New Girl

Grace is new to Springs high. She meets a boy. Marcel. His older brother, Harry, seems to have a secret, and it involves Grace. Will he ever let Marcel know?


4. Who is that boy?

"I was walking to my first period. Science.

Great. That's my worst subject, to be honest. I walked in and noticed Marcel had the same class as me.

"Hello Grace," he smiled and waved.

"Hi Marcel." I sat next to him.

This guy kept staring at me. I just ignored it, but I felt endangered.

"Um....Marcel?" I nudged him.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Who's that guy over there? He keeps staring at me."

"Oh," Marcel said pushing up his glasses. "That's actually my brother. Harry Styles."

"Then why is he staring at me? Is it because I'm with you?" I asked.

"Maybe," he said. "Or he just likes you. Either one."

"Oh," I blushed. "He is pretty cute."

"I guess," Marcel said. "A lot of girls like him, but sometimes he can be trouble."

"Your own brother?"

"Lots of people think its hard to believe we're related," Marcel said. "Is that what you're thinking?

I giggled. "Yes."

He laughed. "Its hard to believe that myself."

"Marcel," I said. 

"Yes?" he asked.

"Are we friends?"

"Of course!" he said.

"Well, can we be best friends?"

He rapidly blinked a couple of times. "I guess so."

"Thanks," I said.

He smiled.

"Maybe one day, could I meet Harry?"

"I guess why not," he said. "Why?"

"Just because," I said. "I want to see how he acts like. If he's really trouble."

"Alright." Marcel smiled.




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