Living with JB... The Hardest Part

"It sucks. You probably didn't even know Justin had a daughter. That's how it's supposed to be. He keeps me hidden from fame, fortune, love. I bet you think he's protecting me, right? No."
*P.S guys , don't think I hate JB or something. I actually love him and his songs , it just seemed like an interesting story that popped into my head. So don't take it the wrong way.* THANX HOPE U LIKE IT!!!!


2. I Know What Your Thinking.

I know what your thinking.  Who's the mom?, right.  It's as simple as it seems.  Justin was at a party, partying.  And he met this chick and after drink after drink .... well, you know what happened next.  Then once she was pregnant, she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with "it" (that's me).  Oh, by the way her name is Annabelle. Brown hair, hazel eyes, actually quite beautiful.  But her actions, not so beautiful. Her exact words were , " YOU did this to ME!  It was ONE NIGHT!" Daddy started yelling , too.  I did this to YOU? It wasn't me!"  Well maybe I'll just go! Taking it with me!, AnnaBelle replied.  And Daddy said, Take it! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!  And that's what she did, she left.  Only reason I know this is because Grandma Pattie told me in the beginning of this year.  She showed me a picture, too.  She said that I deserved to know, and now that I'm seven I am old enough.  Now your probably thinking, If she left, how did you end up with Justin?  I never said that was the last time she ever came over.  Grandma told me that since she lives so close to Justin and I, she could hear them screaming at each other about the baby situation.  "And trust me, everyone could hear" Pattie told me.  One way or another Daddy got stuck with me.  From what I hear, he wasn't so happy either.  I get it, how could anybody make you take care of your own daughter? Huh! Just horrible! Well, now you know my mom...and a little more 'bout my dad.

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