don't know he said it was a surprise then I started complaining about how should I know what to wear and he said to dress nicely-

-Well that doesn't help-

-Oh really?! I didn't know  that-
She laughed 

-are you nervous?-

-A little-

-so what about your outfit?-

We went to my walking closet and started to search for clothe

-Lets see-

She started looking in my closet. 
After a good 20min of horrible choices for me to wear she finally found the perfect outfit.

It was a cream dress that had a black belt with a black bow with my black high heels.(Photo at the top) I curled my hair and put some makeup.

-So how do I look?-

-Neysh, you look Gorgeous!-

-Do you think he will like it?-

-Yes and if he doesn't , he is messed up-

I smiled.

- What time is it?-

- 3:30 he should be here soon well I'm gonna go-

 I went to the door with her

-Bye Lory-

-Bye Neysh, good luck-

I went to the living room. I watched some tv until I heard a knock on the door. I took a quick glance at my outfit and grabed my bag before answering the door.

There's was Austin with a red rose in his hand.

- Neysh, you look beautiful-
he said handing me the rose

I was blushing as I took the rose 
-thanks, um wait a second-
I went to the kitchen and put the rose in a vase. 

I went over to him and he let out his hand

-Are you ready to go?-

-Yes- I smiled and grabbed his hand

We walked to his car an he opened the door for me. I sat down. He went to the other side and got in the drivers seat.

-So we're are we going?-

-To dinner-


We went to some fancy restaurant. Soon the waitress came and we ordered our food.  We chated and ate. After we were done we went to his car. 

-So where are we going now?-

-Oh you'll see-

-Austin! Tell me- I whined

-It's a surprise, be patient-

-Ok ok-

After 10 min we were there. 

We where at the beach. And I saw that It had a path made with candles.

 -Did you make this?-


-Oh my gosh it's beautiful-

We started walking on the path, holding hands. At the end there was a big heart on the sand with a lot of candles that said Will you be my girlfriend?. I looked at Austin  and he started talking.

-Neysh since I first met you I felt something special. I know I wanted to be more than friends. I wanted to be the one to hold your hand, to kiss you, to protect you. I wanna be yours, so im asking you this simple question... Wanna be my girlfriend?-

I crashed my lips into his, and put my hands one each side of his face
-Yes I wanna be your girlfriend-

He smiled and gave me another kiss. We layed on a blanket looking at the stars. My head was on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me. We stayed like that for a while. I took a picture of us kissing then smiling then making weird faces. I looked at the pics now I have something to remember this day forever.  We started talking about random things.
And At midnight he drove me home. I gave him a kiss. 

-Thanks for everything I had a wonderful time-

-No problem- 

I smiled and waved goodbye 

I entered the house and mom was there waiting for me

-We're have you been? Ive been worried sick!-

-Sorry mom I forgot you were coming home today and I was on a date... with my Austin-

-With Austin!? Tell me everything!-

-he's my boyfriend-

-Oh my I'm so happy for you neysh!, he seems like a great guy-

-He IS a great guy-

-Well that's great!-

I went to bed and I started thinking about the date. it was perfect. He is perfect. Omg I have a boyfriend. Best Night ever!. With that I went to sleep.

-------------next day---------------

I woke up and went to the bathroom and wash my teeth. I went downstairs.

-Hey mom-

-Hey honey I made you breakfast.
She gave me a plate with pancakes-


-Well I'm going to work be back later-

Ok I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug and she left

After she was gone I finished my pancakes and went to my room. I checked my phone. And found a text It was from Lory.

Lory: How was the date?

Me: Come over and I will tell you everything. 

Lory: Ok be over in 10

I took a quick shower and put some black shorts and a pink tank top. With my silver flats.

I went downstairs and hear a knock on the door.

-Hey Lory-

-Hey Neysh-

-C'mon in-
We went to the living room. And we sat down on the couch 

-Ok tell me everything-

-Ok we'll when he came to pick me up he brought me a rose! then we went to dinner after dinner we went to the beach and there was a path of candles! we walked and at the end of the path he drew a big heart that said will you be my girlfriend! and he told me that he felt something special since we met and that he wanted to be my boyfriend then I kissed him and told him I wanted to be his girlfriend then we lay in a blanket looking at the stars and talking and We took some pics-
I grabed my camera and showed her the pics.

-Aww that's so cute you too make a great couple-


-Lets invite the boys it has been a long time since we've spent time together-

-Yeah sure I'm gonna text them-

To: Austin, Niall and Harry

Hey guys wanna hang out with me and Lory at my place today.

Sure- Harry awnsered

Yeah- Niall texted 

Be over in 5-  Austin messaged me in 3 minutes

-Ok so are they coming?-

-Yeah let's watch some tv until they come-


I turned on the tv and Austin & Ally was on.
 I like this show.

-Ugh don't you get tired of that show- Lory wined 

-Nop- I smiled 

After like ten min. there was a nock on the door I went to answer it. It was Austin I gave him a kiss.

-Come in, babe, Lory is in the living room-

-Hi Lory-

-Hey Austin-

Austin sat down on the opposite couch. I was about to sit beside him when I heard another knock on the door.

I went to the door and Niall and Harry came in a gave both of them a hug and we went to the living room.

I sat beside Austin and Harry and Niall sat with Lory.

So what do we do now.

-Lets play truth or dare-  Harry said


-We sat in circle-

-Ok so I'm first- Harry said

-Ok Truth or dare Niall-


-Ok I dare you to eat two spoons of ketchup-

He ate the two spoons and made a weird face.

-Ok Lory truth or dare- Niall asked


-I dare you to go outside and scream Im and idiot-

-But is raining-

-A dare is a dare- he awnsered

Fine she went outside and screamed I'm and idiot! She was all wet then she went to Niall and gave him a hug. Now Niall was wet too

-Ok Austin truth or dare-


-I dare you to let us put you some makeup and post a pic on twitter-

-Ugh ok-

I got my makeup and Lory started her work of art. She put pink eyeshadow red lipstick a lot of blush and some mascara then took a pic and posted on twitter. He looked hilarious Austin went to the bathroom and I helped him to get off the makeup.

-Ok Neysh  truth or dare-


-I dare you to prank call Pizza Hut and tell them I can believe you text dumped me you are and idiot and your gonna pay for that then hang up.-


I grab my phone and dialed Pizza Hut's  number

-Hello this is Pizza Hut may I take your order-

-You-you idiot I can't believe you text dumped me I loved you you were my everything- I said it like I was sobbing -but you YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!- I screamed on the phone then hang up.

They were all laughing like idiots. And 
I started laughing to.

-That was hilarious- Niall said

-Thanks you thank you, ok now truth or dare Harry-

-DARE- he screamed

-I dare you to eat an onion-

-Really that's disgusting?!-

-well you DID pick dare- 
 he went to the kitchen and grabed and onion he took a bite and he almost puked

We played for another 30min after we got tired, we order some pizza and watched tv.

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