Whither Thou Goest

Follow the tale of Liz and Frani (parabatai or forever-bonded Shadowhunters) as they, with the help of their friend special, Pamela and not-so-legal guardian: Sael, battle and recruit Downworlders to help rise up against the traitorous Inquisitor.
Will they receive the help they need? Or will the two girls be sent to the Silent City for treachery?

A story for my very own parabatai: Francoise Grace Giraldo


2. Two

     “Why are you three so late?” demanded the tall man in front of us. Even though his hair was graying and there were too many wrinkles on his face to count, he was intimidating. His gaze was powerful; neither of us dared to mess with him. We bowed our heads slightly.

     “S-sorry Sael,” I said. “We got held up at school.”

     We all looked up slowly, awaiting his response. He seemed to consider something and then shrugged.

     “Don’t let it happen again,” Sael said firmly. The three of us nodded in unison.

     “Alright,” he continued. “Now that you’re all here, we can start.”

     I looked over at Frani, slightly confused and she returned my stare. There was no one in the warehouse but the four of us.

     “Don’t be so sure, Elizabeth,” Sael said as if reading my mind. “Adeline, Xavier, Felix come properly welcome the rest of the team.”

     “Really?” said a cheerful voice from above. “They’re here?”

     I looked up towards the rafters to see a small girl around our age with short red hair perched on one of the beams. She waved down at us.

     “More girls?” said a male voice.

     “Great.” finished another.

     I squinted and was able to make out two boys, a bit older with identical straight black hair lying across another metal beam. Adeline giggled. Then she stood and jumped down.

     “Careful!” Frani and I yelled in unison, moving to catch her. Pamela stuck out both her arms and stopped us. Seconds before hitting the ground, Adeline slowed in mid-air and gracefully floated the rest of the way. She flashed us a grin.

     “A fairy,” Pamela said. “Interesting...”

     “Not as interesting as you, demon.” Adeline answered, stepping towards her. Like predators, they sized each other up.

     “A demon-” one of the boys said from above.

     “Really?” the other finished.

     I heard the two jump down and watched as they landed behind the fairy, arm-in-arm. From up close, I saw that they were twins: almost identical with silver eyes and devilish smiles. The only notable difference between them was the marks that labeled them as warlocks.

     “I’m Felix,” said the one on the left, waving. His skin shone a bit in the dim light and I saw his body was covered in small gray scales. But, even with this large abnormality, he was stunningly attractive.

     “Xavier,” said the other, giving a small bow. Behind him, there was a long black fuzzy appendage, which I could only describe as dog’s tail.

     “Me-ow,” I heard Pamela purr. Xavier grinned.








     “Rogue Shadowhunters?” Felix asked. Frani and I nodded. Adeline gave us a scrutinizing look.

     We were all sitting on couches at the back of the warehouse, introducing ourselves. Adeline was part of the Fair Folk, but recently her home had been destroyed by demons and she was left alone. Felix and Xavier had been disowned as children and left to fend for themselves. Pamela of course had her tale of being a former-stray. Unfortunately, after Frani and I admitted we were Shadowhunters, it all went south.

     “You’re lying. Almost all of your kind is loyal to the Clave. You’re spies,” she insisted, looking back and forth between us. “Sael, you’ve brought moles into the team!” Frani sighed.

     Every single time... Frani's voice said in my mind. I looked over at her. We were both tired of repeating the story.

    “We’re both orphans.” Frani started. “We came from two different parts of the world though. I’m from Peru, Liz is from Florida, but we were introduced at the Conclave when we were ten. We trained together in the New York Institute and after a few years, we decided to become parabatai.”

     Frani rolled up her shorts a bit to show them the rune and I pulled down the collar of my shirt to show mine.

     “So after we became parabatai we kept training and eventually, we were one of the best teams in the country,” I continued for her. “We killed thousands of, um, demons.”

     I nervously glanced over at Pamela, but she seemed too focused on Xavier to listen to what we were saying.

     And because we killed so many, we were called into Idris for a ‘special ceremony’ or something. Of course we both went enthusiastically. I mean, going from homeless orphans to world-renown Shadowhunters was a big deal for us. So we went and we met with the Inquisitor personally. And...”

     I trailed off, glancing over at Frani.

     “We met with him and he told us we’d done amazingly," she picked up. "He even sent in a few famous fighters to test us and together, we took them all down. But then, something changed. The room filled with this evil aura and we didn't realize what was happening. We both felt it clearly though, the presence of hundreds of demons."

     “We looked over to the Inquisitor, but he didn't seem surprised. Then they came pouring in; demons stronger than any we’d ever faced, all together in one room,” Frani added, taking a sip of water.

     “So he told us his plans,” I said. “He was going to use Frani and I, our bond and our skills, to make a demon army stronger and more united than all the Nephilim. Complete control of the humans, Shadowhunters and Downworlders is what he’s after and he needs us to complete his scheme.”

     Xavier, Felix and Adeline sat there silently, processing what we’d just told them. Accusing the Inquisitor of being a traitor was a big deal and if they wanted to, any one of them could contact the Clave and have us condemned to life in the Silent City for treachery.

     Endless silence droned by....

     “Okay, let’s do this then,” Felix said enthusiastically.

     “Let’s bring down the Inquisitor!” his brother agreed. I glanced at Adeline and she nodded.

     We did it Liz! Frani said happily. I smiled. Yeah, we might actually stand a chance...


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