An Angel's Love

Rebecca Snow did not know what made her special. She only knew her eyes normally green turned silver on the full moon days and nights. That she had two crescent moon birthmarks on her shoulder blades, and that somehow the exchange student seemed to follow her everywhere. Watched her with a certain degree that she found both endearing and slightly stalker-ish. She didn't think she loved him, but what if he had the key to a secret that could open her eyes and tell her who she is. _What_ she is.

Phillip Evans knew what he was, a Fallen Angel, cast down from Heaven because he could not choose fast enough, but not accepted by Hell at the same time. He found love in the Louisiana town Carlyss, her name Rebecca Snow, she didn't know she was a Fallen. Her eyes normally green, glowed silver on the days and nights of the full moon, just as his did. She had the mark of the Fallen on her shoulders. She was his soul mate, only she didn't know it...yet

To each other they were the keys to get back


9. Raphael's Story

Raphael's Story



Max woke up with a start. The nightmares from the Fallen Wars were returning, which only meant one thing; Gabrielle had returned. He turned over to try to fall back to sleep but images of him as Raphael, battling in the war beside Gabrielle was hard to shake off. Max finally decided to get up and get dressed. On a Saturday he was awake at five in the morning. He went into the living area of his dorm and found Philip sitting there.


"Seriously man? Right now?" he said.


"Raphael, Rebecca needs to know whom you are."


"I don't give a rat's behind about our destiny. God cast us out without letting us defend ourselves. God didn't trust us then, God won't trust us now. I am finished with both of them. I am a free agent. Fight your own war. Without me."


"She at least needs to know your identity."


"Why should I help your girlfriend?"


"Because without her, Lucifer raises and the world ends. Do you want that?" Philip replied, his ice blue eyes bright with intent, Philip new Max's fears, because they had been best friends in Heaven, Max wanted nothing to do with the Choosing but like the eleven others he had no choice in the matter.


"No, I don't want that but I don't want to fight either! Why can't you understand that?"


"You love her too. You want to watch her die?"


"No, I will tell her my identity but do not ask me to fight. I will not choose between my brother and my Creator." Max said as he walked into the kitchenette. "Go find Gabrielle and tell her to meet me on the hill."


"Alright. See you soon." Philip went, and as the door closed Max fell onto the floor in defeat. It was true what Philip said about his feelings for Gabrielle. He watched for centuries as she returned to Philip's arms. Never giving him a second chance. Became her best friend through decades. Each time Philip stole her heart as he always did. He would always remain the forgotten one, the poor soul doomed to love someone who did not share the same love. I suppose now in modern terms the teenagers would call this the 'Friend-Zone' millennium of being Friend Zoned has scarred Raphael and he would do anything to end in inner turmoil.


Max stood and walked back into his bedroom. He had only been in the school for a few weeks, and had not told Rebecca he was here. Honestly he was surprised his mother didn't call to tell her. He thought that Cinder had seen him a few times but hadn't said anything. Zinc as she was once called told Gabrielle everything but not this, why keep his secret? He sat on his bed and wondered awhile waiting to go to the hill.  What would Rebecca do when she saw him? Hug him? Yell at him for keeping this from her? Or both? 


Max finally thought it was no use in delaying the meeting any further. He grabbed his sweat shirt and walked out the door. It was crisp morning an aftereffect of Philip's show yesterday. He was always showing off when he could, he was conceited and no one but he could see it. Ending the last battle of the Fallen Wars got to his head and he's been like this ever since, he won the war and won the heart of the angel we both forbiddingly loved. I fell alone, I wanted a way to win her back, when we fell I vowed to never view Philip as a friend but an enemy on the same side. That's why I denounced the war, to fight alongside them. If I killed Philip in battle I would automatically become a Denom. 


Denom's are a breed of demon but a special brand, reserved only for the traitorous and the cruel. Denom's are Fallen Angel's who've killed one of their own kind. Well one's that are on the same indecisive side. Philip killed his Soul Brother Sebastian. He didn't become a Denom because his brother was evil a pure blooded Demon. Sebastian kidnapped the angel they both loved, Raphael was proud of Philip of killing his brother. He could not do the same to Lucifer, his Soul Brother. No matter how many evils the Dark Lord of the Underworld commits, Raphael cannot bring himself to choose the good over the evil. He cannot choose his Creator over his evil brother. Raphael was known as the Conflicted One, and by all means he deserved the title. 

He reached the hill moments after he left his dorm room. It must've seemed a shorter distance due to his silent rambling. He looked up and saw highlighted by the Louisiana's winter sun almost as a halo sat Rebecca, or Gabrielle. She sat plucking the yellowed but green grass and letting it go, letting it fly into the distance letting the wind take the fragile blades and caress them in her gentle grasp. He cleared his throat unnecessarily and sat down next to her. He waited for her to speak or yell. But nothing came. So he began to speak himself.


"Bec I'm sorry I didn't inform you of my attendance." Raphael said, being disgustingly formal. She didn't say anything at first and then she slowly turned to him, her black hair shining like a million stars aglow. 


"Maxwell you lied to me. I spoke to you two weeks ago and you told me, to my freaking face that you were still in freaking Bon Temps." She said harshly mentioning their most recent Skype chat.


"I am sorry alright. I just didn't think it would be proper."


"What? Why the freak would it not be proper for you to drop by and say 'Oh hey I go here now.' How freaking hard is that?"


"Gabrielle." She stopped and stood.


"How in the Holy Heavens do you know my identity?"


"I'm well,"


"He's one of us." Philip said coming from the south side of the hill. 


"Max, why didn't you tell me you were an angel?"


"Because technically I had to wait until your Awakening. I guess that happened early. Thanks for the invite old friend."


"No problem, friend." Philip replied with a forced smile. 


"So who are you?"


"Do you remember watching the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' with me?"




"How I would laugh each time the name Raphael was mentioned?"


"Oh my God. You're my warrior pal Raphael?"


"Yes. Ding ding ding someone get the lady a prize."


"Raphael you are very sarcastic."


"I know. Can I leave now?" I asked Philip.


"Yes you fulfilled your half of the bargain."


"You just keep the world safe from my deranged brother. God knows we don't need another almost apocalypse." He grunted as he sauntered off away from the gasping Rebecca and the smirking Philip, hearing what he yelled to his retreating form,


"Don't worry I'll do what you're too afraid too. I will kill that King of Demons!"


"Good luck with that." Raphael screamed back. Waving the peace sign as his symbol of neutrality.

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