Fifth Epidemix

The band Fifth Epidemix made out of Kassandra Blake, Tyler Grina, Michaela Forex, Foxiana Burst, and Oceana Quick was an overnight internet sensation, quickly becoming too famous for even their likings. One Direction was made famous off of the X Factor and easily made top hits. They are rumored to be worst enemies even though they've never met each other. When their managements force them to live together for popularity they think they will hate each other immediately. But what happens when they DO meet each other? Will sparks fly or will it crash and burn?


1. Welcoming the Epidemix

.Kassandra's POV


I ran my brush through my thick black brown hair, the brush not giving away even to my yanks and tugs that seem to take so much out of me. My black brown eyes are brimmed with tears from the too hard tugging and I'm about to break out into said tears. Finally my brush gives way and I throw it disgustedly I to my bag designed to look like the Swedish flag. 

I turn back to the mirror to look at myself. My eyebrows are dark and high arched and my dark black eyelashes never require mascara. I sigh. I should probably get dressed instead of standing around in my pajamas. I take of the pajamas and toss them in the bag with my hairbrush before going over to my walk in closet.

I flock on the lights and walk around, looking for something nice to wear. I settle on a light blue long sleeve shirt, some dark blue skinny jeans, a blue scarf and some Muk Luk knit boots. I smile slightly as I look in my full sized mirror. I think about running a brush through my hair again to make it look better but decide against it, why risk my precious brush? I then proceed to grab my bags and head downstairs.

Management is forcing us to live with One Direction for a few months and I've been staying at my sisters for a week since her house is only about a town away from theirs. 

"Later sis!" I call out to her seeing as she was in the kitchen.

"See you Kassy!" She yells back, waving the knife she was wielding around. I laugh and walk out side to my pick up truck. I chuck my stuff into the trunk and get into the front before heading out to the boys house. I hope they weren't ugly.


Tyler POV

I watch from in the surrounding bushes of the park as my paint bomb slowly begins to count down from thirty, threatening to splatter all of the innocent little kids swinging with bright colors of blue, green, and yellow. I knew I was in splashing distance but that just made it better. 

I pushed an annoying strand of my carmel brown hair behind my ear as my chocolate brown eyes flicker with excitement. I always base my looks off of food. Food is my number one priority. 

I was staying with my brother because he lived pretty close to where those only one of the compass people live and for that I was semi grateful. I mean, now I don't have to fly from Sweden to England a risk highly attractive air sickness. Highly attractive. 

Three…two…one… BOOM! My paint bomb bursts out with different colors flying through the air, arching their passage through the sky and finding their landings on little children and teenagers alike. Including some scary dude who looked like Edward Scissorhands. I may love that movie halfway to death but I'd still piss myself if I actually met the dude. 

Deciding not to take my chances on pretty creepy over there my best option was to bolt and my final movement was bolting. I ran as fast as my cross country trained legs allowed me to and soon I was in my Audi and putting on my butt warmer to full heat. Changing the XM radio station to 'Lithium' I blasted the music and drove off plotting my next bomb.


Michaela POV 

I let my curling iron go as my last finished curl tumbled down my head and onto my cheek, immediately heating it up. I checked myself out in the mirror. My blonde hair was curled to perfection and looked perfectly blended, my green eyes were rimmed with light brown mascara  and my lips were coated with lipgloss. Bah! In my dreams! I actually just had my blonde hair back in a tight bun and my green eyes were bland and makeup less. Hey, I'm tired and had to get up early, don't blame me.

I hated motels, especially this one with its miniature creaky beds and horrible beds. Even the Gastagivaregard in Höör Sweden was better, and that place was a dump. I has on a gray hoodie and gray sweatpants because I was just so cheery today.

No I am not. I usually like England but today was just the opposite. Maybe it was different where I was driving to but right here right now it was pouring buckets, not as much as Sweden but still, damn.

I quickly pack my bags, not even bothering to make them neat, and rush out to my small white car of some make and almost forgot to give back the keys. Once returning the rusty bronze keys I quickly started up my car. I hate the rain, it drove me crazy. Just like how I'm driving this car until I remember that I'm in England and need to drive on the left side. I was only reminded of that when I almost took a head on collision with some dude. 

"Shit!" I say as I swerve over. Gosh, my days off to a great start. 


Foxiana's POV

I sit at the grand piano in the lobby of the hotel I'm staying at, gently plucking the keys. My silky deep red hair falls in my face as I set my hands down on the keys. I slowly start to play, making staccatos stick out and slurs to sound as one. I was quite fortunate that this place actually let me do stuff like this.

I was also very fortunate that this place was pet friendly, I sort of think that to myself, remembering Tumble upstairs. Tumble is my hedgehog. I names him that because he tumbles around a lot. 

Now if only this place was gymnast friendly. I had been working on some flips in my room but I got too many complaints. 

My music sped up and become more dramatic and loud. Sorry people! I then slow it down and speed it up, slow it down and speed it up. I'm getting a lot of odd stares so I finish the song and run up to my room,laughing slightly.

I put my stuff in my gym bag once I reach my room and out Tumble in a bowler hat that I apparently have. I don't know. I had on a tight blue Aréopostale shirt, some flare jeans and my converse that I love. I then bolt out and into my car before I get more complaints. I'm known for getting complaints.

I bolt to my car, leaving the card key behind and drive to those band boys house. Er…did that make sense?


Oceana POV

My black hair is in a too tight pony tail that I swear is stretching out my eyes. My beautiful blue eyes that I love so much are being destroyed by my ponytail, NOOO!!!

I itch my neck and do the same for my foxes. I know that look that you have on your face like, 'Where did that crazy bitch get a fox?' Well, sometimes the internet is a reliable place and sometimes your parents own a zoo with wolves. And foxes.

This fox is named Sweden because he is an arctic fox and I'm super creative with names, especially if you're from Sweden. Yay, you're from my fox. Wait. That means I'm from my fox. My fox is a baby fox. Why am I from my fox that I've nursed since it was born? Foxception. No not really.

I itch behind his ears. Looks like a dog, acts like a cat. 

I stood up and Swede looks up longingly at me. I just smirk at his face and go get dressed. I wear a black t shirt that says 'A French Horn Player in Her Natural Habitat' and some sweat pants. I also put on some ugg boots because who doesn't love those? I mean they're soft, snugly, and filled with fur! 

I was staying at my brothers whom was nice enough to lend me a room. Luckily he and his girlfriend were quiet last night. Yay me. 

 I grab my bag and sneak out to my car before they notice I'm gone.

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