My Best Friend

"Are you sure?" I ask Harry. "Yes, no matter what happens, you'll always be my best friend" he answers. I give him a hug, I feel like never letting go after what just happened.


1. Chapter 1

Ive hung out with Harry all aftenoon, like always, and it's now 8. We're in his room playing Truth or Dare.

"Okay, your turn" I say.

"Um... Da-" He gets interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Since no one's home, we have to answer it.

"Race you down!" I say already halfway down the stairs.

I hear him running behind me. He finally catches up to me in the living room, he pushes me aside so he can open the door. I fall onto the couch. He opens the door.

"Hey Harry" his friends, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis say.

"Hey guys co-" before finishing, I tackle him down, making me on top of him.

I laugh "I guess we're now even". Harry and I get up and notice the 
guys staring at us. I greet them "Hey guys, what's up"

"You mean, besides you tackling Harry?" Zayn asks.

I roll my eyes. "I meant, with the band". Yes, I'm friends with the guys of One Direction, big deal.

"Not much" Louis says.

Liam nods "just working on the third album"

"Cool. Uh, quick question, where's Niall?" I ask looking around.

Even though I already know the answer, I want to see what the guys do.

They just all say the same thing "Niall, are you in the kitchen?"

We wait for an answer, then hear "Harry, you're out of cookies!" From Niall in the kitchen.

Oh, Niall.

"So," Harry finally says something "You guys wanna play truth or dare?"

They all say yes. "Imma go make some popcorn" I say heading to the kitchen.

When the popcorn is done, I go back to the living room and see the guys sitting in a circle. "Let's play" I say, sitting down.

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