New Girl

Grace is new to Springs high. She meets a boy. Marcel. His older brother, Harry, seems to have a secret, and it involves Grace. Will he ever let Marcel know?


6. Meeting Harry

"Hey, Grace," Marcel said.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"You wanted to meet Harry, so let's go meet him."

"Alright," I smiled.

I was actually quite nervous. I don't want to make a bad "first impression" on Harry. Wait, what am I talking about? Why do I care? Its not like I like Harry or anything...Peesh.

Marcel drove to his house. We entered, and his mum was offering us cookies and brownies.

"No thanks," I smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too," she smiled. "Its weird. Marcel has never taken a girl home before. Are you two dating?"

"Mum!" Marcel said. "No, we're just friends, and she wanted to meet Harry, by the way."

"Oh, well Harry is upstairs, in his bedroom." his mum said.

"Thanks," I said and followed Marcel. 

* * * * * * * * * * 

"Here's his room," Marcel said. "I'll come in with you."

I smiled.

"Marcel!" Harry said. "How did you bring her here? What's her name?"

"My friend, Grace," he said. "She kind of....wanted to meet you."

"Yeah," I smiled. "Hi, I'm Grace."

"I'm Harry." he shook my hand. "You look familiar."

"So do you..." I said. "Anyways, you were staring at me in science the other day."

"I was," he said.

"Why, though?"

"First of all: you're really pretty,"

"Thanks," I blushed.

"Second of all: you look really familiar." he said.

"You do, too." I said. "Have we met at some point?"

"In middle school, right?"

"Yeah," I said. "Harry Styles?"

"Grace Miller?"

"Yes!" I laughed.

Marcel's eyebrows went up. " too know each other?"

"Yeah," I said. "We kind of dated."

"Yeah," Harry said hugging me.

Marcel look furious. "WHAT?! Grace, you never told me this!"

"Because I just found out," I said. "I remembered him until now, when I got to meet him."

Marcel just sat on Harry's bed. I feel bad for him. I think he likes me.




I know I said I was going to not write until it gets attention, but this is it for right now. Its because I have A LOT of ideas on my mind.

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