Living with JB... The Hardest Part

"It sucks. You probably didn't even know Justin had a daughter. That's how it's supposed to be. He keeps me hidden from fame, fortune, love. I bet you think he's protecting me, right? No."
*P.S guys , don't think I hate JB or something. I actually love him and his songs , it just seemed like an interesting story that popped into my head. So don't take it the wrong way.* THANX HOPE U LIKE IT!!!!


3. A Little More About Me.

Ok, so I've told you all about JB, Grandma Pattie, and AnnaBelle. But not much about myself.  Let me just give you the straight facts :

                                                           My name is Alicianna and I'm 7 years old.

                                                           I have the greatest dog in the world, named Dixie

                                                           My favorite color is teal

                                                         I consider myself as a smart student

                                                         My hair color is milk chocolate brown

                                                         I have hazel eyes, just like my mother's

And then I have my biggest secret, the most hidden one of all.  I desperately want to be famous.








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