New Girl

Grace is new to Springs high. She meets a boy. Marcel. His older brother, Harry, seems to have a secret, and it involves Grace. Will he ever let Marcel know?


7. Thanks for letting me know

I think Marcel is angry. I have one secret about Harry, though, but he didn't mention it. I didn't either. I'm afraid if I tell Marcel, he'll pass out. Well, not literately pass out, but he probably won't believe me.

"Marcel," I said. "I have to tell you something."

"What?" he asked in an angry tone. "You slept with Harry before?"

"No," I said. "Not that."

"Then what is it?"

"Harry and I were friends back in elementary, not just middle school."

He nodded. "Its that it?"

"No," I said. "I also wanted to say, he was my best friend, until he changed into a bad boy in freshman year of High School."

He nodded.

I continued. "Since then, I didn't know where he moved to but now I know."

"Okay, well thanks for letting me know." Marcel rolled his eyes.

"Sorry!" I said. "I really am, Marcel. You're my best friend."

He smiled. "Apology accepted, and I know I am. Plus, I know that he changed into a bad boy. He is my brother after all."

I hugged him. "Lets go out to eat."

He nodded and we left in his car.




We drove to "David's Fine Diving" (not a real restaurant) and I totally love that place. I remember going there with my family. Well, I was an only child. So, Mom, Dad, and I.


"Mommy!" I yelled. "Mommy!"

"Yes my little Gracie?" she giggled.

"Let's go to David's Diving!"

"Its David's FINE Diving," she smiled. "And sure! Go tell Daddy."

"Daddy! Daddy! Let's go to David's Fine!"

He chuckled. "You forgot the dining part, but okay! Get dressed."

"Okay Daddy!" I yelled and I carried my little fat legs into my nursery. (I was 4 and still had a nursery, weird but i loved it to death.)

I wanted to wear my pink dress, so I called Mom. "Mommy! I wanna wear this."

"Okay lets put in on you." she smiled as she put me on the dress. "Cute!"

"Thank you mommy." I smiled showing my tiny teeth that are in the process of fully growing in.

We left for the dinner. Daddy was making funny faces at me. 

"Haha Daddy!" I giggled.


I really miss Dad. *sigh* I wish he could come back.

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