Whither Thou Goest

Follow the tale of Liz and Frani (parabatai or forever-bonded Shadowhunters) as they, with the help of their friend special, Pamela and not-so-legal guardian: Sael, battle and recruit Downworlders to help rise up against the traitorous Inquisitor.
Will they receive the help they need? Or will the two girls be sent to the Silent City for treachery?

A story for my very own parabatai: Francoise Grace Giraldo


3. Three

     “Alright girls-”

     “Give us all you got!” Felix and Xavier grinned and got into fighting stances. Frani and I looked at each other and simultaneously nodded.

     “You asked for it,” she said.

     We charged forward and began the match. Using the bond between us, we were able to communicate silently and surprise the twins, attack after attack.

     Ready to end this? Frani asked.

     You know it, girl.

     I locked my fingers together and she put her foot into the basket they made. Gathering all my strength, I tossed her into the air towards the boys and then ran towards them myself.

     With her amazing flexibility, Frani was able to stretch her legs out to kick both boys. I slid down across the ground and struck Felix’s hind leg causing him to fall, face-first. I looked over and saw Xavier lying on the floor as well. Frani landed gently on her feet and then offered me a hand.

     We stood side-by-side smiling at the brothers who had both clearly given up. Slowly, they got up and grinned at us.

     “Alright, I think we have-”

     "A good chance of beating that Inquisitor.” Felix finished. Adeline laughed and stood up.

     “My turn,” she said.

     Here we go...

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