New Girl

Grace is new to Springs high. She meets a boy. Marcel. His older brother, Harry, seems to have a secret, and it involves Grace. Will he ever let Marcel know?


3. Marcel

I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock going off and on. It was like singing Miley Cyrus' song, "We Can't Stop," because it wouldn't just stop!

"Ugh," I moaned. "Shut up! You're even more annoying than Miley."

I hit the off button so it wouldn't sound again.

"Thank The Lord that button was invented." I said to myself.

I put on my pink Abercrombie shirt with a long pink bow necklace. I wore my blue jeans and threw on some mint green and pink converse. I brushed my hair and left it down.

"Have a fun day!" Mom kissed me.

"Thanks," I said and drove to school.

School wasn't so bad, except for the fact that everybody kept staring at me. Did I forget to mention, it was October, so that meant school started 2 months ago. I was a newbie. Of course, I didn't know anybody here.

"Hello," a boy with brown hair jelled up.

I gave him a shy smile. "Hi."

"I'm Marcel," he took out his hand for me to shake. "And you are?"

"I'm new," I said and shook his hand.

He chuckled. "Well I can see that."

"Sorry," I shook my head. "I'm Grace."

"Hello Grace," he said. "Welcome to Springs High. You're going to love it here."

"Thanks," I said and walked away.

Marcel is nice, but I wonder if people ever bully him. I'm not judging him or anything, but I just get the feels, ya know? Well, he's pretty nice and I should probably stick with him today, because he's really nice and he might show we around perhaps.

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