An Angel's Love

Rebecca Snow did not know what made her special. She only knew her eyes normally green turned silver on the full moon days and nights. That she had two crescent moon birthmarks on her shoulder blades, and that somehow the exchange student seemed to follow her everywhere. Watched her with a certain degree that she found both endearing and slightly stalker-ish. She didn't think she loved him, but what if he had the key to a secret that could open her eyes and tell her who she is. _What_ she is.

Phillip Evans knew what he was, a Fallen Angel, cast down from Heaven because he could not choose fast enough, but not accepted by Hell at the same time. He found love in the Louisiana town Carlyss, her name Rebecca Snow, she didn't know she was a Fallen. Her eyes normally green, glowed silver on the days and nights of the full moon, just as his did. She had the mark of the Fallen on her shoulders. She was his soul mate, only she didn't know it...yet

To each other they were the keys to get back


5. The Fallen (continued)

The Fallen (continued)




Rebecca Snow slid into her front and center sit moments before the bell rang. She looked back behind her to the new boy the one she decided to call Max. He looked at her, with the look of worry, a pink flash crossed his eyes and she gasped and turned quickly back to the front. The teacher walked in briefcase in hand. Late, as usual. Professor Nolan set down the case and powered up the Smart Board, while it was coming to life he turned to the class and said,


"I trust that you all have started your assignment?"


"Yes, sir, I finished mine." Max had risen his hand.


"Ah, an over achiever, thank you ------."


"You may call me Max if you like, it's my new nick name, my middle name is Maxwell."


"Very good, er Max."


Rebecca blushed, she had no idea his middle name was indeed Max. She turned to look at him once more and his mouth turned up in a cute half smile. She smiled back and faced the front of the room.


"Now, we have already read about Gabrielle, we will now learn about Philip,"


"Why exactly? He is not a major angel in Heaven."


"Legend says the Philip was an ice angel and was the one who cast out Satan from Heaven and sealed off Hell in the Last Battle."


"But then he fell, is that correct?" Rebecca didn't know why she was saying these things. The Smart Board came to life finally and the picture of Philip the ice angel filled the screen. Rebecca couldn't believe the resemblance in the face to that of Max. Could it be that they were reincarnations of these angels? Rebecca felt odd, out of place and fell to the floor. No way she was not going to black out again. Unfortunately her body had other intentions. She saw the ceiling blur, and her world go black.


The Fall

Gabrielle clinged to Philip for dear life, afraid to let him go. She felt her wings burn, and fold into her skin, she felt the scars of silver form a constant reminder of her betrayal. Her eyes changed from silver to startling green and her white robes were burned from her body. Philip was naked, just as she was in her natural form she felt exposed, and like a small child. She fell with Philip in her arms all the way to Earth.


The seven days were brutal, and she felt new clothes form on her body the very last day of the fall. Her hair was still gold and her eyes were now a foreign color. She watched as the earth grew closer and closer until finally her tired body made impact with it. Philip was cast from her hold and she rolled to a mountain. Hitting it with such force that an avalanche of rock and earth crashed into her broken body. Pieces of rock hit her face and and she laid there unconscious not knowing where her Philip was or if she was still alive. 


When she awakened again the rocks were gone and a small fire kept her warm. She tried to stand but a strong cold hand pushed her back against the sand. 


"Hush now my love, you are safe with me." 


"Philip?" Gabrielle tried once more to sit up, but the same hand pushed her down,


"Yes I am here my love."


"Oh Philip I'm sorry. You didn't deserve to fall."


"We all deserved it even if we don't think we did. Thank you, by the way."


"For what?"


"For holding me."


"I lost you when we crashed." Gabrielle muttered softly.


"That's okay, and I found you. We're safe for now."


"There is talk of demons walking amongst the humans." Gabrielle had heard this snippet of gossip back up on Heaven, her home.


"They'll surly want us dead."


"Me mostly I suppose." Gabrielle and Philip muttered together.


"I love you." Gabrielle said.


"I love you as well my warrior."



Rebecca came to on an infirmary bed alone. Not even the nurse was there. She looked out a window and it was dark, not even the Louisiana stars were out to keep her company. She got up from the bed and strode over to a calendar all the days were marked off, except one, when she passed out it was the seventh, today was the fourteenth. She had been asleep for seven days, the amount of time it took for the Fallen to fall to earth. She sat back on her bed, and Nurse Castello came into the room surprise written on her face.


"Oh good you're awake. Unfortunately the Winter Holidays have already begun."


"Oh, no."


"Your mother will be here in the morning to collect you." Nurse Castello left the room and she laid back on her pillows. She heard the door creak open once more and she turned,


"Nurse Castello?"


" 'Fraid not young angel. 'Fraid not." 


"Who's there?"


"I am certainly no friend."


"Tell me who you are!"


"Feisty aren't we tonight?"


"Tell me who you are!" she saw in the mirror that her eyes were glowing.


"Alright, the name's Sebastian. My brother attends this school."


"His name?"


"You can't hear it anyway. But you call him Max."


"Get out!" The door opened again and she heard Max's familiar voice.


"Leave her alone Sebastian." Max's eyes were glowing silver, and in the mirror Sebastian's were glowing gold. Rebecca shrank into the shadows as Max held up a silver arrow. "Do you want to die tonight brother?"


"You wouldn't kill me. Besides that's Gabrielle's job." the one named Sebastian took off his shirt revealing a perfectly sculpted torso and giant gold wings erupted from his shoulders. The place where they all had one thing in common, two silver crescent moon shaped scars. The boy flew out the window, shattering it as he went, Rebecca ducked her head under her arms to shield herself from the falling glass, a piece cut her hand, the first cut she had ever received, her blood was silver when she put her hand down to examine the wound. She yelped in shock and Max came over to help her.

"Who was that?"


"My evil other half."


"Your twin? You have a twin?"




"I got that, he looked like Damon Salvatore."




"Ian Somerhalder?"


"No idea. Sorry."


"Its okay, whats with my silver blood? Am I a unicorn?"


"No definitely not a unicorn. You're, I can't tell you. You must figure it out yourself." With that Philip took off into the night, unleashing his white wings and jumping into the night.



Philip flew for what seemed like days. In fact it was only a few measly hours. He landed on a green hill, the green matched her eyes. He folded his wings and sat on the ground. Why must the one who knew who they were keep quiet why must the one in the dark figure it out solo? Philip sat and thought about Sebastian's visitation to the Infirmary. Lucifer was planning something and he had to figure it out, because on her birthday she will know everything. And that would be dangerous for whosoever side she does not choose. She's the Undecided and she's the most Dangerous.

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