Whither Thou Goest

Follow the tale of Liz and Frani (parabatai or forever-bonded Shadowhunters) as they, with the help of their friend special, Pamela and not-so-legal guardian: Sael, battle and recruit Downworlders to help rise up against the traitorous Inquisitor.
Will they receive the help they need? Or will the two girls be sent to the Silent City for treachery?

A story for my very own parabatai: Francoise Grace Giraldo


1. One

 I glanced over at the small digital clock hanging on the wall in front of me. 11:48 am. Twelve more minutes and we’d be able to leave. I sighed, letting my hair fall over my face.

     “Why so sad Liz?” someone asked, hugging me from behind. I looked over and saw my friend smiling down at me.

     “Hey, Frani. Twelve more minutes.” I mumbled. She grinned.

     “I know! I can’t wait. Can you believe we were able to pull this off?”

     I nodded absently and she went to the other side of the room, her black boots stomping loudly against the floor. She tried to wake up our friend Pamela (who was fast asleep at her desk) and I smiled when I saw she was having a hard time.

     Then, as if sensing the danger, my head turned sharply. Sure enough, two boys from our class that were known for causing trouble were slowly sneaking up on my two friends. Straightaway, I knew what they were planning. I grabbed my bag and started looking through it frantically.

     Just then, someone screamed. I looked up and saw Pamela covering the top of her head with both hands. The two boys were laughing, waving around the beanie that Pamela always wore. Only Frani and I knew why she never took it off.

     Our connection kicked in and Frani’s eyes locked with mine. Tossing it like a Frisbee, I flung the object from my bag, at her. She caught it easily and with the same amount of grace, Frani set the replacement hat on Pamela’s head. Relief spread through me, quickly replaced by annoyance.

     I glared at the two boys, but neither of them noticed; their attention was focused somewhere else. With the deadly poise and elegance of a cat, Pamela stood up and faced them. The color drained from their faces and she smirked.

     “Give me the beanie,” she whispered, showing off four, razor-sharp but barely-visible canines. Even I cringed at the threat in her words.

     Stop her.

     The phrase echoed in my head and I glanced over at the person who’d sent it. Frani gave me a serious look and I nodded once.

     Bursting into action, I ran towards Pamela just as the clock struck 12:00. A flurry of bodies filled the room as people got up to leave; the perfect distraction. Locking both arms around her, I practically dragged Pamela out of the room. She retaliated though, scratching my arms with her sharp fingernails. I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, but her nails pierced through it.

     I looked back into the room just in time to see Frani kick one of the boys and grab the beanie while he was doubled over. Adding her own unnecessary flare, she rolled back into a cartwheel and blew the remaining boy a kiss before following me out. I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t help a smile. That’s my parabatai.



     “Sorry about that, Liz.” Pamela apologized, fixing her make-up in the mirror. I watched as she seductively rolled on red lipstick and puckered her lips. I sat on one of the sinks and waited as Frani applied some salve to the cuts on my arms.

     Thankfully, the restroom was completely empty. I grimaced slightly, watching as Frani did her best with the cream. The scratches had gone through two of my runes, disfiguring them a little. I rolled down my sleeves, not wanting to see the marks.


     “Hmm,” I answered. Frani put the cap back on the cream and reached into her back pocket.

     “Do you think they’d find out if I used an iratze on you?” she asked, taking out her stele.

     “You’d better not. We’re supposed to be in hiding remember?” I said, jumping down from the sink. Standing, I was a few inches taller than her. She looked up at me, disappointment filling her brown eyes, but she sighed and nodded. Reluctantly, Frani put the stele away.

     “Okay, just let me know if it keeps hurting,” she said, clearly worried.

     “Will do. Alright, we’d better get going if we want to make it on time.”

     She nodded and we walked to the bathroom door. I glanced back and saw Pamela still fully focused on her reflection.

     “Oh that reminds me,” Frani said. “Here!”

     She tossed Pamela her beanie and smiled. With a dramatic bow, Pamela removed the hat she’d been wearing and passed it back to me. I stuffed it into my bag quickly.

     Looked back into the mirror, Pamela patted down her hair a bit. Two little white triangles popped up against her dark mane and she mewed and stretched a little. Even though, she played the part of a wild jungle cat, she was more of a house pet.

     “Let’s go furball,” I said, pushing open the door.

     “Cover those up,” Frani added, following me out. Pamela plopped the beanie onto her head and pointed her claws at us.


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