Living with JB... The Hardest Part

"It sucks. You probably didn't even know Justin had a daughter. That's how it's supposed to be. He keeps me hidden from fame, fortune, love. I bet you think he's protecting me, right? No."
*P.S guys , don't think I hate JB or something. I actually love him and his songs , it just seemed like an interesting story that popped into my head. So don't take it the wrong way.* THANX HOPE U LIKE IT!!!!


5. The Real Explanation

OK, so i kind of ended on a unrelated note last time i wrote. I never really told you why I was busy. When Daddy was trying to beat up the poor man, he ducked the punch, jumped a fence , and ran to the street out the neighbors yard! Daddy tried to chase him down, but he just got back from a "meeting" (a.k.a , a club where he took too many shots) so he just wasn't fast enough. I've been real busy now trying to help Daddy find the picture before it gets published. I know this looks like my way out of this lifestyle, but they'd probably take me away from my Dad, and Grandma Pattie! Ya, my Dad is pretty nasty, but he's still my dad. And Grandma Pattie has been my mother figure my entire life and don't ever want to lose her...
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