Living with JB... The Hardest Part

"It sucks. You probably didn't even know Justin had a daughter. That's how it's supposed to be. He keeps me hidden from fame, fortune, love. I bet you think he's protecting me, right? No."
*P.S guys , don't think I hate JB or something. I actually love him and his songs , it just seemed like an interesting story that popped into my head. So don't take it the wrong way.* THANX HOPE U LIKE IT!!!!


4. I'm Busy.




I’m busy.   I actually have a life now.

Okay so the only reason I’m writing about this now is because I need a stress relief.  With all that has been happening, everything drastically changing, I’m having a hard time adjusting.   So, it all started about a week ago. I was walking to my Grandma Pattie’s house when I was surprised to see daddy walking out of the car.  I decided something was wrong since my dad never comes home this early.  I was practically running home but trying to stay calm.  Then out of nowhere a middle-aged man jumped out from behind our old oak tree and started snapping pictures of daddy and me. Dad, obviously not thinking, grabbed me by the arm hard and dragged me inside. I started yelling “He’s got picture of us together, what are we going to do?!”  I knew what was going to do, he sure has got a lot of practice.  He was going to beat him up and make him sign papers, and I know this is a horrible thing. But, my dad is a horrible person, and it pains me to say that.  But after 7 years of being hurt, I can’t pretend he’s the dad that drives me to school every day, the dad that helps me with my homework and packs my lunch… I can’t pretend he’s the dad that loves his daughter.



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